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    do pants make you warmer than shorts?

    pants cover your calves, but it's not extra thick around the crotch thigh area, shorts are just pants that are cut short.

    if you are out on a summer day wearing pants vs shorts, and they are the...
  • when im horny idgaf about having a 7/10 gf, just wanna smash whales and avg bishes

    when my test levels are lower and im not fapping as much, i fantasize about having a 7/10 slim girlfriend and cuddling with her and spending time with her.

    when my test levels are higher i...
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  • which is better, 165 lb x 7, 155 lb x 11, or 150 lb x 13 on bench? (srs)

    inb4 im weak as phuck

    body weight at 150 lb.

    these are my best lifts at bench
  • 40+ miscers, do you still desire sex a lot? (srs)

    and want to smash a lot of bishes or is the desire a lot less than when you were younger?
  • would you die or resort to cannibalism if a fellow person died and no food was avail

    that person you did not know very well.
  • i wanna leave earth (srs), why should we stay in this planet

    wanna live in another planet. Earth sucks.
  • would you leave behind friends and family to live 100 years into the future?

    I might consider it depending how the earth is like 100 years in to the future
  • there was a study showing women were more likely...

    there was a study showing women were more likely to orgasm if the men were more attractive
  • do women get turned on looking at a ripped body during sex?

    does this make them more likely to orgasm vs an average skinny fat body?

    ripped, not ifbb pro ripped
  • does flexing your neck muscle make your neck thicker? (srs)

    don't want to try to those wrestling bridges, at least not for now look awkward and dangerous. can flexing the neck muscle make it thicker?

    trying to align my neck to my jaw.

    also trying to...
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    mirin cats

    mirin cats
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  • fuark, rowing a kayak is a great delt workout

    delts are sore as phuark, along with my rear delts.

    fun as phuck, good cardio as well. muscle fibers are definately broken down. did some moderate rowing along with all out sprints.

  • is that where you work or live?

    is that where you work or live?
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  • big traps only make you look narrow if you already have narrow clavicles


    your traps can never get too big as a natty, even with good...
  • what's the point of going to the moon?

    what's the point of going to the moon?
  • it might lead the way for cloning organs and body...

    it might lead the way for cloning organs and body parts
  • why hasn't there been a cloned human yet? lol at saying you're playing god

    It would be a huge breakthrough.

    Who cares if you're playing "god"?

    by that logic you're playing god if you have egg donors or

    If the cloning is done ethically, as in nobody is getting...
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