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  • because of coffee morning is my favorite time of the day


    would be the worst time of the day if not for it.
  • going to a buffet 1 hour before closing? will they still have food? srs

    i want to hit up a sushi/chinese buffet after lifting at 9 pm, they close at 10 pm. will they have less variety food than at 8 pm?

    like if they have octopus sushi at 8 pm but wont have them at 9...
  • why does push ups make make serratus extremely sore?

    i dont do much push ups, my serratus doesn't even get that sore on chest days, but if i jsut do push ups, like 5 sets, the next day my serratus is sore as ****.

    And no, I do bench press heavy on...
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  • anyone live in a 1500+ square foot house alone?

    i fantasize about living in a big house with a pool and nice home gym, could be possible in a few years.

    currently living in an apartment, fuark.
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    leather or cloth office chair?

    I work at home and ive been using cloth office chairs for a while, use them for 8+ hours and comfy as phuck. do leather office chairs get hotter? They seem more comfy when using them for a short...
  • crossfit is phaggy brah

    crossfit is phaggy brah
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  • anyone strive to be as athletic as possible?

    Im not just focused on strength but focused on everything like lateral quickness, top speed, acceleration, jumping, endurance.

    inb4 cool story bro

    im not one of those 140 lb endurance phags...
  • basketball, im sure nuggets fans aren't too...

    basketball, im sure nuggets fans aren't too passionate about their team, considering the record this season
  • is it awkward to go to a sporting game that you cheer for the opposing team?

    if you're cheering for the away team is that awkward? (srs) Kind of weird to cheer for your team while everyone else is silent. Would i get bertstared at ?

    will there be douchebag fans that'll...
  • im asking if that's pretty much the only thing...

    im asking if that's pretty much the only thing that matters.
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  • is getting a great tasting meat all about the quality of the meat?

    and not so much on how you cook it or marinade it?

    I mean it doesnt take much skills to cook a steak, you can't phuck it up.

    I think some meats from the grocery store are chitty in quality and...
  • lol not even satisfied with fapping right now ,...

    lol not even satisfied with fapping right now , want to get in dem sugar walls.
  • is craving Sex really really bad, sign of high testotserone ? SRS

    I am low on money currently but really want to phuck an escort , can't focus on antything except getting poocy right now. Ill go through periods where I am dying for some sex. willing to phuck an...
  • what matters is low body fat and non hourglass waist , not waist size


  • can you have high test but below average muscle building genetics? (srs)


    strength gains are easy, muscle building not so much, have masculine fat storage as well.
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    track running>>>>>>treadmill

    treadmill are so phucking boring. sttaying in one place.

    they are fun as phuck if you have them at home and you have a flat screen tv and blast the audio while running on em, but nothing beats...
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