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    I used to work at L.A. fitness as a PTD (fancy...

    I used to work at L.A. fitness as a PTD (fancy word for training salesman) basically how its set up at least at the club i was at was the people that were in fact good trainers were reserved for the...
  • Any ideas for promoting our new crossfit cage?

    Hey hows it going guys i'm a ptd at golds gym and we recently installed a Pur Motion Crossfit cage that the old PTD requested, unfortunatly the g.m. doesnt really think it will be as large of a draw...
  • Tough Mudder? Savage Race? MMA? Tampa?

    If anyone is looking to train for something a lot like the tough mudder or savage race in the tampa bay area and arent looking to pay an arm and a leg look no farther than Gold's Gym Tampa on the...
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