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  • aren they just tv shows though ,not live tv...

    aren they just tv shows though ,not live tv channels?
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  • worth it to get cable for like 40 a month?

    i haven't had cable in years, but recently started to use digital atennas for local channels for a couple months. moved to a new city, thinking of getting cable but not sure if worth 40 extra. I...
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  • best way to steam veggies, with a steamer pot or with an electric one?

    been using a steamer pot where you put water in it to boil and put an insert over it. would it be simpler to use an electric steamer? would it taste the same? or better or worse?
  • can you gain more bicep peak if you add more bicep mass srs?

    obviously bigger biceps means bigger peak, but can the shape change a bit, going from kind of flat to more pointed? or will they just stay the same shape but just proportionally bigger?
  • da **** 8k is ****ing hooge. 4k is plenty for...

    da **** 8k is ****ing hooge. 4k is plenty for family of 4
  • any brahs live alone in a 2 bedroom place?

    is 900 square foot waste of space for one person?

    im looking at 2 bedroom homes ranging from 700-1000 sq feet.

    Im gonna use the first bedroom which will have my bed and the second bedroom will...
  • told neighbors outside mydoor talking that i could hear them at 3am am i in the right

    neighbors and like 5 other people were outside from 11:00 to 3:00 like 50% of the time and talking, was staying in, so could hear mumbling of conversations which was annoying as fukk as im trying to...
  • inner tricep head invisible due to body fat, even though somewhat low body fat

    my outer tricep has always been visibile, even at 22% body fat. my inner tricep is invisible, even at 14 % body fat when my chest striates when doing cable cross overs and delt striates when flexed,...
  • can you effectively learn things, and watch movies and books while drunk?

    im talking moderately drunk like under .04-.10 BAC. let's say you are a huge fan of a tv show, would it be dumb to watch a couple episodes while drunk? or watch a great movie for the first time...
  • my mind is blown that i am a human living in earth in the 21st century

    what the phuark? what are the chances of that ?

    omg im a male, awesome as well.
  • Thread: NBA Basketball

    by thorsef

    cool story bro

    cool story bro
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    never sunburn crew

    sunburn is only a white people thing. srs

    korean, just get dark as fuarkk when out in the sun a lot.

    goes from yellow to brown in an hour crew
  • how many lbs do food add to the scale? (srs)

    if you drank normal amounts of water and ate 2000 calories, how many lbs would that usually add to the scale vs in the morning?

    what about 1000 calories?

    is your true weight before you eat...
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  • is it okay to ask a girl if she wants to come over from online dating sites? srs

    or should you just go on a date with her and try to get her to your place after that?

    i dont want to go on dates, i just want to smash. would you ruin a chance of smashing if you asked her to come...
  • dat sexual dimorphism, hnnng mire the jaw difference

    left male right female skull

    dat brow ridge

    dat sloped forehead
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    jason blaha has a gay last name

    blaha wtf who the phuck want to be called blaha.
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