How to make your muscles pop out for final pictures

  1. zixonija
    Some of you don't know those small trick about how to make yourself look lean for photoshoot. I was searching forums and articles on this subject. I have found several interesting articles and forum posts. This is my effort to help anyone (like myself) who don't know how those bodybuilders look the way they do on the competition day (or picture taking day). You are right; It is about muscles, but how to get those muscles to pop out is a science and an art. Here we go:

    (since I don't have 50 posts just take this part of the link and copy/paste after

    /fun/peak_week_carb_strategies.htm - must read!

    /fun/animalpak41.htm - how to adjust your diet in the few final weeks

    Posts from other forum members:

    "I usually treat a photo shoot and competition similarly as far as no diary at least a week before, cut out all sodium 4-5 days out, cut out water 24 hours before and then carbing up at the last minute. I also like using 3 to 4 layers of protan."

    "a mild diuretic is helpful but be smart about using it. i use jan tana when i compete and i also put preparation H over my abs and wrap them with plastic wrap. this dehydrates the skin causing it 2 shrink and make muscles more defined. u can put this on any problem areas. i cut carbs 4 a week then carb load the last 2 days but something different might work 4 u. also, my posing teacher who is a bodybuilder had me do full body workouts the week i am carb depleting doing 5 exercises per body part, 5 sets each exercise, 25-30 reps each set"

    then i would say eat 5 small meals a day of 4 oz chicken and 1 cup of spinach. if you get super tired b/c you have no carbs add a cup of oatmeal in one day. Ok 6 (liters) Is 1 Gallon And A 1/2. So Say That Sat. Is The Shoot- So Make Sure To Drink 6 Until Wed, Then Thurs You Have Half That 3 Liters, Fri 1.5 Throughout The Entire Day And Sat Not Much. Hopefully Your Shot Is In The Morning....this Is To Get All Of Your Muscles Popping Out!!! That May Be A Little Extreme For You- So You Can Play With It A Little Bit. Should Make You Drop Enough Of Your Water's Not Fun Though!!!! "

    "Take baths with epson salt during the week prior to your shoot "

    You might have muscles under all that water but they will never reach their full potential (looks) if you don't follow some guidelines. I hope this helps. I had to do lot of search for these (it is not straight forward as it might seem). If anyone else has some info please post it here. Thanks!!!!
  2. pappaseb1117
    Good post man. Those are all good tips and tricks to do- this is your week of conditioning so remember you're going to some extreme measures for that photo shoot and/or stage competition. Just keep in mind you can't stay like that for long as it's not healthy.

    When it comes to training make sure you don't overload yourself especially the last 4 days leading up the shoot. Train normally but use lighter weight and higher rep count- don't even need to break a sweat.

    Last important thing DON'T FORGET to STOP supplementing Mono Creatine- especially 1 week before- optimal would be to stop 2 weeks before.
  3. zixonija
    @pappaseb - those are some awesome advices. Thanks man!!!
  4. pappaseb1117
    You welcome- glad to help.
  5. marion3303
    thanks guys for all the great tips.....i do final pics in 3 days!
  6. zixonija
    @marion - your pictures look amazing (like I said before)... Did you use any of these "tricks"?
  7. marion3303
    Hey!!! for my peak week I kept my carb cycling diet the same..i cut water and sodium the last two days....but didnt cut water to the point of dehydration...i have two peak weaks to do in november for figure competitions so i wanted to make this one easier on me....i was gonna use the jan tana but just didnt have time...i did do a quick pump up before my hubby took the photos :)
  8. werthclone
    My secret to making my muscles pop is to flex them all really hard;-)
  9. zixonija
    I can flex as long as I want but if I have excess water they don't look pop out as I would like them to...

    @werthclone - do you shave your body?
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