Best flavor of Xtend BCAA's?

  1. 6PlatesFull
    I've seen lots of people trying these and was wondering what everyones favorite flavor was? I'm contemplating getting them as it'd be a great peri-workout nutrition for pretty cheap for me.
  2. littlecreature
    i heart grape
  3. Locavore
    They used to have a flavor variety pack and I tried them all with that. I use grape now. Though I wish it didn't have Red #40 in it, with all the bad info about that particular dye lately. Green apple was gross. The lemonade flavor is pretty neutral-- like, I can't see how someone wouldn't like it. Orange was eh. Watermelon was watermelon-y, but that's not my favorite flavor in general. Haven't tried the blue raspberry.

    When I'm out of grape, I'll probably pick up lemon for the next big bottle.
  4. kinkoshinkai
    Watermelon is their top seller, and for a good reason!!! But I like the grape, green apple and orange, too! It also depends a lot on the concentration level you mix. Some people over dilute, and others over-scoop. Gotta find the balance that suits your taste.
  5. jpg6565
    blue rasberry
  6. DickSun
    I've also looked into getting it, I hear so many people talking about using it, I'm ready to give it a go I guess. I'll start looking around the store and see what it'll cost. The wife already hates how much I spend on protein, creatine and my preworkout supplement.
  7. MrPsSexyWife
    I liked the orange.
  8. 6PlatesFull
    Well watermelon and blue raspberry it may be. I've found I just get a lot more water in anyways when it's got some flavor to it and this is zero carb and would be great for recovery on a lower calorie diet.
  9. kinkoshinkai
    First and best intra-workout product on the market. And flavor in hydration is an important point, too!
  10. MrPsSexyWife
    Unfortunately, I found I drink MORE water when it's "naked". So I gave the rest of my Xtend to the man. He loves it. I've moved on to Jack3D before my workout and Cellmass after. I prefer my naked water during my workout. :)
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