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Sticky Thread Sticky: Answers to Common Questions

Q: What exercise should I do for (insert body part here)? I don't know how to do (insert exercise here). A: Do a Search, please, before creating a thread. Also go here: Q: Should I use a full body...

VoxExMachina‎, 09-05-2009 03:46 PM
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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: *** Deadlifting 101: Instructional videos ***

What's up deadlift people? This thread will attempt to cover deadlift basics, common mistakes, and also provide some useful information about other deadlift variations. Here is the basic overview of the classic barbell deadlift..... 8u899wRnwqs And here is Mark Rippetoe's "Lengthy Analysis...

Kiknskreem‎, 11-21-2008 07:02 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Ask an Exercise Science major anything

Ask away. This thread will be nice for any basic or advanced questions as well as help me develop my knowledge and proficiency in my field. background in: biomechanics kinesiology exercise physiology athletic injuries all kinds of workout programming as well as advanced courses in...

y0lked‎, 07-12-2016 09:07 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The 80/20 Rule for Lifting

Think, But Don't Over-Analyze When you are enthusiastic about bodybuilding, or any sport or hobby for that matter, you want to know everything you can about it. You want to know what's the best exercise, what rep range will give you an edge, how to best structure your split so that you eek out...

VoxExMachina‎, 02-19-2010 06:41 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Bench Form Thread

We see a lot of threads asking for bench form critiques on this forum. I feel like most of these threads are made because people don’t know how to critique their own form. They just don’t know what to look for. I’m hoping to narrow that gap with this thread. I’m not going to touch on everything,...

davisj3537‎, 09-19-2013 10:41 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner's Guide: 6 Basic Compound Lifts, and How to do Them

The core of any good exercise program should be built around the 6 basic compound lifts. These are the basis of bobybuilding, the cornerstone of hypertrophy, the mecca of mass, the.... well, you get the idea. Must you do all of these? No. Nothing is a "must". But instead of wasting...

VoxExMachina‎, 09-07-2009 09:59 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: De-Load, the Overlooked Technique

Introduction: There are countless posts on the best way to train biceps, the optimum split for getting huge, how to bench press properly, or any of a million other questions on how to become bigger, leaner, or break through plateaus. But one technique that helps achieve all of these goals...

VoxExMachina‎, 01-03-2010 10:16 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: The Fundamentals of the Back Squat

The Fundamentals of the Back Squat The Back Squat has often been referred to as "the King of Exercises" because it uses a great deal of the body's musculature and is therefore very efficient in making you bigger and stronger. Really, squats are a full body exercise, though most people will...

VoxExMachina‎, 03-24-2011 08:10 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
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Bench press stuck on Candito six week

I just completed two full cycles of the Candito six week program and it's done wonders for my deadlift and squat. My bench, however, has completely stalled. As in, my max has gone up exactly 1 pound (according to its calculations). Now, I gain weight very, very slowly and I'm fairly lanky, but I'd...

SkittlesAreYum‎, Today 09:31 AM
0 5

Neck: couple of questions

I'm in the market for one of those big, bull necks I had from the age of 18-25. Fortunately, the weight room I go to has a neck machine; it allows you to work the neck forwards, backwards and side to side. Currently, I do 3 sets of 10 forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right. When...

Knights16‎, Today 07:09 AM
1 56

DB/BB Bench press -> Front delts

When benching, either with dumbells or a barbell, some delt involvement is to be expected I suppose, however what does "bad involvement" feel like, as in shoulder inpingement for example? When benching I can feel my front delts burn somewhat. So basically; Should you feel your front delts while...

Rubenasher‎, Today 05:15 AM
2 122

i can't do 20 sets more push up

i exercise about 2 month and still i can't do 20 sets more push up , i tried program but i can't do 25 push up, when im doing 20 sets push up, it is hard to me, then second rep i can't do same 20 sets without rest abut 5 minute; i dont know what is my problem, i dont have any idea; this is...

toqchistaa‎, 03-25-2017 09:00 AM
7 240

Trap Bar Deadlift Form Check?

Afternoon all As the weight on my trap bar deadlift breaks 300 (for the first time in years) I was hoping to get a quick form check at different weights from you all: 155x5 RbWajOw1I5Y 255x5 rVa-wYQgRdU

Deadliftin‎, 03-24-2017 10:53 AM
5 198

Idk if this is the right place to post this.

But whatever I'm going to give it a try. My body is pretty wierd . As I have a mild s****osis, and a pectus excavatum, my shoulders are kinda uneven, my legs look crooked. I feel like these aren't the only problems I have. Doctors couldn't really do anything since they said it's not severe and...

715555‎, Today 01:43 AM
1 149

Need help. Quick answer

is there a difference between a movement specialist and a MAT specialist? I went to a orthopedic doctor and it was a complete waste of time. He just wanted to get me in and out as fast as possible. I'm looking for someone who works on athletes and understands athletes. I've had this knee pain...

CaptainKilos‎, Yesterday 08:13 PM
1 86

lying vs. seated vs. standing leg curl

so i was traveling this weekend and found an athletic club to lift at. usually use lying leg curls to finish off hammies but they only had standing and seated! so, what's the difference between them? is one better than the other?

Hannahp21‎, Yesterday 04:19 PM
3 159

Talking +10kg/22lb in a week (BENCH PR)

Okay so, my friend and I agreed to hit 100kg/225lb Bench Pr on last day of his gym membership before he leaves for another sport he loves.. Today, sunday, we both hit 90kg/198lb and it was pretty smooth for both of us :) So, we have 1 week to add 10kg/22lb for a new pr on next sunday.. Before I get...

Jeriniclift‎, Yesterday 09:48 AM
Yesterday, 11:33 PM Go to last post
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How often can you work triceps (doing close grip chest/bench press)

I've been working on bulking for a while now and trying to add some size to my arms which are lagging behind chest, shoulders and legs. I've recently started doing the close grip chest press to emphasise my triceps and I've found it a really good exercise: can feel the intensity when I maintain...

wackojacko25‎, Yesterday 05:04 PM
Yesterday, 08:15 PM Go to last post
6 174

New to the fitness world

Hello everyone, I am currently 28 years old. I have been in the gym for 2 weeks now after taking years off. I weigh 151 at a height of 5'6". I have a stomach but it is not huge. I had a kid, 2 years ago, and I am finally fully committed to losing my baby weight but would love for the help from...

rpineiro10‎, 03-12-2017 05:53 PM
Yesterday, 07:06 PM Go to last post
3 202

Good forearm workout

I'm doing StrongLifts 5x5 but with the weight I'm lifting now my grip keeps slipping on deadlifts. I do chin-ups at the end for an assistance workout but I can't even hold myself up anymore because my arms would be dead from deadlifting. What's a good assistance exercise to add in for forearms? How...

LieutenantDan95‎, Yesterday 02:56 PM
Yesterday, 06:48 PM Go to last post
5 127

Legs caving in while squatting how do I fix it?

I'm busy following Stronglifts 5x5 right now but now that I'm starting to squat heavier 110 lbs thats the heaviest i can do 5 sets of 5 reps I could possibly go heavier However today my legs were caving in so I dont want to go heavier because I dont want to injure my knees I want to fix this...

Carnifex66‎, 03-23-2017 03:10 PM
Yesterday, 04:56 PM Go to last post
12 497

exercises to fix a hunched back

im quite conscious about my hunchback, which is caused by using the computer on a low desk. what exercises should i do to help my posture?

cheongxj‎, Yesterday 09:45 AM
Yesterday, 03:33 PM Go to last post
3 1,570

Question Weak Deadlift?

Been lifting for 3 months. Deadlifted for the first time ever today. Hit 235 x 3. Compared to my other lifts I feel like that is pretty weak. I'm wondering what imbalances are causing that. Here are some random stats 18yo Bodyweight - 150lb 6' 3" Bench - 200 x 2 Squat - 245 x 3

dometallic‎, 03-25-2017 05:43 PM
Yesterday, 02:53 PM Go to last post
6 227

Help-Weak and Small Shoulders

My shoulder's are pretty small relative to the other muscles in my body. I'm pretty sure it's the product of a weak military press. I can bench 180 lb for 5 reps but can barely military press 125 lbs for 5 five reps. Here's where it confuses me, I consistently work my shoulders and I have...

TheCapers‎, 03-24-2017 08:54 PM
Yesterday, 02:50 PM Go to last post
8 325

Overhead Press Advice Please....

I am into week 7 of the Fierce 5 routine & I am having trouble progressing on the overhead press. I appear to be making progress then I have to drop the weight. My results have been as follows: Workout 1 - 30kgs Workout 2 - 30kgs Workout 3 - 32.5kgs (Failed on last rep of the 3rd set) Workout...

bflare78‎, Yesterday 11:56 AM
Yesterday, 02:24 PM Go to last post
7 183

Smile Hypotension and Valsalva Maneuver?

Hi Guys, I am naturelly Hypotension (with no disease or heart problems!), sometimes during squats (even with light weights) i feel dizziness and i almost going to pass out! and this freaks me out because if i am like that in light weights then what could happen when i reach heavy? is there a...

GoldenArslan‎, 03-25-2017 07:42 AM
Yesterday, 12:39 PM Go to last post
4 185

Rows: Middle and Lower Traps

I'm trying to do barbell rows to hit my middle and lower traps Is it wide grip? 45 degrees from the ground or parallel to the ground? And do I keep my shoulders retracted throughout the row or only at the top?

PoetonthePiano‎, Yesterday 02:59 AM
Yesterday, 11:59 AM Go to last post
5 270

Question Legs sore after chest day?!

Hey everyone, I'm asking this question because I have searched for it but never came up with a really good answer. I'm not new to the gym scene, and the bench press is my favorite go to for chest  but the other day I was giving it my all maxing my reps until failure and of course my chest has...

jthieme17‎, 03-24-2017 05:42 PM
Yesterday, 10:23 AM Go to last post
2 171

Non-bodybuilder guy beats me at arm wrestling

That guy is my age, he's 6 pounds heavier than me, never lifted a single dumbbell and he easily beat me at arm wrestling. Now I have to say that my pecs, delts and lats were sore at the time due to training but I still don't understand how a relatively normal non-bodybuilder could put out more...

runningtherack‎, 03-15-2007 08:47 AM
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Yesterday, 09:59 AM Go to last post
81 17,880

ATP And squats

Hello. So a month ago I noticed that I have APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) and I've been working on fixing it. However, now that my lower back is not under 24/7 tension/flexed mode because of APT, squats are causing a lot of discomfort in my lower back; like I will do a few sets and it gives a huge...

Schavlik‎, 03-24-2017 11:12 AM
Yesterday, 09:30 AM Go to last post
1 195

Suggestion on what to do on a weak wrist

Short story I was injured on my wrist, 8 months later I was finally able to come back. I want to do some sort of exercises to improve my forearms and wrists as I never done them before. I know the basic dumbbell where you let your wrist rest on your knee and go up (flexion??). However, my doctor...

zorrocat1998‎, 03-25-2017 05:33 AM
Yesterday, 09:19 AM Go to last post
3 163

Exclamation My Squat Form is Horrible - Need Advice & How Do I Make a Form Video?

I've been doing AllPro basically for a couple years on a loooong cut (but with a couple 1-2 month breaks when I fell off the wagon), and I feel like my squat should be better. I started at 55lb squat, now my working squat weight for AllPro is 187 pounds. So this is good compared to my start, but...

OryxOryx‎, 03-24-2017 07:52 PM
Yesterday, 09:13 AM Go to last post
2 205

Barbell curls not improving

I've been having a major issue with bicep development and strength, nearly all of my lifts have gone above and beyond this year and even got my deadlifts up to 5 plates. I normally do barbell curls for biceps with a 25 on each side, the problem is I've had those numbers for about 2 years, my back...

mikem25678‎, 03-24-2017 11:10 AM
Yesterday, 08:49 AM Go to last post
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