1 giant drop-set failure - Leg press

  1. drvn2succeed
    Hi, I just wanted to make sure I am doing the 1 giant drop-set to failure. I can't seem to find a reference explicitly. A drop set from what I read includes multiple sets? So how do you do a a failure and drop set in only 1 set? And what is giant? Is it going to failure...continuing down-dropping but keeping going to failure? Appreciate your insight!
  2. kmn0134
    Yes, it's one giant set where you keep lowering the amount of weight. You start at 85% of your max and do reps of that until you can't anymore and then you pick a lesser weight and continue doing reps at that weight (only pausing to change the weight) until you can no longer do that weight either. I usually dropped the weight 3 times per set. I'm guessing it's giant because it's a lot of reps :)
  3. drvn2succeed
    Thanks so much!!!! Makes sense!
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