Need Help From You Experienced Bodybiulders

  1. Lasharela
    Hey what's up My Fellow Phily's Strong People? I need your help, I've been working out without any direction on my own whatever i get over the web, I started on April 27 , 2011 when I was 354 lbs 47% Bodyfat , what I did was start eating lots of veggies, 1 peace about 7 oz chicken and fish with each meal, and only water throughout a day and lots of it, from begining i was eating whole wheat bread few slices and some whole wheat pasta, after few weeks i was told starch is no good and eliminated that from my diet, also whole this time was going to Gym working out like mostly running HIIT for 25-35 min and some strength training without any plan there too, just recently found here on Jim Stoppani workout plan training for dummies or startes or smth, and that was my strength training having no idea if its good or not for someone whos trying to lose lots of weight (fat) now i'm down 287 lbs and 32% bodyfat but still not sure what i'm doing i know i lost 67 pounds but not sure if i lost lots of lean muscle with fat or for some reason i feel i am not doing something right still oh yeah and supplements all i took was Oxy Ellite Fat burner and AMP wheybolic Extreme 60 not everyday though also GNC Mega Men sport vitamins and Triple Strength Fish Oil on daily bases, Reason I said I need your guys help is I still have no plan on working out mostly on strength workouts whats right for major weight loss I want to get down to at least 220 lbs or even 200 and then start to shape my body and get ripped but not sure how to reach that point now i kinda hit platou ot whatever they call em stock on 287 for a week maybe cheated lil bit only workout twice last week and didnt eat enough, but from this week i started strong but still feel like no plan but doing same old ****, please help me to organiaze my plan or please give those tips that will change things you guys think i was wrong, any advise is extremely appreciated, hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Lasharela
    What kind of group is this nobody even write each other? this how we support each other?
  3. DecFemme
    Hey someone sent me a book on pdf call burn the fat feed the muscle, send me a private message with your email and I'll send it to you. It has diet and workout plan in it and so far it's a great read. It's a unisex plan so anyone can use it just adjust the weights according to your level. I would post this in a forum, more access to those who've been doing this a long time. We can support each other, just need to get the ball rolling...
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