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  • the sloot will be on the couch, you outside.

    the sloot will be on the couch, you outside.
  • do you bang sloots you take home in your bed or couch? (srs)

    srs. what is the norm?

    ive been smashing on the bed but i think couch will be better for missionary
  • ayy lmao

    ayy lmao
  • worst time to wake up is around 3pm to 11 am ish

    anything before or after is usually good.

    wake up at 5 pm, sleep at 9 am, brb never see daylight.

    waking up at 12 am is okay as you get to sleep around 7 pm.

    waking up at 2 pm is fine,...
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    mind blown at dubai weather


    kind of bizzare to think the warmest it will get is 59 F. could...
  • i hate when i make something and it doesn't taste that good

    I dont know if my cooking is off or im getting chitty quality meat. like 30 % of the time when i cook something it doesnt taste good.
  • go to museums,zoos,theme parks for cardio crew

    **** ton of walking, dont even realize you're walking that much. get to eat more that day.

    walking 5 miles alone is boring as chit. you can do that easily in a zoo or theme park.

    plus people...
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    are muscular legs manly?

    assuming no child bearing hips, normal hips and jacked legs. I know they are not feminine but does it convey uber masculinity like big forearms?

    gifted with naturally muscular legs, ****ty...
  • recommend me similiar songs like Seven Lions- Strangers


    i guess this is provessive house with dubstep elements?

    fuark 2:50 on it's amazing

    or start at 1:47 and listen from there.
  • hate people who upload chitty quality audio on youtube

    anything less than 128 kbps is so chitty. lot of popular songs have million + views and have chitty quality audio or it's pitched up. so phucking annoying.
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  • dont drink more than 2 drinks to keep alcohol tolerance low crew

    I used to binge drink 8 drink a night once a week frequently, and 1 beer wouldn't get me buzzed at all.

    nowadays i never drink more than 2 drinks a couple times a month. My tolerance for alcohol...
  • anyone remember the nurse chick from the blink 182 album cover?


    holy fukk
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  • Las Vegas seems fun, does EDM dominate the city,...

    Las Vegas seems fun, does EDM dominate the city, or is there a good scene there?
  • isnt it bunch of old middle age people in bands?...

    isnt it bunch of old middle age people in bands? im srsly ignornant on austin music scene.

    if not, im definately considering it. Idk how expensive home rentals are.
  • want to start a band, should i move to phoenix az or kansas city?

    I want to start a band, been playing guitar for a long time, a perfectionist, gotten way better in the last year. I work at home and want to play shows during the weekend.

    I picked these two...
  • cancel gym membership and buy a pull up/dip bar?

    thinking of doing this and doing dips and pull ups everyday as well as getting like two sets of dumbbells to do arms.

    When i get strong enough that i can do 25+ pull ups and 40+ dips then sell the...
  • what's it like living in a 20+ story high rise building?

    From staying in hotels high up, it feels good. Like less boring than being in the ground. I fantasize about living in a luxury high rise downtown condo with great views.

    whats it like brahs? what...
  • EDM music is the GOAT music for doing chores or workingout

    it's so driving and gets you motivated to move and do chit.

    I love rock music and like it better than edm but for working out and doing things, edm is way better.
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