Workout music?

  1. darksidesunny
    Like I said, Girl Talk is a guy who mashes up ALL KINDS of music... lots of current rock/pop/hip hip and classics as well. Look into it if you have the time. :)
  2. The-Italian
    Oh ok sorry missed that part. Today has been an off day for me i guess. Classes started and my brains just fried.
  3. Alisser
    Korn, Tool, System of a down, Disturbed, Deftones.... otherwise if I have a tv with sound in front of me I'll def go for watching Food Network!!! :D
  4. werthclone
    The only music allowed in my headphones is HEAVY ASS METAL. And I mean real metal, not Linkin Park, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch or any of those other horrible bands listed above.
  5. musiclvr2675
    If I'm in the gym lifting weights I'm distracted by having a music player (whatever device it is) and ear buds to worry about so I don't bother. At home I just put my music on my phone on shuffle and hope that Coldplay doesn't come on haha If it does, I just hit NEXT! I listen to everything. I've made playlists with house/techno music or alt rock/metal and neither make a difference to me...I just like the sound in the background and it just has to have an upbeat tempo. Don't give me any older classic stuff, keep me at least in the 90's on haha Grunge is probably as old as I care for in my workouts. There is some music that Dana Linn Bailey uses in her videos that I LOVE but I don't recognize any of the songs or can guess who the artist is. Anyone know? I'd love to find some of that!
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