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  • maybe john mayer can dunk. he's 6'3 and in shape.

    maybe john mayer can dunk. he's 6'3 and in shape.
  • can you name a guy who can play guitar very well and dunk a basketball?

    buckethead could probably dunk at 6'6"

    99.99% of great guitar players can't dunk

    99.99% of of people who can dunk a 10 ft hoop can't play guitar let alone well which would be like 99.99999999%...
  • high serotonin/dopamine naturally>>>>being drunk

    i drink from time to time, but it's not worth it to get drunk several times a week, due to the hangovers.. feeling good off of dopamine and serotonin is way better.
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    Lats never sore after back day

    i try to flare my lats and concentrate on the lats but when i get doms it's my teres minor, major and lower traps that are sore and never the lats. The muscles surround the shoulder blades gets...
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    no desire to talk to girls after fapping.

    anyone know this feel? I would be talking to this chick on tinder for a bit, fap, and immediately lose the desire to talk to her. Still want to smash her however, just dont fee like putting the work...
  • yeah its like 90 F now

    yeah its like 90 F now
  • is it douchey to wear a fitted tank top in public? srs


    something like this in...
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  • i phucking hate conversations with sloots that take long time to respond.

    this is why i generally like talking on the phone or face to face conversation.

    a conversation could last 2 hours take could otherwise been done in 10 minutes

    this is especially apparent on...
  • http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q86/champchris/Misc/gorillastare.jpg

  • inb4 i didn't consent and it's rape?

    inb4 i didn't consent and it's rape?
  • but... they said hot women dont fart tho.

    but... they said hot women dont fart tho.
  • how does it feel to wake up to the girl you love in bed every morning?

    never had a girlfriend. want to know these feels.

    talking about a slim and reasonably attractive girl.

    doesn't sound great if it's a whale. no offense.

    inb4 bish steals my blankets
  • red meat contains the highest amount of zinc...

    red meat contains the highest amount of zinc whereas white meat barely contains zinc.
  • were we designed to eat like a 1lb of meat a day?

    If that is true that means most people are zinc deficient as most people don't eat steak everyday?

    so taking zinc supps makes a huge different right?

    before modern society people hunted for...
  • bump

  • bump

  • is watching sports religiously a waste of time? (srs)

    thinking about not watching the nba so much anymore maybe a game or two a month not 3 times a week.

    and eliminate any time browing nba message boards and reading nba news

    which would lead to...
  • staying up 16 hours and lifting, bad or okay?

    i'm gonna lift in a bit so it will be 16 hours since i have woken up to lift, then after the workout probably stay up 3-4 more hours before sleeping.

    so i'll probably stay up 20...
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