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What workout is best for your goal?

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Intermediate/Advanced Routine - Revision 1

The original version of the routine can be found here: I've implemented several changes in this revision, most noticeably the split/setup although there are a few other minor changes as well. I recommend that anyone currently using the...

Kelei‎, 10-14-2013 05:37 AM
95 Pages
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2,824 217,253

Sticky Thread Sticky: AllPro: A Simple Beginner's Routine part V

Don't rep me for this thread, just continuing it since threads aren't allowed to go over 10k posts. ------------------------ Part 1: Part 2: Part...

nightanole‎, 03-25-2014 11:32 AM
21 Pages
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610 23,153

Sticky Thread Sticky: PRRS Training: Basic and Advanced

Since the original PRRS thread was closed by the original poster I have decided to put it up again myself, since there was still quite a bit of discussion going on about it. I will also include the article about the Advanced PRRS program in this thread as well. Hope you enjoy. Thanks! ...

sixthsense‎, 01-02-2008 01:29 PM
85 Pages
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2,521 288,267

Sticky Thread Sticky: All Pro Intermediate programs 1-4

Intermediate 1 Work out 1 squats, bench press and bent over rows for a total of 4 sets. set 1 @ 25% of work set weight for 10 reps. Set 2 @ 50% of work set weight for 10 reps. set 3 @ 100% for 5 reps. set 4 add the weight of set 1 and set 2 together and do 10 reps with it. Any assistance work...

all pro‎, 05-30-2011 12:00 PM
48 Pages
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Yesterday, 08:31 AM Go to last post
1,416 345,346

Sticky Thread Sticky: FIBER DAMAGE/FIBER SATURATION Blitz Training

Many users of PRRS have been asking about my FDFS training protocol, so I figured I would start a separate thread. Here is the article from IRON MAN magazine: FD/FS: Four Little Letters that Can Mean BIG GAINS! Warning: For those Iron Man readers who are afraid of stretch marks, cannot afford...

sixthsense‎, 08-29-2009 12:30 PM
3 Pages
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84 14,148

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

Full Body Routines vs. Splits The question often arises, especially from beginners, about what type of routine to use. Your buddy told you to use a full body routine, but the muscle mags suggest a 5-day "bodybuilder" split. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot, but there is so much...

VoxExMachina‎, 11-22-2011 11:51 AM
10 Pages
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04-14-2014, 05:07 AM Go to last post
298 163,851

Sticky Thread Sticky: The wait is over The Kris Gethin DTP MASS Trainer Video Series is here!

If you have transformed by following my Hardcore Video Trainer , now its time to put on 6 months of muscle in 4 weeks with the DTP Mass Trainer -...

Kaged Muscle‎, 07-30-2012 10:04 PM
17 Pages
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03-13-2014, 01:32 AM Go to last post
481 116,718

Growth Stimulus Training continued..... Train Hard. Train Smart. GROW!

What's up everyone? Since my original thread from back in 2010 has been locked due to reaching the 10,000 reply limit, I'm starting up a 'continued' thread. If you haven't browsed the original thread, please click on the following link: ...

2020Wellness‎, 11-08-2012 01:07 PM
47 Pages
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1,396 156,546

snatches in madcow/ bill starr 5x5?

I want to learn how to snatch while on my 5x5 routine. is this an acceptable set up? Monday:1x5 squat 4x2 clean bench/ overhead press db rows/ chins Wednesday: light squats 4x2 snatches bench/ overhead...

nb19‎, 04-15-2014 04:42 PM
Today, 08:30 AM Go to last post
2 69

Lightbulb Need help with mass gain workout

I'm a pretty skinny guy weighing around 111 lbs and 5'3.5" tall. I've been lifting for almost 18 months now but inconsistency has always haunted me. I hit the gym for 2-3 months, gain 10 pounds, skip the gym for the next 2 months and land back where I've started. This has been the story since I...

XHiL‎, 04-14-2014 01:38 AM
Today, 08:06 AM Go to last post
8 253

PHUL arms on lower day

Hi!! I'm doing lyle mcdonalds generic bulking routine right now and I'm thinking about trying PHUL cause I think alternate between power day and hyperthrophy days is more fun than repeating the same workout everytime. I would not do exactly the PHUL routine, just my own made routine based on phat...

krysix‎, Yesterday 05:00 PM
Today, 07:57 AM Go to last post
1 55

Smile Overtraining bull****..can someone tell me (and not tell me not to do it) which is ?

Hey guys, i am lifting now 6-7 days a week, not really compound movements, this is what i'm doing. I am lifting 6-7 days a week doing these exercises: 100 chin-ups 100 pull-ups 100 dips 200 decline diamond push-ups pec dec close under hand grip lat pull downs

andersontr15‎, Today 07:40 AM
0 34

peteyyytran prep Workout Log of Losses

ITT - I'm in prep - Gains are hard - Gains will be lost - Gains might be made or look like it since I am trying to get shredded - my contest should be around August - my warm up show will be a little before august - I hold myself responsible for actually logging everything I'm doing "workout...

peteyyytran‎, 03-10-2014 08:39 AM
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53 721

Mass building programme after SS needed

What are some of the best mass building programmes about after doing SS? can be full body or split. any ideas where I can find them on here I have looked but I can't find Please link I will rep Ta

danuk93‎, Today 07:01 AM
Today, 07:24 AM Go to last post
4 49

Leg workout for bad joint

im a 17 year old male and my right hip joint is really bad. I just started working out a few months ago and im still not sure what workouts to use for legs as a lot of them cause pain afterwards. only tried squats, lunges and - leg extentions (which was a mistake) - Sometimes squats...

legs4lyf‎, Today 12:56 AM
3 109

What in the world is over-training?

Hey all, I can understand that when someone talks about "over-training", they are talking about training more than one should train. However, I don't actually understand the limits well. Or, to be honest, at ALL!! A lot of the times I have surplus energy left in my body after finishing the...

MSKFAHIM‎, 04-16-2014 07:09 AM
16 382


I don't feel like I am doing it but on YouTube I see many big bodybuilders don't do that much exercises per muscle. I increase weight until it's heaviest I can do for at least 8 reps, normally I do 8-12 reps. Here's my routine: TUESDAY-SHOULDERS: Seated Barbel Military Press(Behind head) ...

EDINN2505‎, Yesterday 04:07 PM
Today, 06:37 AM Go to last post
1 343

Hey guys, let's pound out a million pull-ups by end of 2014 (3.0)

2013: 2012: Simply post and add up how many you have done. Hopefully, we can total a million by the end of 2014.

Cheap5.0‎, 12-31-2013 06:13 PM
39 Pages
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1,151 19,391

Concentration Curls for Biceps?

I recently saw a guys routine for biceps - he had three sets of alternating dumbbell curls, straight bar curls and incline dumbbell curls No mention of preacher curls or concentration curls. My question specifically is on concentration curls, because these seem like the most stimulating - bicep...

Metadyjital‎, 07-01-2009 07:26 AM
Today, 06:30 AM Go to last post
29 6,515

Help on most appropriate workout plan

I'm 17 and looking for a workout plan that is based on building muscle and shows me the best workout for each day etc, if there is any that can help me with this could someone link it to me if possible? Thanks

connorgrant97‎, Today 06:09 AM
0 233

Unhappy How do I start out?

Hey, I have finaly got the right midset and I'm serious about transforming my body. Like most people here I assume they look up to zyzz? Well I am anyway. I'm 6'4 and 133kg and 20 yers old, so I'm pretty overweight but I have a decent sized frame. I Googled for a Zyzz workout plan, and...

kbmod‎, Yesterday 09:12 PM
Today, 05:57 AM Go to last post
2 351


For you guys who've implemented sprinting, What distance did you go all out and what intervals if any? Basicly what was your set up?

gshoty40‎, Yesterday 05:24 PM
2 74

Question Is it possible to get where I was in 2 months?

I use to work out religiously before I got married. It's been 8 months and I've finally gotten back in the gym (yesterday was day 1) so I did chest and realized I went from easily benching 225 to struggling with 185 ... can I possibly get back too where a was with in the next two months? If you...

DBushOP‎, Yesterday 02:32 PM
Today, 05:47 AM Go to last post
3 98

Where are the programme stickies?

I'm looking for a programme after doing starting strength, looking to train for mass where can I find a choice of programmes on here I can't find them Cheers

danuk93‎, Today 04:47 AM
Today, 05:19 AM Go to last post
1 48

Running and training for time while bulking - is it possible?

Hey all, I've tried to look for this info but haven't had much luck because most people are focused on either a fat or muscle debate Winter is starting soon here in Australia, and I want to gain some mass that I can hide under layers of clothing But I also have a 14km/8.7mile race I want to...

jassono‎, Yesterday 05:16 AM
Today, 04:15 AM Go to last post
5 372

Working out same muscle group twice a day. good or bad

I have been trying to hit the gym as hard as I can to put some meat on my bones. As of now Im taking mad protein and going to the gym from 10:30 to 11:45 am and again at 4:00 thru 5:30 pm. Is this putting too much strain on my muscles or is it good that Im giving them the shock that they need? Help...

sellout85‎, 05-25-2009 02:16 PM
16 43,295

A new training program

Hi guys and gals I recently completed a training program from a personal trainer at my local gym. It was more designed for strength and endurance. So I looked into doing my own and wanted to see what everyone thinks. Day 1 - Chest and Triceps Bench Press 3 sets Incline Bench Press 3 sets...

ChrisJ2877‎, 04-13-2014 01:14 AM
5 266

new to weight lifting and totally confused

Hi! So I am looking to drop some fat and build muscle and want to get started on a good workout program and eating plan. But, I'm also super confused about what to do-- any help is greatly appreciated. A brief background about me: I am 23, super petite, 4.11 and about 99lbs. But I think my BFP...

JessEm90‎, 04-16-2014 01:27 PM
9 282

Help needed please....

Thanks for reading this in advance guys. I need help with a bit of a training dilemma. To cut a long story short, Gold's have let me down and I can no longer train in the gym whenever I want and it now means I only have access on Sat/Sun (at FF). I do have access to a running machine in my condo...

Bibimbab‎, Today 02:22 AM
Today, 02:22 AM Go to last post
0 277

What science says about REP RANGES Cliffs: both low and high rep ranges produces size gains equally. Low rep heavier lifting produces more strength gains. My view is that this extra advantage is down to more acute training of neural factors. However, in the long term, simply...

SuffolkPunch‎, 04-12-2014 12:10 AM
3 Pages
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87 2,424

legs/push/pull/off reapeat for girl

Hi! I'm 17 years old girl, i started lifting about 7 months ago, i'm bulking right now. Started with fbw, then push&pull where i definately improved my legs, but can't say this about my back, so i decided to give a split try and i really improved my back. Now I want to try legs/push/pull/off repeat...

fathungry‎, Today 02:00 AM
Today, 02:00 AM Go to last post
0 188

Is my workout any good?

Day 1 Sets Reps Bench Press 6 3 Upright row 3 8 Bent over row 3 8 Squat 3 8 Calf Raise 2 20 Side bends 2 25 Day 2 Military Press 6 3

MammaJamma‎, Today 01:32 AM
0 90

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