Swai Fish

  1. BernMan
    I went to Target to pick up some tilapia fillets when I ran into swai fish. It seems like it has the same nutritional value as the tilapia but they come in bigger cuts and is less expensive than the tilapia.

    I just don't know anything about it.

    I know tuna has mercury in it so eating it on a regular basis is not good especially for women (so I've read).

    Swai fish? Does anyone know?
  2. beastmodeit
    I have NO idea, sorry man. Im sure someone on here knows something
  3. robertoavelino
    swai fish has low mercury levels
  4. DJ_Forty5
    I just bought some last week and as I was cooking it I noticed an ammonia smell. Then I took a bite. HOLY CRAP IT TASTES LIKE PEE. :( I threw the rest out
  5. BernMan
    @DJ_Forty5 I'm surprised you felt like that. I like tilapia because it doesn't have that fishy taste and I notice that swai is the same. Maybe you got a bad batch?
  6. BernMan
    Found this information on it. Looks pretty healthy especially when trying to lose weight.


  7. DJ_Forty5
    Really ? MAybe I will try it again then. But damn that last batch I bought ! Gross !!
  8. jdmkris
    hmm.. I'll give that a try next time I go shopping for food.
  9. bambiemcfly
    omg.... swai... WORST TASTING FISH EVER. tastes like piss, as someone else shared, and it cooks to the most disgusting, soft texture ever. i tried sole instead of tilapia the other day and i like it. nice and firm, less "fishy" smelling than some other varieties. rockfish is next on my list of fishes to try lol.... my favorite is orange roughy, but its not sustainable and its incredibly difficult to find in stores anymore. apparently it takes the bastards 30+years to reach reproductive maturity. just my luck. -_-
  10. BigSmash
    Never had Swai but heard from some ppl that it's actually pretty good depending on how u season it of course. I plan on trying in the near future.
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