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Forum: Music

What type of music do you love... or hate? What are your favorite bands up to?

Wink Sticky Thread Sticky: Hip Hop Album of the Day Thread - Pt 3

Continued from Part 2.... Same old guise! Hip Hop Album of The Day Thread (Part 2) http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=113360251 Can't stop, won't stop... Post albums that everyone should hear or request one you've been looking for.

bob_the_damaja‎, 04-27-2012 06:09 PM
212 Pages
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6,348 746,107

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: Trance Recommendations Thread Part 2

I started Part 1 back in 2006 , link here : http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=861625 But ive been told by a Mod to start a new one , so here we are Let kick things off with a nice Omnia mix vM9NAp5NIDs Happy 2013 everyone !

Geoff_Saari‎, 12-30-2012 02:54 PM
43 Pages
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1,270 90,371

Sticky Thread Sticky: ITT: MISC producers gather

didn't see a thread like this, at least not an active one. i've been DJing for a few years and just recently started on producing. sent my first production to be mastered and has a remix from another local producer that we'll be sending out for promos/to labels. so i'm new to everything but...

excess34‎, 02-03-2011 05:53 PM
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3,709 146,404

Sticky Thread Sticky: Dubstep... Show me what you got.


0xyg3n‎, 07-13-2010 07:10 PM
228 Pages
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03-25-2015, 02:56 PM Go to last post
6,822 301,858

Sticky Thread Sticky: *Official* Rock Album of the Day thread

Any top of rock can be posted, old, new, hard and soft. I'll start The Police: The Police http://www.badongo.com/en/file/5505988

MacDaddy68‎, 12-17-2007 02:15 PM
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03-24-2015, 01:08 PM Go to last post
8,782 1,938,690

Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Megathread - learn-share-talk-lessons-tips-fun

I am no self professed shred god or anything of the like - but i found a number of members here were looking for guitar lessons and thought i'd compile a set of lessons that really helped me get going in the world of guitar playing. If you have any lessons or tips, advice of anysort - feel free to...

iBswole‎, 02-02-2007 01:01 PM
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03-23-2015, 03:05 AM Go to last post
5,338 307,916

Sticky Thread Sticky: The best of VOCAL Trance/House/Progressive, etc. music

Gentlemen, I'm usually in the Trance thread alot but unfortunately for me, the vast majority of it is without vocals. Can we post new or old songs similar to/as good as these? Ft9gKBzCmZM -pOmisf0FXw

Coal Man‎, 12-26-2012 10:44 PM
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03-21-2015, 01:05 PM Go to last post
586 87,367

Cool Sticky Thread Sticky: Post You Favourite Pump Up Song

Post your favourite songs, which get you pumped up in the gym for a heavy lift ... :cool:

Faitless‎, 01-20-2005 04:14 PM
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03-19-2015, 09:02 PM Go to last post
3,803 839,274

Sticky Thread Sticky: The music theory thread! For aspiring musicians and composers

Hey all, When it comes to music theory I know my stuff as I have spent a lot of time getting private theory lessons and composing and what not. So I thought, if anyone here has any questions about scales, keys, four part harmony, counterpoint, or anything they could ask me and I will try my...

Master.D.‎, 10-30-2007 02:32 AM
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03-19-2015, 03:00 PM Go to last post
801 69,243

Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Gear Related Discussion - CIVIL discussion only

Discuss guitars, amps, effects, accessories, etc.. in here If you are going to knock someones choice, have a reasonable argument as to why, or get negged Keep it civil, they make lots of different stuff for lots of different tastes You know what they say about opinions, don't be a great big...

ctgblue‎, 04-22-2009 05:27 AM
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03-12-2015, 01:24 PM Go to last post
2,352 148,762

Sticky Thread Sticky: Official Country Album of the Day Thread

This thread will be similar to the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Album of the day. Country music doesn't seem to be a huge topic in this sub forum but there are a lot of good musicians out there. If you have something to share, share it or if you have a request post it up and we will see what we can...

marblehead‎, 01-21-2009 01:12 PM
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02-21-2015, 05:57 PM Go to last post
507 168,679

Sticky Thread Sticky: What Are You Listening To? Part XVIII

DjoNOFxvknU Welcome!

Voluspa‎, 07-28-2014 06:36 AM
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9,027 419,747

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Bodybuilding.com Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 5,083

What Are You Listening To? Part XIX

Welcome everyone! rYBgWgjjgxQ

Voluspa‎, 01-11-2015 09:33 PM
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3,593 167,160

Official Metal Thread (Part II)

Link to the original thread from 2009: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=113758021 Carry on as always. Metal FTW! \m/>_<\m/ DPwOKohNY9s

fitlover‎, 02-22-2012 10:08 AM
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7,151 235,858

The Great Old One's music log

Hello all. This is a thread of music of whatever kind which I am thinking about and also care to post ITT. Happy days. 7hZ5rB1EJqM

GreatOldOne‎, 09-28-2014 06:12 PM
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348 14,096

need suggestions(poverty reps)

Musically my taste has been rather limited to one genre but someone put me on to the Calvin Harris Cuba song. Now I want edm that sounds kinda eastern euro like that song , any suggestions ?

tonybrah‎, Yesterday 08:58 AM
Today, 11:36 AM Go to last post
2 122

Angry Having trouble coping with Kendrick Lamar's new album [LONG POST]

This might be a long post so bear with me. Let me just preface this by saying I loved GKMC.. i listened to it for probably 8 months straight and would go as far to say as it's a classic and I rarely throw that word around. Every song to me on that album was just perfect with the exception of...

BG35xr‎, 03-24-2015 12:57 PM
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25 2,128

R.A. The Rugged Man, aware

song about his father, dem feels kGZsGX3B_BY Y1fZH0s_5L8 Se2n6yDWOt8 VGiwITaso_g 6_sLbVrJPJQ SZcauTrsrvI GL90ZmdjZrU still get through the day ,dem feels

8eggs‎, Yesterday 10:13 PM
Yesterday, 10:13 PM Go to last post
0 55

does this seem like a workout song to you?

I like to workout to stuff like this, is this the kinda thing your into? https://soundcloud.com/captin-morgan-100/the-max

Eatforgains‎, Yesterday 09:09 PM
Yesterday, 09:09 PM Go to last post
0 35

Does nobody realize that Kendrick just solidified his place as one of the GOATs?

New album is fire. Haters gonna hate, but Kendrick keeps getting better.

BenBlue‎, 03-25-2015 09:34 AM
Yesterday, 08:40 PM Go to last post
7 209

Nina Macc is the best female rapper I've ever heard.

She made that song "I Sit On Ya Face". Would you smash her?

AlexL88kk‎, Yesterday 06:06 PM
Yesterday, 06:06 PM Go to last post
0 46

Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful

no love here for Flushing's Finest????? 9rQ_VVlR7Do aFF1s4jcMbc 6PGSOe2Iok0 LbKfUtUkboY

waias15‎, 03-25-2015 06:47 AM
Yesterday, 12:57 PM Go to last post
4 190

underground dub

I like this band Flatpack Jesus, such a chilled sound and something genuinely different (real nice to smoke a fat bifta to). Can anyone recommend a similar sounding underground outfit? this vid of one of their best songs has 1 veiw ffs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPQAesLeYDA

Fight_Club‎, 03-26-2015 01:07 PM
Yesterday, 03:43 AM Go to last post
1 78

Melodic Death Metal Brahs GTFIH

ayvKDxoVCcI Job For A Cowboy just brought the heat. What a complete turn around!

sequoiiathrone‎, 03-25-2015 02:10 PM
03-26-2015, 07:48 PM Go to last post
3 127

Does anyone else know more songs like this?

0rFs50Mnp2k something like that with awesome beats and catchy lyrics. I mostly listen to garbage pop songs because i cant be fuked trying to find good music, but would like to add more good songs to my playlist.

doyoueveneat‎, 03-26-2015 04:34 AM
03-26-2015, 02:41 PM Go to last post
1 134

Best youtube MP3 converter?

Thinking about burining some CDs, but dont know which ripper to use. Thanks for any suggestions!

CampingBruh‎, 03-26-2015 02:38 PM
03-26-2015, 02:38 PM Go to last post
0 59

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill to be entered into Library of Congress

http://www.theroot.com/blogs/the_grapevine/2015/03/lauryn_hill_s_the_miseducation_of_lauryn_hill_will_be_entered_into_the_library.html 6s4jcjxljFw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s4jcjxljFw

arman24‎, 03-26-2015 12:29 PM
03-26-2015, 12:48 PM Go to last post
1 85

If you LIKE DUBSTEP GTFIH SOTERIA SESSION 1 (same dude as haptic)

MY DUBSTEP MIX IS FINALLY HERE So a lot of you were talking about dubstep after the release of Haptic 2. I haven't had a ton of time to make Haptic 3; but I got addicted to dubstep so I made the promised dubstep mix first. It consist of most things posted in the Haptic thread. This was a bit...

Nikolay728‎, 01-20-2010 10:48 PM
03-26-2015, 12:30 PM Go to last post
1 438

Exclamation Will an audio interface and xlr mic improve my recorded vocals quality?

I make hiphop music and currently just use an USB mic (Blue Yeti). I have heard that to get superb sound, you must use an audio interface. I wish thinking about getting this: ...

BangBrahs‎, 03-25-2015 01:30 PM
03-26-2015, 10:01 AM Go to last post
3 98

Recommend Old School Hip-Hop/Rap Albums

I'm looking for some old school hip-hop/rap albums from the 80s, 90s. What do you recommend? Artist and album(s). I have Dr. Dre The Chronic, 2001, Nas - Illmatic, Run-DMC - Raising Hell. What else should I look at?

Mr. Anderson‎, 03-23-2015 01:36 PM
14 330

Arrow What band has more talent than BTBAM

ive listened to soooo much music and many different bands for years underground to maiunstresm and i still have yet to find a more talented band than between the buried and me...the shear complexion and enormously wide array of music genres they play is astonishing..does anyone know of a vband...

shanezuspan3‎, 03-16-2015 12:28 PM
03-25-2015, 06:34 PM Go to last post
19 463

Thumbs up ITT I post one chillout song a day

2QTtTLtOWfg enjoy

UltimateSwag‎, 09-08-2010 10:03 PM
102 Pages
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03-25-2015, 06:14 PM Go to last post
3,032 130,750

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel (GS9 Squad Productions)

I cant post forking links or images since i do not have 50 posts but here are song name/titles Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel - Computers >>>>Start with his one and work your way down Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel - Shyste Time Bobby Shmurda - Living life Bobby Shmurda - Wipe that case away...

Perswanthia‎, 03-25-2015 11:09 AM
03-25-2015, 11:09 AM Go to last post
0 80

Playlist of the gods

type "Playlist of the future house gods" on youtube turn filter on : Playlist and njoy :) ~380 songs including mashups i do for bodywork (cant post link bcs im virgin on bb.com ;( ) ______________________________________________________________________________ GOAL : AESTHETIC TO THE BONES

victorztw‎, 03-25-2015 08:43 AM
03-25-2015, 08:43 AM Go to last post
0 120

Bands like placebo & red hot chili peppers?

whats some

plasticvenus‎, 03-25-2015 03:09 AM
03-25-2015, 03:09 AM Go to last post
0 73

For mixing engineers/producers - Kendricks new album...

Lamars new album is so sonically good, its unreal... The texture of the instrumentals and the shimmery vocals just sound fuking bomb. Props to everyone who mixed and produced that album and of course kendricks style of rapping and his word pronunciation helps alot to that get that sonic texture.

Shobeiri‎, 03-23-2015 09:16 PM
03-24-2015, 12:30 PM Go to last post
2 149

Is quality music dead?

Just curious......it seems to me that most bands anymore just write cruddy lyrics and use distortion and auto tune to make themselves sound "good." I run across very few quality songs, songs that actually take a lot of effort to write and perform. What music do you listen to that you find to be...

NineTailsStrong‎, 03-23-2015 04:33 PM
03-24-2015, 11:39 AM Go to last post
6 180

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