The work out that made ure quads or hamstrings most impressive !!!!

  1. hardpower1979
    I do alot of dead lifts and hack squats and leg press.I do some jeffersons about every 2nd leg work out.legs use to be my weakest attribute. I do 10 set of 10reps then 3 sets of 18 on my last exercise per body part
  2. thighsclub
    Good training....How many times/week do you train your legs?
  3. BB-archeologist
    I train in a barn with only a squat rack. I Squat EVERY week, varying stance and depth. I also go super heavy on deadlifts and stiff leg deadlift. Nothing fancy, no machines or leg presses. My job also entails a 6-8 mile hike everyday in some very rugged mountains all above 8,000 ft. about total quad annihilation.
  4. ronin_ts
    I rarely do squats (lowerback injury) when I do its low weight and always at the end of a leg session.

    My Leg Session Comprises of (I mix the exercises around) and I finish always under 40 minutes.

    DB Lunges 3 x 8
    HackSquat 3 x 10
    Leg Extension 3 x 15
    Leg Press 3 x 8
    Lying Leg Curl 5 x 10 (last set all negatives)
    Seated Leg Curl 5 x 12
    Stiff-dead lift 4 x 10
  5. mmx19
    My leg workout is 2 times per week . This is best result gives for my quads and hamstring. 1 day - squat ( or sometimes leg press) 4 sets 12-10-8-10 , Leg extension - 4 x15-18
    2 day - DB wolking lunges , Stiff dead lift 5 sets 15-12-10-8-10,Leg curl 5 to 8 sets 18- to 12 reps. Sometimes HackSquat 4 x 10-12
  6. shumayou
    week 1 i work out thighs twice. day1 priority calves(3 variations). hams(sumo press , leg curls , strt leg dead lift 2 of the three) and i load up the squat bar and do one set of 50 plus reps. day 2 thighs i do pyramids in barbel squat followed by ham and calf. week 2 no thighs . week 3 -same as week one.i feel this way theres more recovery time for growth
  7. kenethleclair
    I'm working my quads n hams 3xweek..look for 23" now that i went from 21" to 22"
  8. keokz
    wassup thighs club. im new to this and im eager to learn and better myself to the best of my abilities. so, sorry for all the rookie questions but ill read as much as i can intake.
  9. Reemy
    Pre-Exhuasting hamstring developement.Hamstrings with standing single leg, prone, or seated leg curls and saving romanians for last have made a big difference in my hamstring developement. The addition of Glute-ham raises is that catalyst! Glute hamm raises are the truth!
  10. paulino036
    squats 2x10-12 (warm up)
    squats 5x5 (****ing heavy)
    leg press 3x8
    leg extensions 4x15-20
    seated leg curl 6x4-6
    dumbbell stiff leg deadlift 2x10-12
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