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Forum: Teen Misc.

For topics that aren't 100% about bodybuilding.

Sticky Thread Sticky: Official T-Misc Girl Help Thread

Got the idea from splitt. Any questions relating to girls, relationships, dates, etc are welcome. Hopefully a mod can sticky this. Trolling and flaming will get you negged.

RollTideNation‎, 11-02-2012 07:30 PM
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Cool Sticky Thread Sticky: The homework help thread...(SERIOUS)

People want this so here it is. Additional mod note by Arlecchino: Serious thread is serious. On that note, I will try and get whatever mods I can to stop by from time to time. Many of us are reasonably well educated, and some of us have collegiate teaching experience and other related...

Forge3‎, 10-25-2009 03:24 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: OFFICIAL Drug / Alcohol abuse Support Group

We have threads dedicated to depression, and we also have one dedicated to eating disorders. I think it is important to provide a place for people with substance abuse issues to be able to come and talk in a safe, judge-free environment. Substance / alcohol abuse can be scary, as well as...

health4life24‎, 10-08-2013 07:22 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official T-Misc Body Transformation Competition (2014-2015)

Hey all I've seen weight lifting competitions, body weight exercise competitions But never a body transformation competition The concept is simple Take before pictures at the beginning of 2014, and take some at the end of 2014 The total change will then be judged by the good council of...

JNicko‎, 12-21-2013 04:02 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Have you ever felt alone like as if no one cared?

Have you ever felt alone like as if no one cared? I know I have multiple times. Recently, I've looked back at how I was in high school. I keep thinking about how I cared so much about who I was hanging out with and which parties I was going to that I ended up not talking to certain types of...

stoneagerebel‎, 10-26-2010 01:13 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Teen Misc. High school Wrestling thread

Figured i would make one of these. Shoot

boxingchamp93‎, 10-10-2010 12:14 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The OFFICIAL support group for people dealing with abuse

First and foremost I want to warn all who are reading this thread right now that if you have nothing good to contribute or are thinking of posting a sarcarstic comment think twice, because if your post is disrespectful towards the thread you will be reported. verbal and physical abuse IS NOT...

health4life24‎, 12-25-2013 07:41 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: any fellow teen miscers suffer from depression?

I began struggling with depression back when I was 13 years old. I'm 17 now, and it's worse than ever. I'm not usually the type to go seeking help on the internet, but I've gotten to the point where i'll do anything. Other than my gf recently leaving me, I haven't had really any extremely hard...

neverquit2012‎, 01-15-2013 07:55 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Regional Teen Misc Users

Post up where you're from, maybe get a chance to lift with another miscer. Africa Nigeria Tingram7 Australia Adelaide

PLANETGETLOW‎, 02-28-2013 09:24 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
05-19-2014, 09:12 AM Go to last post
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[POLL] Worst poster on tmisc? v2 [12k+ REPS]

Tried to include more people this time.

HowsMyClutch‎, Yesterday 12:13 PM
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I cant hold out much longer

this way that i feel 5nKeZc61DLY yo betas be ready im dropping a chest day video today with voice over

Johneffer‎, Today 02:15 PM
4 174

Lanky brahs and small looking arms

Im 6'3 and have 14" arms, biceps and triceps are strong but they still look small af. I train arms with high intensity, can anyone relate and offer a solution?

GMoney97m‎, Today 02:52 PM
0 12

Srs How does someone get a wet dream?

I want to have one because ive never got one but idk how to do it Srs

JayceonJackson‎, Today 02:06 PM
3 60

10 ways to tell if your girl is a Sloot? ***Checklist***

We know 90% of girls are sloots right. so this thread should be titled "How to tell if your girl Isn't a sloot" but for the sake of entertainment, this is better. I've seen countless times; miscers, and people that I personally know get screwed over in relationships from these sloots. It breaks...

KurtGrizzly‎, Yesterday 06:58 PM
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16 349

Angry me so stupid

Two years ago (freshmen year) I was walking to class all lonely n **** and I bumped into this blonde girl accidentally and she just smiled at me for a few seconds till I walked away. You may say this is a useless threat but it's just something i remembered from a long time ago k ty

makingitbrah‎, Today 11:00 AM
10 158

Dumb kids and teacher in my school don't understand macros (GTFIH for some lols)

Some stories from class: -Eat lunch in one of my classes every day -Have big ass isobag with all my food in it -Classmates ask why I need it and why I have so much food -I tell them I need to hit my macros, and explain what macros are -Some of my classmates are very stupid -Whenever I say...

lisamona‎, Today 02:16 PM
6 149

Nattys with 3+ years lifting: Do you get a lot of compliments on your physique?

To the guys who have put in a bit of time (3+ years) and intend on being natural for the entirety of their lives... Do you find that you get a lot of compliments from guys/girls/older people on your physique despite the fact you've never used cell tech? Obviously it can be frustrating when...

danteller123‎, Today 11:49 AM
17 216

Unhappy I need srs advice, life is fuked up (srs thread)

So im 15 years old and may go to prison for not going to school. before reading english is not my native language so please by understanding THNAKS It all started last year around this time, i hated going to school ( never was builled ) i just hate going to school, i dont have any...

BGM992‎, Today 07:20 AM
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24 324

Does my brother have the right to insult my height?

Hey, I am barely 5'10" while my 17 y/o brother is 5'10 1/2. He calls me a midget, manlet, etc. all the time. If I wear slippers I am about the same height as him, and I become noticeably taller than him when he has his shoes off and I have my shoes on. But he still is half an inch taller than...

crazyguy111‎, Today 12:36 PM
9 83

Misc Did I Dun Goof with Texing Game?

Cliffs >Know girl at school talk to her often and hit on her >Gave her back rub because she asked >Texts me "Hi" >OP "Whats up my dawg" (2 days later) >Girl "Just woke up" >Girl "What are you doing" >OP "Going down to " >Girl "I went there yesterday!" >Girl "Which store did you go to"

RushingRussian‎, Yesterday 11:03 PM
14 382

I know this crack fiend Maxine who needs a vaccine

She tests positive but tells you that her act's clean. r86svu2AQ0c

KurtGrizzly‎, Today 01:50 PM
0 14

lol if you don't listen to Johnny Cash (srs)

Man was the GOAT. Whatever kind of music you're into, you can't deny the fact that he was one of the best I've heard a few of his songs but this one still stands as my favorite, just for the lyrics alone. fukkin chills o0MIFHLIzZY

StatutoryApe213‎, Today 07:22 AM
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9 111

Arrow From Car accident to fitness transformation. Video.

Link to the thread where I originally posted my transformation video (CRAZY FEEDBACK) : And my first Youtube video : InjWZX_G9Y0 Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed my first video, 2 more to come this week! And comment with...

AliPRSN‎, Yesterday 12:34 PM
7 322

Deap sea creature filmed for the first time

Not sure if repost but this thing is fukkin scary looking. Looks like something designed by H.R Giger almost. Not srs, it's this one; VqPMP9X-89o

StatutoryApe213‎, Today 10:46 AM
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Question In your opinion,what is the best age to be?

i'm only 18 so i can't say much from experience but in my opinion i think being 21 is the best. -brb finally able to go to bars and buy alcohol. -sloots your age are pretty much in their physical prime. -pretty sure your testosterone levels are the highest they'll ever be. -best shape you'll...

Killerflect‎, Yesterday 06:20 PM
5 836

I'm disappointed guys.

Srs guys Whats up with those chitty callouts and polls about me? Are you even trying here? Seriously only 2 callout threads for me? Phucking insulting. I expected more, come on guys, I even posted a picture of myself IRL, you don't even think to take it to your advantage and troll me about...

Xaroc‎, Today 06:34 AM
7 118

Story time brahs

Ill make this quick and to the point.. My dad came down from marco Island to get drone footage for an event, event got cancelled, ended up going to a chili cookoff on the beach. I ride with my uncle. Uncle gets free shots. Uncle takes me to pick up his crazy friend down the street. Uncles...

pimpslapyourcat‎, Yesterday 09:28 PM
Today, 10:39 AM Go to last post
6 108

Felt Alpha in Gym 2Day

I'll make this short and sweet, I'm a sophomore at College, I followed my (ex) girlfriend to tiny college (~200 kids in each grade). Her brother who is a Senior "lifts" but isn't too srs about it. Even though I followed his sister to college, and then she broke up with me, he's always been nice to...

Jrosenfeld‎, Yesterday 08:38 PM
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5 182

wakes up middle of night crew

Needs toilet Exits room looks around Hears strange sounds of the night Swiftly scarpers across the floor Enters bathroom Shuts door as if you just locked a monster out Takes 1 min using bathroom Takes 10 mins getting the courage to leave Exits bathroom

KJTrance‎, Today 04:18 AM
16 624

lyrics for a rap song bout getting swole (brb, sending it to kalimuscle)

lyrics: hook: gotta, I gotta get swole, gotta, gotta, I gotta get swole.. repeat... verse 1: only using 20 pounds, but don't confuse it punk, im using lightweight, just to get a lil pump. while you be smoking blunts, I be tryna get a pump, while you be smoking guns, I be tryna get a pump....

TRAPPPPP‎, Today 08:26 AM
Today, 08:36 AM Go to last post
2 68

Wink back from banned camp....

anyone miss me? probably not....I am an annoying little snot.....and OP is a phaggot too!

mechanic3012‎, Today 07:49 AM
2 47

mods why was my thread closed ?

cant post link but wtf ?

BGM992‎, Today 07:27 AM
5 89

Toaster makes me jump every damn time crew

Every. Damn. Time. I could be standing there watching it, knowing its coming any second then BAM it fukkin pops up and i jump like a lil bish anyone else know these feels?

ZMAg‎, Today 02:04 AM
Today, 02:20 AM Go to last post
10 144

Am i a creep???

I'm 14 and in 8th Grade to start. Also, please, no phaggots. There's this girl I like, and she calls me a stalker because a few months ago there was one time that I texted her "Hi" 5 times in one weekend without a reply. I think she kind of set me up to have a reason to dislike me, which sucks....

pushups50‎, 11-15-2014 02:21 PM
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