Oh Yeah Victory Bars Vs. Quest Bars

  1. cmnorthern
    I love a good protein bar every now and then. They are easy to grab and go. Have ya'll tried some of the flavors? I love the chocolate chip cookie dough oh yeah bar and the apple pie quest bars. What are your favorites?
  2. fittwinsmomma
    I'm a quest girl! I love the quest chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate brownie, and the peanut butter chocolate one. They are super delicious! I've tried them microwaved, and baked. I love the chocolate brownie with a lil almond butter if I'm feeling a lil naughty. I always have 1 in my purse, and 1 in the diaper bag!
  3. katrina007
    Right there with ya @fittwinsmomma! Adore quest bars.. pretty much every flavor but the cookie dough is amazing! I usually microwave them but run into the issue of inhaling them instead of enjoying them :D Haven't tried the Oh Yeah Victory bars. Have seen them advertised as something comparable to the Quest bars. Need to pick up a couple!
  4. fittwinsmomma
    You don't like the cookie dough, @katrina007? I'm not too fond of the strawberry cheesecake. Might have been just the one I had. Much too grainy for me. I want to try the raspberry white chocolate badly!!
  5. flynrun
    I love the quest bars... I had to look up the second to last ingredient louhan. I figured it was a Chinese word for black magic, turns out it's some magical fruit that make them taste so good.
  6. KevinF88
    Quest bars are pretty good, I just ate an apple pie flavored one.
  7. belbyshae
    I haven't tried the Oh Yeah bars. I do like the Quest Bars but haven't tried many flavors. I had the free Cinnamon Roll one, that was good. The Vanilla Almond and the Coconut Cashew were very good and definitely I would order again. I think I tried the Chocolate Brownie - and while I'm a sucker for chocolate and/or brownies especially - I wasn't too fond of it. I have ordered some of the Cookie Dough Quest bars everyone raves about and am excited to try them.
  8. sSmitty93
    I prefer Quest over the Victory bars, although, some Quest are sweetened with sucralose which for some people is a big deal. Victory bars on the other hand all arent!
  9. katrina007
    Totally did not proof read that before I posted it @fitwinsmomma!! I meant to say that all the flavors a pretty good, but the cookie dough is amazing/the best!! I agree with you on the strawberry cheesecake.. Picked up a couple one time cause the guy at GNC said they were is favorite, but hated all those little grainy strawberry seeds. The PB Chocolate is great too. The Lemon Bar is another that isn't very good... needs much more lemon flavor. The berry one is also another really good non chocolate one :D
  10. fittwinsmomma
    @katrina007, did you get to try the raspberry white chocolate?? It's their new prototype I guess. I really wanna try that one!
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