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Forum: Music

What type of music do you love... or hate? What are your favorite bands up to?

Sticky Thread Sticky: What Are You Listening To? Part XX


bogui94‎, 08-01-2015 08:27 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The best of VOCAL Trance/House/Progressive, etc. music

Gentlemen, I'm usually in the Trance thread alot but unfortunately for me, the vast majority of it is without vocals. Can we post new or old songs similar to/as good as these? Ft9gKBzCmZM -pOmisf0FXw

Coal Man‎, 12-26-2012 11:44 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Megathread - learn-share-talk-lessons-tips-fun

I am no self professed shred god or anything of the like - but i found a number of members here were looking for guitar lessons and thought i'd compile a set of lessons that really helped me get going in the world of guitar playing. If you have any lessons or tips, advice of anysort - feel free to...

iBswole‎, 02-02-2007 02:01 PM
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Wink Sticky Thread Sticky: Hip Hop Album of the Day Thread - Pt 3

Continued from Part 2.... Same old guise! Hip Hop Album of The Day Thread (Part 2) Can't stop, won't stop... Post albums that everyone should hear or request one you've been looking for.

bob_the_damaja‎, 04-27-2012 07:09 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: Trance Recommendations Thread Part 2

I started Part 1 back in 2006 , link here : But ive been told by a Mod to start a new one , so here we are Let kick things off with a nice Omnia mix vM9NAp5NIDs Happy 2013 everyone !

Geoff_Saari‎, 12-30-2012 03:54 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Gear Related Discussion - CIVIL discussion only

Discuss guitars, amps, effects, accessories, etc.. in here If you are going to knock someones choice, have a reasonable argument as to why, or get negged Keep it civil, they make lots of different stuff for lots of different tastes You know what they say about opinions, don't be a great big...

ctgblue‎, 04-22-2009 06:27 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: *Official* Rock Album of the Day thread

Any top of rock can be posted, old, new, hard and soft. I'll start The Police: The Police

MacDaddy68‎, 12-17-2007 03:15 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ITT: MISC producers gather

didn't see a thread like this, at least not an active one. i've been DJing for a few years and just recently started on producing. sent my first production to be mastered and has a remix from another local producer that we'll be sending out for promos/to labels. so i'm new to everything but...

excess34‎, 02-03-2011 06:53 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The music theory thread! For aspiring musicians and composers

Hey all, When it comes to music theory I know my stuff as I have spent a lot of time getting private theory lessons and composing and what not. So I thought, if anyone here has any questions about scales, keys, four part harmony, counterpoint, or anything they could ask me and I will try my...

Master.D.‎, 10-30-2007 03:32 AM
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Cool Sticky Thread Sticky: Post You Favourite Pump Up Song

Post your favourite songs, which get you pumped up in the gym for a heavy lift ... :cool:

Faitless‎, 01-20-2005 05:14 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: BB King dead at 89 years old, RIP

Love him or just don't care, there's no denying that this man had a huge impact on the formation of music in the USA. He could squeeze more emotion out of one note than most players could fake out of 20.. RIP BB King ...

ctgblue‎, 05-15-2015 05:37 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official Country Album of the Day Thread

This thread will be similar to the Rock/Metal and Hip Hop Album of the day. Country music doesn't seem to be a huge topic in this sub forum but there are a lot of good musicians out there. If you have something to share, share it or if you have a request post it up and we will see what we can...

marblehead‎, 01-21-2009 02:12 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Dubstep... Show me what you got.


0xyg3n‎, 07-13-2010 08:10 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
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Official Post Hardcore, Hardcore, Metalcore, Deathcore, etc THREAD!!

Hey guys, post your favorite shiit!! UiRs0NH0j40 CqJq0C2faEo 8xwuQOKCuwQ -Ij5wXcP6nw g3oSJjvoiKs gVs7p2TAiWI&feature=fvst

Strength.Honor‎, 04-12-2011 11:01 AM
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how early should i leave to go to this concert

concert starts at 7:30 doors open at 7. its a mac miller concert.

Luffy1997‎, Today 03:23 PM
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Your top 5 favorite guitar solos?

Looking for some inspiration of stuff to learn, and I also wanted to share my top 5 solos and maybe help people discover some new music. These are solos that just make you go "wow" - technically diffucult or not. Would imbed but then I cant time stamp. 1. Famous Last Words "Lust of The Lost"...

CharonRower‎, Yesterday 07:03 AM
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"Epic" songs

Basically looking for good "epic" songs from movies etc. LoTR theme, Pirates, etc...

RippEmUp‎, Today 02:23 AM
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ITT We post covers that are better then the original songs :

Deftones version of "If only tonight we could sleep" is way better than the Cure's version. Original: D1zxvLRN1AI

cheachea‎, 10-19-2015 04:56 AM
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Neg me if this isn't of the the best rap collaboration song ever... Jay-Z ft Biggie smalls Time to separate the pros from the cons, platinum from the bronze

Boxingfella‎, 11-20-2015 11:46 PM
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Murderscene Metal Mondays

*EDIT* I'll be posting each Monday, with a different theme of metal weekly. Feel free to throw in your favorites from that sub genre. The goal of this thread is to share favorites from all realms of metal to continue growing the epic metal/bodybuilding united community. Also, keep in mind...

openyour__eyes‎, 03-30-2015 05:46 PM
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Smile share music

I like to listen to music while doing exercises. Can you recommend some mp3 songs to me? I can recommend some free mp3 download sites to you. 1., one of the free mp3 download sites that has a very easy to use interface; you can not only listen & download free music...

LadyLyng‎, Today 04:32 AM
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Exclamation What are some songs like this? ( The Fray, matchbox 20 etc etc )( 12k reps for life )

I'm a huge 60s, 70s and 80s guy. I've never liked any other genre until very recently but I've exploring a new genre and seem to like it. Lots of chick songs too ( srs ) ( no homo ). Some songs I'm liking are Green Day's blvd of broken dreams, time of your life, Matchbox 20's Unwell, The Fray...

USAPump‎, Today 02:13 AM
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Chemical brothers

Someone posted a link to this compilation the other day I listened to it because one of my friends in college was really into them. can anyone tell me what is playing from 1:46:30 for about 10 minutes? song, album etc.

ChiBearsfan‎, 11-23-2015 09:54 AM
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Anyone else here listen to Ween?

I truly believe they are the best musical duo ever hcYuj2Mg4RA 7MLJ5WTssZk kcdHMvWT1a4 6PAzqBUNlCs

GaryRidgway‎, 11-09-2015 09:30 PM
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Adele 25

Just purchased the new album. Released today. Going to listen on the drive home.

NoCarbsNoSugar‎, 11-20-2015 02:27 PM
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Thumbs up ITT I post one chillout song a day

2QTtTLtOWfg enjoy

UltimateSwag‎, 09-08-2010 11:03 PM
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Sharing some awesome songs!

Hey there, in this thread I will share some music I have enjoyed lately (all awesome songs) Get comfortable and enjoy 20syl zDK7966wCXI KHmX3mGAp3g 7HSyOHae_6U

PimpMasterC‎, 03-14-2015 09:51 AM
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Official Metal Thread (Part II)

Link to the original thread from 2009: Carry on as always. Metal FTW! \m/>_<\m/ DPwOKohNY9s

fitlover‎, 02-22-2012 11:08 AM
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Favorite Songs for Super Playlist

I want to know everyones favorite song/songs so i can make a super playlist! Post up!

Cruusial‎, 11-20-2015 09:38 PM
11-23-2015, 02:30 PM Go to last post
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Just for Laughs

Not definitely your type of song to Workout. But will definitely makes you forget all the pain and bring a smile on your face. Pls let me know on the quality of the video.

vundavata‎, 11-23-2015 07:28 AM
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Red face Post your study music

I have to study for long hours on end and music really helps keep me going.I don't like lyricless music though because it feels boring and monotonous.Minstream music on the other hand is too distracting...I'm also really interested in traditional types of music from around the world that are...

Salma1996‎, 11-22-2015 07:57 AM
11-23-2015, 01:45 AM Go to last post
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ITT: Late night feels songs

Just some of my favourite feels songs. For those kind of nights. Updated daily. All songs ITT must have lyrics. Starting off with the ultimate feels album IMO & my favourite artist: Jaymes Young. Most feels songs IMO are One Last Time, Fragments, Northern Lights. Whole album is bliss. ...

garycizzle‎, 05-28-2015 11:56 PM
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Good Alternative R&B Songs?

xGl4MFuGg_U ZawDYPI0wto TZs51NczoHs

Doc_Detroit‎, 11-22-2015 06:45 PM
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JADAKISS - New song!!!!

C5MUHz1j2X8 New album is out too XD

Psyllius‎, 11-22-2015 04:05 AM
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New Pusha T - King Push is back!!!

TBZ-qca_99o This goes hard.

Psyllius‎, 11-13-2015 07:25 AM
11-21-2015, 10:58 AM Go to last post
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Hardstyle song for graduation

The tradition in sweden is to cruise around the town in a truck with your whole class playing loud music. Everyone gets to pick a couple of songs and i most definitely want atleast 1 hardstyle song. I've already thought of a couple but would like some suggestions. It should be kinda mainstream, but...

korreremix‎, 11-10-2015 12:24 PM
11-21-2015, 05:34 AM Go to last post
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Post your epics (songs 7+ minutes)

I've always been an "album guy" but I know that's not much appreciated these days. So let's go for the next best thing: long ass (but awesome songs). I'll start with a highly underrated Bowie tune: fDXBeu3198c

jamalfudge‎, 11-20-2015 10:44 PM
11-20-2015, 11:30 PM Go to last post
3 132

Immortal technique

What do you all think of him. Seems to be a love or hate type guy. I like him. Some of his songs get me goin in the gym pretty hard.

Boxingfella‎, 10-29-2015 06:26 PM
11-20-2015, 10:13 PM Go to last post
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