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What workout is best for your goal?

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  1. Post your workout journals online so others can see what you are doing and follow your progress!

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  2. Discuss Olympic lifting and your personal programs.

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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: "Fierce 5" Novice Routine

FIERCE 5 I decided to design "Fierce 5" because I wasn't completely satisfied with any of the other novice programs that are so popular. In my opinion they all had a flaw or two (slow progression, high volume, low enough volume people lose interest and most of them lack what I’d consider proper...

davisj3537‎, 01-21-2014 08:28 PM
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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

Full Body Routines vs. Splits The question often arises, especially from beginners, about what type of routine to use. Your buddy told you to use a full body routine, but the muscle mags suggest a 5-day "bodybuilder" split. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot, but there is so much...

VoxExMachina‎, 11-22-2011 11:51 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner Powerbuilding Routine

I was asked about this by someone else, so I thought I'd share. I’m not a professional trainer, and although I do have a background in exercise physiology I have never worked in the field nor been up to date with it for the past 8 years. So you can do this if you wish, but if you get busted up, not...

grouchyjarhead‎, 12-27-2015 06:27 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part VI

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part...

nightanole‎, 10-05-2015 07:53 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Growth Stimulus Training continued..... Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

What's up everyone? Since my original thread from back in 2010 has been locked due to reaching the 10,000 reply limit, I'm starting up a 'continued' thread. If you haven't browsed the original thread, please click on the following link: ...

2020Wellness‎, 11-08-2012 01:07 PM
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Leg training

I've got a question about exercise selection and training volume. Normally I train legs twice a week by only doing squats 5x5 (3 working sets with 2 lighter warm-up sets). Now my question is.. Hypertrophy is about progressive overload and enough volume to stimulate muscle growth, so what would...

Nelg1993‎, 07-27-2016 06:14 AM
07-27-2016, 11:54 AM Go to last post
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Training lagging muscle groups twice a week?

Hello, I am new to this forum, I wanted to ask people who have experience and knowledge, it seems people here are nice. I have a lagging chest and back, I train my chest and back twice a week, I train chest on Tuesday and Friday, I train back on Wednesday and Saturday, my workouts are not heavy, I...

AsrarHussan333‎, 07-27-2016 12:09 PM
07-27-2016, 12:09 PM Go to last post
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Question Training programs?

Hey everyone, I'm kind of put at a Hault. My schedule is so busy but I know lifting must be a priority for me. So I can make time to lift Monday-Thursday. However Friday- Sunday I am upnorth helping my grandfather (no access to workout equipment there) therefor I struggle to know what to do in the...

FXR1748‎, 07-27-2016 11:33 AM
07-27-2016, 12:10 PM Go to last post
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Quick advice?

Hey all, been getting a lot more serious about lifting the last few months, reaching new personal bests all the time. Currently sitting at 190, 6'5 - 6'6, 12-13% body fat. Now... Obviously I'm trying to put on some weight. Without getting into too much detail, I've been lifting 5-6 days a...

GingerBrah‎, 07-27-2016 11:17 AM
07-27-2016, 12:13 PM Go to last post
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Complete beginner wanting to start going to the gym.

I am essentially 100% new to going to the gym / lifting weights and my main "goal" I'd say is to become bigger mainly on my upper body and also become stronger too. Now I am all ok with getting to the gym, but I simply have no idea what I'd be doing and what exercises improve what body type, how...

rubentoder‎, 07-27-2016 05:30 AM
07-27-2016, 12:24 PM Go to last post
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Good books about periodization and workout routines?

Im looking for a good book that covers periodization for weightlifting, and how to set up a workout routine etc, fundamental behind workout routines, periodization, stuff like that. Please post the name of the book :)

GetReadyPhil‎, 07-27-2016 09:53 AM
07-27-2016, 12:27 PM Go to last post
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Unhappy im 5'7 16 year old went from 145 to 118 not enough ab definition

So i started a bulk from which i went 120 to 145 but then i felt as though i care about getting a sixpack more than getting stronger as i just don't wanna be the most muscular guy when it comes to most things so i lost all that weight but all i can do is feel my super hard abs under my fat and they...

iwantatrainer‎, 07-27-2016 12:27 PM
07-27-2016, 01:02 PM Go to last post
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The only exercises necessary

Which exercises are the only ones you need to grow, let's say if you were to pick one per muscle group, and then put them together to a full body program? I personally like deadlifts, squats, bent over rows and dumbell presses.

Bruce1998‎, 07-24-2016 07:21 AM
07-27-2016, 01:03 PM Go to last post
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Program good for bulking

Hey, I want to bulk to 200(or 220 lbs)before i start cutting and well i m not sure which program is most suitable for me. Currently i am doing Arnold Double Split routine but when i start college i think i will return to some 3 day PB program. Anyway this is the program i am currently doing: ...

Milos108‎, 07-26-2016 02:56 PM
07-27-2016, 02:30 PM Go to last post
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Exclamation how to get abs without being skinny?

so im 16 years old and i now weigh 120 i wanted abs so i leaned from 145 which i had to bulk to because i was always underweight but i never intened to lean to 120 all i wanted was abs i followed sites and ate the amount of calories it said i was supposed to and did the things i was told to do and...

iwantatrainer‎, 07-27-2016 01:28 PM
07-27-2016, 02:48 PM Go to last post
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My problem with SL/ICF 5x5...

So I'm doing SL/ICF 5x5 for 4 months now and my squats went up tremendously, while my bench and rows are stagnating. I feel like I have no energy left for the other excercises after prep+heavy squatting, because I start with squats every time and after I finish my energy has been already drained so...

Dizson‎, 07-27-2016 12:57 AM
07-27-2016, 02:50 PM Go to last post
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Increasing strength and mass training at home

How does this program look for strength and mass. My primary goal is strength, with mass a secondary goal. I am currently training at home and the equipment I have access to includes adjustable dumbbells, one adjustable kettlebell (up to 50lbs), weighted vest (up to 40 lbs), dip station, door...

Apezzotti‎, 07-27-2016 02:58 PM
07-27-2016, 02:58 PM Go to last post
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Dumbbell workout for a friend

Hello, I just started working out after a long time (I'm a guy) and a good friend of mine wants to start as well. She's 27, weighs 120 pounds and is about 5' tall. She played rugby most of her life but since moving to Texas she can't find a team. She wants to stay active and decided that she wants...

Davespil‎, 07-26-2016 09:38 PM
07-27-2016, 04:18 PM Go to last post
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How's my routine?

I'm currently working out 4 days a week: Monday - Chest/Triceps - Chest: Incline Dumbbell Press (5x12), Incline Bench Press (5x12), Seated Machine Chest Press (5x12). Triceps: Seated Dips (5x12), Tricep Pulldown (5x12), Two arm tricep extension (5x12). Tuesday - Back/Biceps

Ke7een‎, 07-27-2016 03:55 PM
07-27-2016, 04:55 PM Go to last post
11 207

i need a good routine

hi i need a good work out routine but i dont like taking alot of days off can someone help me find a program that is good but has llittle to no rest days?

gocarm‎, 07-27-2016 10:42 AM
07-27-2016, 05:34 PM Go to last post
6 194

High Reps Vs Low Reps???

I read a very great article that discussed the difference between high reps and low reps and their effects on muscle growth. You should all read this in my opinion. Basically to sum the article up it talks about how...

brokenabmuscle‎, 07-27-2016 05:17 PM
07-27-2016, 06:10 PM Go to last post
3 220

Has anyone had good results from a long term 5 x 5? "NATTY"

For 12 months now ive consistently stuck with 12, 10, 8, 6, but other than bis/tris is that really gunna put any real mass on your back/chest/legs? I got people telling me ive put on size but i dont see it at all, Ps my goal is to just be a all out beast, maybe hit 220 lbs max 230, at a steady...

Redwhitenblue‎, 07-27-2016 05:42 PM
07-27-2016, 06:46 PM Go to last post
1 204

How does this workout look? + Back Exercise Suggestions

Right now I am doing a modified version of the 5x5 workout regimen where 5 sets of 5 reps of bench presses, squats, and bent-over rows, as well as 5 sets of 20 hyperextensions. I do this every other day. I am wondering if there is anything essential this workout is missing. I am also wondering...

Br0f1st‎, 07-26-2016 07:41 PM
07-27-2016, 09:29 PM Go to last post
8 316

Lightbulb Probably a dumb question. When should you start cutting?

So I started working out a couple of years ago, sticking to a schedule and trying to put on size for about the last eight months. I'm 22, 6'2", and I've gone from weighing about 170lbs then to about 195lbs now, and my body fat also went up from 10 to 15%. I basically started from 0. I weighed...

bababooeylives‎, 07-27-2016 04:29 PM
07-27-2016, 09:49 PM Go to last post
3 178

Lightbulb Drop sets + negatives + forced

bench press Im doing 2 sets of 6 reps for strength. But I want to add 1 more set, a drop set. I also want to add the benefits of forced reps and negatives, that would be: each time I drop weight, I rep to failure, then my spoter helps me do forced reps and negatives until I can't do 1 good rep, and...

cristianrodz4‎, 07-26-2016 09:31 PM
07-27-2016, 10:05 PM Go to last post
9 211

Going To Failure???

Link to article In this large quote I took from an article I came across it says: "High quality sets refer to those that employ exercises that are likely going to be limited by the muscle you’re trying to train, through the...

brokenabmuscle‎, 07-27-2016 07:29 PM
2 131

When to do shoulders and core?

I have one day that I do chest and triceps and one day that I do back and biceps. I can't decide which day would be better to work in shoulders and which day to work in abs/core. Any advice and why? Thanks

Immortalvictor‎, 07-28-2016 12:55 AM
07-28-2016, 02:37 AM Go to last post
2 122

BICEP WIDTH exercises.

My arms are strong but long. Im looking to add OUTER WIDTH to them. So, whats the best exercise for your OUTER BICEP. I do rope curls. (spreading at top) I do Hammer curls, coming across chest. I do Wide, shoulder,and inner grip ez curls as well.7.7.7 (21 per set). *Maybe just work on WIDE...

Quietstorm3155‎, 11-16-2009 10:22 AM
07-28-2016, 04:50 AM Go to last post
16 23,157

Need some help with FBW A/B/C

Hi, Iv designed workout based around compound movements and Im looking for some accessory lifts I could include to this. Goal is to reduce weight a bit (175 lbs, around 17% body fat) A Front squats 4x10-8 Pullups (weighted) 4x3-5 Bench press 4x3-5 Dumbbel rows 4x10-8 B

Faded93‎, 07-28-2016 03:00 AM
07-28-2016, 05:50 AM Go to last post
1 122

Exclamation Workout - am I missing anything?

Push: Bench Press (DB/BB) Dips Shoulder Press (DB) Flyes (DB) Lateral Raise (DB) Front Raise (DB) Concentrated Curl (DB) Incline Press (DB)

ws155421‎, 07-26-2016 12:14 AM
07-28-2016, 05:52 AM Go to last post
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