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  1. Kaged Muscle
    Kaged Muscle
    For all of your DTP related questions, please ask them here. Kris Gethin and the Physique Elite DTP Master Trainers will answer as appropriate.
  2. muminul
    Hi Kris,

    I am confused with the nutrition for the DTP workout, The sample meal plan has so much carbs and protein. Do i follow 20 calories per pound of weight, at the following:

    Protein - 35%
    Fats - 15%

    According to my body weight (162.8) it is 3260 calories with the above ratio which is the following (Excluding post workout shake, which will consist of 2 scoops of vitargo);

    Carbs - 408
    Protein - 285
    Fats - 54

    Per Meal will consist of: 70 carbs, 47.5 Protein and 9 grams fat

    or do I just follow on having the following per meal?

    Carbs - 50-70
    Protein - 35-45
    Fats - 15-25

    Also do you include coconut water in your calories intake and do you include vegetables and incomplete protein into your macro nutrients?

    Thank you for this awesome program, just need to understand the nutrition plan, then i can make a start.
  3. lancerevo96
    Hi kris I have followed everything correctly and the workouts work but I **** like. 5 times a day and am gaining no weight? Any suggestions please reply, thanks
  4. Kaged Muscle
    Kaged Muscle
    muminul - thats what I eat. You can lower for your weight if you wish. No, I dont include coconut water, incomplete proteins of veg.
    lancerevo96 - whats x5 per day? You are obviously not following my nutrition or supplement program EXACT.
  5. kshitiz1983
    hi kris,, i have done i finished my 12 week plan a month ago, results were awesum,, but then i took a break.. now i can start DTP or i should again go for 12 week plan agian and then do DTP?
    also why 4 lts of coconut water? is it for cutting or gaining? its very expensive in NEW DELHI, INDIA :(
  6. Kaged Muscle
    Kaged Muscle
    k****iz1983 - this program is for gaining. The 4L of coconut water is a spell mistake by bbcom (please let them know). IL is fine. Cant you buy it straght from the outside stores there like I do in Mumbai?
  7. 11thHour
    I'm a beginner and going to school and I have time to do the 12 week hardcore trainer and DTP before i get back for christmas break which should i do first? On a side note which would you personally recommend the Hardcore training or teen mass gaining program for a beginner.
  8. docfayad

    I workout during lunch hour at work (around 12). I would have had breakfast around 7:30-8 and a meal around 10'ish. Which meal do u suppose I should use for my 10 oclock meal? I remember you saying in the 12 week videos that you do not want too much food (and blood) in ur stomach prior to workout, so I am asking for suggestions here. Would Meal 2 (Chicken + pasta) work?
    And second question I have is when you mention pasta and rice etc... are we talking wheat or white? I am guessing wheat but want to validate that.

  9. hannah7733
    Hey Kris,
    I train at home and dont have a leg press machine so what would be a good subsitute for leg presses?

    Also, is there any way to estimate the weights you should be using on the 50, 40, 30 and 20 reps?

    Thanks =]
  10. Anthonybc78
    Hello Kris, I finished your 12 week program earlier in the year and have been lifting on a defecit for the last 3-4 months. I started the DTP today but made the mistake of throwing in 4 working squat sets of 400lbs x 10 reps, then went to Leg press for 400x50,500x40,600x30,700x20,800x10,900x7, then reversed it. I did similar on calf presses starting at 400, but could do no more than 20 reps at 500-600lbs. I calculated the calories in your first meal (5600cals!) and the carbs are around 1200 as well. I know you provided a multiplier given my weight: 175 would equal around 3500cal, but for someone already lifting at my intensity should I do that or go higher? You stated 35%protein, 45% carbs, 15%fats. What should I be at?

    Ill tell you, since my body is currently in an anabolic state, and now am more than doubling my caloric intake it feels like the food is going straight through me. Do you have a myfitnesspal id as well? I want to make sure I keep up on the nutrition but want to minimize the fat gain on this bulk.
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