Alternatives to Vitargo?

  1. rich251076
    I was loading up my shopping basket with Vitargo - looks like great stuff, but it seems damn expensive at $36 for 10 servings?

    Are there any food alternatives to Vitargo, or cheaper synthetic alternatives?

    I did a search and saw some forum posts mentioning oats - that right?
  2. nikk_p
    i'm in the same boat, i can't afford vitargo and my body doesn't respond well to simple-carb powders (i gain weight effortlessly) what kris has mentioned before is eating a banana with your post workout shake, this is not in any way optimal (vitargo is) but it's what i use due to funding/paranoia under kris' suggestion
    that said, if you've experienced good results with another form of simple carb, like waxy maise or something of the like, then give it a try, the important thing is to create the insulin spike to shuttle glycogen, glutamine, creatine, and protein into your depleated muscles
  3. rich251076
    Thanks I took a look around the site following your feedback.

    I see waxy maize would produce a similar hit to the blood stream like Fractionated Barley Amylopectin which is in Vitargo?

    Heck I'd reckon even ordering a tub of dextrose might do the trick?

    I am not saying they are as good as Vitargo, but when you consider the price/performance ratio, are they good enough?
  4. Spottydog
    I used ground oats. Literally about 20 cents a 60g carb serving.
  5. varun576
    what about glycomaize from ON? anyone taken it before?
    Yes Vitargo is expensive! Optimum Glycomaize is good, I use to use this but now I am using Now Carbo Gain and it is a good source of carbs. I got a 12 Lb bag for $24.99, 133 servings. As for Optimum Glycomaize it's a heavy Starch carb and Now Carbo Gain is light and fine. So go with Now Carbo Gain. I finish the program on the 3rd of this month and now I am starting on week 8 of another 12 weeks of training.
  7. Thedmac999
    I also just use oats, and a banana. Cheap and tasty.
  8. SlimShady2001
    got the same problem, I eat a banana with my shake, I think it's the easiest alternative.
  9. Sebasturea
  10. Tylermc4
    i take optimal tourrent its a post workout shake that doesnt cost too much for the amount you get. it contains carbs, protein, creatine, glycogen, etc... its really good. i also use whey protein mixed with glycomaize throughout the day cause i only eat like 3 times.
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