Can bad eating habits on the weekend hold me back from seeing results?

  1. denisa20
    I do my best to eat right on the week days. Taking my protein shakes, supplements and making sure I eat every 3 hours, BUt I feel like I am not progressing. its been 3 weeks into the program and I haven't lost anything or gained. I have been doing great with my work out. No problem at all.. I am following it to a T. I will admist to struggling with eating clean. Is is possible to regress everthing you progressed by going out on the weekends. Is my bad eating and drinking habits over the weekend causing me not to see results OR have I not seen results because its TOO SOON? My friends tells me it will take a few more weeks before I see result, but I personally afriad its my bad weekend habits.. Has anyone not followed the eating plan and sow results.. Is 3 weeks too soon to see results
  2. mummyfit
    Denisa, I have to be completely honest with you. I use to do the same, 100% during the week annd not so good on the weekends. I didnt make progress like this. When I started Live Fit I went hard for 7 weeks, no alcohol, clean eating all the time and the results were great, nothing I had ever experieced before. Sure I had one slip up after 7 weeks but I am back on track and ready to start phase 3. I also saw results in the first 3 weeks by eating clean and not drinking. Nutrition is about 80% of the results, no way around it. You may put on a little in the first phase but this is what is meant to happen but be careful if you keep doing what you are doing it might catch up and the extra weight you put on may not be lean muscle which is exactly what you want. I know how hard it is but just keep going forward and really try on the weekends to remain clean. Good luck.
  3. Megan11
    I think an occasional cheat meal wouldnt affect you, but an entire cheat weekend would definitely hinder results. My husband eats clean and workouts like a beast 5 days a week, on the weekend he eats like crap, the result? His body never changes, he works out enough to counter-act the effects of the weekend.
  4. 27Battles
    Denisa, in my experience, it's a combo of both too soon and going nuts on the weekend. I didn't see any results until end of week 4, and only saw them through a photo comparison, not by weighing and/or measuring (measuring results were half an inch off here and there). Was equally frustrated.

    Like you, I relaxed it a little on the weekends. But when you say you relax on the weekend, it depends on how far you go. If you have 3000-4000 calories each day on Saturday and Sunday every weekend, then yes, overall, you'll shoot yourself in the foot. I find that since eating clean requires no calorie counting, if you're not eating clean but don't want to stall too much, then you should try to count them. Perhaps you can try to keep it at least under a certain calorie range? For example, for me, when I knew that I wanted to have a cheat meal or two on Saturdays, I had less calories for breakfast, and squeezed in a work out on the rest day. That way, it balanced it out and didn't throw me off too much.

    Of course someone who follows the meal and work-out plans 100% of the time is going to see the fastest results, but that's unfortunately not realistic for a lot of us. Something to aspire to, but not realistic at every point in life.

    The bottom line is, if you're eating clean Monday to Friday and still doing your work outs, you'll still see results, they will be slower than the program's 12 week timeline. But you'll get there, there is no way you wouldn't, with 5 days of being good to your body.

    Good luck. x
  5. Luckymom08
    this partly depends on how much you have to lose. If you are significantly overweight and this whole clean eating and lifting weights is new to you, than you will still see good results from the positive changes in your lifestyle. If you are in the healthy body fat percentage range and you were working out fairly regularly--you have to really be a stickler if you want to "take it to the next level" with this program. I always say--discipline takes practice--meaning just try hard. Accept times that you "fall off the wagon" and just move forward looking up at your goals. There really is no such thing as "cancelling out" bad food choices--your body processes food differently when you eat garbage vs. when you eat clean healthy foods. Once you put something bad into your body it is there and no amount of exercise or less calories later will take away how the high saturated fats will slow down your metabolism, or encourage your body to store cholesterol in your arteries. Foods that contain harmful chemicals have to get processed through the liver. Your liver is also important to metabolize fat--it is needed to burn fat. If you drink alcohol, you won't be able to burn the fat because your liver will be too busy with the alcohol to help out. Likewise, you can't eat McDonald's, taking in 1800cal in one meal and then go run 18 miles to burn it off. The bad impact the meal has on your total health will be there. Just press on, keep trying and don't sweat bad weekend behavior--and commit to trying to have it be an occasional slip up instead of a weekend habit. Something that helps me resist the temptation to cheat is that if you truly stick it out hard core for about two weeks, the cravings and urges to cheat get weaker. You get stronger, and your desire to cheat gets weaker. But the two weeks of resisting strong urges is HARD!

    "Kicking ass in the weight room is my comfort food!!!!" :) hahaha
  6. Randirella
    I agree with everyone. It's probably a combination of both. And a lot depends on what degree of "cheat weekends" you have. Like me, for instance, I eat fantastic during the week days, but the weekends are a little more relaxed. Now I don't go crazy or anything, but I spend time with my husband and friends on the weekend, which means we eat out alot. So, I still choose the healthiest thing on the menu, and stay away from foods I know I shouldn't eat (fried chicken and lots of desserts), but I don't sacrifice quality time with the ones I love over it. And I don't eat every three hours like I do during the week, because it just doesn't work out (sleeping in, staying up later, ect.) I maybe have one or two alcoholic drinks, most, but I try to stay away from the high calorie ones (margaritas and beer).

    I have seen great results, and yes, maybe I would see even better ones if I was as strick on the weekends. But for me, this is a lifestyle change. And moderation is very important. But as the weeks go on, it becomes easier and easier to make good food choices, even on the weekends!
  7. MariahS
    This is really helpful for me, too - thanks everyone. Im having similar issues.

    Luckymom - thank you for the alcohol reference, because I needed a talk on that. I'm wasting my efforts largely due to alcohol.
  8. Luckymom08
    Oh I totally hear you about the alcohol!! Every single weekend I just want to unplug from stress and have two or three drinks!! But, I don't have a lot of fat to burn and I know it will just stay there is I do that. In other words, my poor husband has to put up with my bad attitude bc not only am I not having a couple drinks--I'm not even doing CARDIO right now!!!!! hahaha
  9. denisa20
    I find it hard NOT TO DRINK.. Every weekend I at lest have 2 drinks.. I am not heavy, you think 4 drinks total over a weekend will be ok? is there a drink that would be better then another?? like instead of beer drink tequila? I normally have a long island, is that worse? should I just have a beer instead.. um.. =(
  10. nerdydancer
    Since long islands have a variety of alcohol and some soda, I would stay away from those. I have seen recommendations of vodka tonic because it is lower in calories.
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