92% Lean Ground Beef- Good or Bad idea?

  1. foxyNiecy
    I had the taste for a burger so, instead of MickeyD's, I had 6 oz (after cooked) of Laura's Lean Beef 92 % lean, no added hormones, no antibiotics, vegetarian fed ground beef. The Calories came to 240 calories; 120 Calories from fat; Protien 41 gms; 0 carbs. I do feel guilty, after I checked the live fit menu which called for london broil and top round. I am proud that I didnt go with any cheese or bread, but had a salad.
  2. onestrongmomma
    I eat venison, which I think is pretty much the same as lean ground beef. I think as long as you are going with the lean variety you are good and should not feel guilty. Plus, a person gets sick of just chicken and fish! My husband also always reminds me that when you are putting on muscle, although fat is important and you always want healthy fats, we shouldn't have to be AS concerned with being low fat. I think it's an acceptable choice, but that is just personal opinon!
  3. amanda6033
    I used Laura Lean ground beef for the bulk of my meals. Its the same/ sometimes better when you compare the back of the labels.
  4. NurseAngie
    kuddos to you for fighting off a craving and getting your fix with a healthy alternative. we want this to be a LIFESTYLE, not eat rice and chicken for 12 weeks and then go running to the nearest burger king. :) one good decision leads to another. keep it up!
  5. foxyNiecy
    Thanks everyone for your feedback :) Very encouraging. The program is great, with all of the protien I dont feel like Im on a diet, I just feel like Im eating the way that Im meant to. As a result, I get that full feeling that my mind needs to not reach for something unhealthy.
  6. velvet5900
    I like the fact that there's a long list of things we can eat with this program. I'm on a budget, so I've been sticking to chicken and turkey pretty much. It's amazing the things you can cook to make each meal different. At the end of this, I'll be happily clucking my wings (turning into a chicken... you are what you eat, right LOL)! I just love the turkey/chicken muffins... those are so convenient and easy to make. Keep up the good work ladies! ;o)
  7. Breebreerocks
    I've used extra lean beef as well. Girls gotta get some iron!
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