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  • Did you also have an over-hangy part? Im so...

    Did you also have an over-hangy part? Im so worried that its the scarring or incision that has made my belly look this way. Above my belly button looks amazing, its a few inches below that is a...
  • Burn fat while gaining or sustaining muscle.. Hear me out

    Just curious, some of these posts on here are pretty technical and can be hard to follow, so any responses please dumb it down for me..

    I'm 147 lbs, lets say its takes 2200 cal to sustain this.
  • C Section Shelf? I want to comptete in 2015

    I'm really hoping i can compete Oct 2015, it will be first time.

    And yes, i must have a good base, been working out on/off for 10 years. (I better have a good base!)

    I have a long way to go but...
  • Wanted to do an IFDA show, but I have a problem :(

    Hi Everyone!

    I wanted to do an IDFA (Drug Tested) figure competition, but upon reading the drug policy, I'm not sure If I can enter.

    I used anavar and clen for about 5 days last year (i felt...
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