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  • Question about veins in bicep/tricep and forearms???

    I had no idea were to post my question about veins so i do apologize first off for posting here.

    My question is alittle bit different from most the you have read on the subject of '' How to get...
  • Thank you all for the responds and your own...

    Thank you all for the responds and your own personal veiws on the subject, so im getting that meal replacements are not the way to go and i should buy in bulk
  • Meal replacement supplement help please???

    Im sure many of you have answered more 20 question on food replacement supplements so i truely respect any answer giving for your time to answer. Im 22 year old, 5'6, 136 lb and this is my coming...
  • Thank you to the more serious answers

    Thank you to the more serious answers
  • What where some challenges/struggles in the begining

    What were a few struggles or challenges you had when starting out and what advise could you give on how you pushed by, such examples could be, health conditions, being below weakness, negative...
  • does anyone else below the belly button stick out???

    it's not fat and has always been there, wondering if this has a name, i'll post a pic
  • Thank you guys for your input, just wondering, ...

    Thank you guys for your input, just wondering, to those who had surgery how much would you say it cost and does the final cost cover your stay in the hospital after your surgery for care...?
  • Has anyone completely lost gyno with diet and exercise? (no surgery)

    You hear it everywhere '' you can only get rid of gyno through surgery'' and your find very little advise about losing them through lowering over all bf, dieting and exercising, has anyone compelety...
  • bench press,should i feel my chest muscles working?

    Im sorry if im in the wrong category, im still new at this and dont know where to post, i was just wondering if when doing the bench press, should you feel your chest muscles working, because i...
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    Recovery days routine

    I know this is probably the wrong category for this post, im still new at this and im just learning the different categories and most seem very limited in terms of topics, any advice would be great,...
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    A few Creative home made equipment

    Any idea's of some easy at home made up equipment creations that work just as good as gym equipment? I know it will never be the same as gym eauipment but can be used like the motions you would use...
  • Personally i think yes it has a little to do with...

    Personally i think yes it has a little to do with showing off but most people (if they dont know you) are at the gym to work on themselfs rather look at the gains the shower off-er has, dont get me...
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    I'm thinking about starting a new diet for my, keep in mind i want you to look at this as less of dieting and more in terms of adding on to my diet i have now, so like a supplement if you will to...
  • How long to gain toning to your transformation?

    I've been at hard work with my transformation, i've been working out for 3 months now, nothing is changing, i mean nothing, im more a less trying to get a toned body with alittle bit of mass, i...
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    Thanks for the advise guys, alittle more...

    Thanks for the advise guys, alittle more information that has been requested:
    Dieting, basically i dont want to do the 6 meals aday diet plan, short on budget, im currently doing a 5 & 2 diet, 3...
  • My fitness story

    I'de like to start with my storie,
    Personally, im no one to look up to at this point, which a goal i hope to fill one day, but for now i do with what i got, im 22 yo male, 5,6 Bf...
  • Personal fitness/successful stories for motivation,please share your struggles

    I think it would be very motivational to read a few stories from those who have reached their goals and are still pushing to their own physical perfection, trainers who have pushed for month's, ...
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    Why am i so weak, 3 months of training

    For the past 3 months ive been pushing as hard as my body will allow me, i suffer from heat hives, so that really limits to amount of time i can workout and keeps me doing home programs instead of...
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