For back excercises...alternate for hammer strength lat pull?

  1. ktharpdressage
    My gym doesn't have Hammer Strength equipment. Is there an alternate exercise for this?
  2. NewNewsBod
    My gym has one of those corner functional cable trainers. I used the attachment with the two ropes and two balls at the end and pulled down with that. HTH
  3. ktharpdressage
    That's exactly what I did yesterday. Thanks!
  4. Steph2387
    I dont understand even the alternative solution you guys have given! gym also doesnt have one of those Hammer Strength machines...well not that I know off..what are a few more alternative exercises..? I had to skip[ this one coz i had no idea lol and didnt feel like wandering around the gym like an idiot LOL
  5. lexagon
    Your gym probably has a cable machine. You can attach different bars to it to do different types of exercises. That's usually where I do my lat pulldowns as well. You can also do pullups, close grip lat pulldowns - there's a few. Check out this page, closer to the bottom it has some other lat exercises you might be able to try.
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