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Forum: Workout Journals

Post your workout journals online so others can see what you are doing and follow your progress!

Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Five-Plate Squat (and onward)

Some of you may have seen the Six-Plate Deadlift thread ( In light of its success and the motivation it provides, the next step only seemed logical. This will take well over a year - perhaps years - but this log will show what dedication...

musicianman‎, 07-12-2010 09:18 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Six-Plate Deadlift

This will take well over a year - perhaps years - but this log will show what dedication and hard work can do. This will be just like any other log, but will only be about deadlifts. Welcome to our journey. The rules: -If you deadlift, you post. -If you think about deadlifting, you post....

musicianman‎, 05-28-2010 11:50 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: The Race to a Four-Plate Bench Press (and onward)

Continuing the trend of the six-plate deadlift ( and five-plate squat ( threads, welcome to the race to a four-plate bench press! This will take well over a year - perhaps years -...

musicianman‎, 07-16-2010 07:29 AM
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T/K World Warrior: Turbo Edition!

"One more step on the path to becoming a True Warrior!" TypeNirvash v Klaximillian! Round one! There is a strength within--one that grows violently within the hearts of those looking to master their lives. The strength to overcome, to improve, that is what we train for. Simply achieving...

TypeNirvash‎, 07-26-2015 06:25 PM
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Madcow log

Madcow log Was reading some other logs and thought I would post my own I'm currently on week 6 but will post from the start Starting weight - 155 lbs Starting lifts Squat - 150kg/330lbs Bench - 87.5kg/190lbs Deadlift - 160kg/350lbs

Peter758‎, Today 04:45 AM
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The Journey - Balls deep in Shredu's slip n slide bootyhole

This is a tight-nit log. You know who we are.... Since the first log a number of other people who otherwise wouldn't normally log have joined us in logging workouts, sharing training knowledge and philosophy honorable mention to in peace gheyboi. We don't care about reps,...

SpoiledUp‎, 03-23-2016 11:05 AM
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thejosef's Texas Method journal

Quick info on me & my current state of lifting.. So I ‘ve been mindlessly running 5/3/1 for about 3 years, thinking I was making decent progress. Last year, I heard a podcast on Barbell Shrugged with Cory Gregory and got inspired a bit. I started “Squat Everyday” in June and added about...

thejosef‎, 03-28-2016 08:45 AM
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Artemis00 Embraces the Dragon

Artemis00 Embraces the Dragon “She’s seen the horrors of hell; she’s endured the darkest of times. It made her hard. She now walks with the fearlessness of the wolf. She lives with the bravery of the lion. And acts with the fierceness of the dragon.” — Naked Truth, Jordan Sarah...

Artemis00‎, 11-29-2015 03:22 PM
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☼☼☼ ✘¹⁰: The Legendary & Renowned Festival of Sausages ☼☼☼

This is a general chat thread and crew for people that are devoted to nutrition. ---Rules--- No mod bashing No rep talk No trolling ✘ HISTORY

BunkMoreland‎, 02-10-2016 11:52 AM
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-SEA_ Smartphones & Skinny jeans

-SEA:Smartphones and skinny jeans Y'all know the rules, fall back or fall back. You don't know us, you don't belong here. We are open Monday through Friday some mouth breathers on the weekends.. weather phones procta is the ghey

Bosko‎, 03-18-2016 04:34 AM
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Bmgamble is Turning Back the Clock!

I'm BAAAACK! Cliffs: - Injured shoulder 3 weeks out of 90 day comp. - 5 weeks therapy helped, but it may never be the same - Goal is get back to the shape I was in pre-injury Up until 5/9/11, I was in the strongest condition of my life. I was growing stronger and felt absolutely...

bmgamble‎, 09-26-2011 12:26 PM
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The Beast Journey to Elite!

Background Basically I tried to do bodybuilding about 6 years ago and realized it wasn't for me. Through this forum I developed a need for strength and entered my first powerlifting meet. I fell in love with the sport and now am focused to become an elite lifter. So this will be my struggle...

HARRYBEAST‎, 10-29-2015 06:33 AM
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MVD546 hits the Weights Relentlessly

Just came off a good Beta Cret log for Promera Health and decided to just log my workouts in here for now until I find something else. Working on a cuttting down from 205 to around 188. Hit a snag recently and am stuck at 196 after getting down to 191. Haven't been motivated this week, but have...

mvd546‎, 03-22-2012 07:38 AM
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Talking What the......TEAM DYMATIZE REPS?? Back for the 1st journal & more!!!

As you know Dymatize has been off the boards for a bit....but our new team is here and we plan to stick around for awhile. :D SWUUU, TADYBEAR7, DANIELMOO & myself 'MATZ'. This journal will cover our training, supps, interests, promo teasers and some other cool stuff. ;)

TheMatzah‎, 12-17-2015 11:43 AM
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A mix of 5/3/1 and other programming: MatTheCur's stew

Log number 4. I've started this over, because of a recent huge change in my life... I've moved into a house with my girlfriend, and felt it time to clean up the old log with something fresh and new. Here are links to the other 3 logs, for posterity: MatTheCur and the Old Ways Bagpipes,...

MatTheCur‎, 12-10-2012 11:18 AM
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Fatty wants abs, not a Twinkie.

So after being harped on by a friend for months to start a log to keep me accountable, I'm finally doing this. I've been bad about getting to the gym for a while recently and I'm tired of the gut. Time to get serious about this again. Please join me, internet in my quest for the shred. I'll be...

FattyWantTwinky‎, 03-09-2016 08:00 AM
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da2ricky - Road to 200lb -

EDIT to remove TL;DR story. Now let the logging begin~ Friday (Back/Shoulders) RC/light shoulder warmup work to begin with

da2ricky‎, 11-17-2012 08:56 PM
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Fierce 5 training log, novice routine.

So, my goal is to cut a bit more, then start bulking on this routine. I've done some lifting the last few months with Allpro's, and went from 190 lbs to about 161 right now. Lowered my bodyfat substantially, but I still have quite a ways to go, I think! This past week I've taken off from lifting...

DrakHarr‎, 12-25-2015 02:04 PM
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A guy on the road (literally) to getting in shape

I'm Josh. I enjoy picking heavy thing up and setting them back down. Problem is, I travel a lot for work. Even though I've made a good routine with it and have made decent progress while on the road, I could definitely use the motivation. I'm making this because someone pushed me to do it, but I...

TravelinJhwkFan‎, 01-27-2016 07:15 PM
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Cool ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛ "True Grit Reps...Do We Even??" ♛ ♛ ♛ ♛

^Catchy captions, credit to Free Weight :p Greetings!! Err... I guess I'll get right to the point :p One of many purposes of this journal is for us reps to motivate each other and also uphold a strong accountability as a team. Though, anyone is welcome to stop by and join our gritty...

koweanguy‎, 03-24-2015 06:35 PM
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The Wulf trying to get back in shape but forgot to put down the fork.

Starting this log at the request of TypeNirvash. Bit o back story real fast. I have nerve dmg in my shoulders, arms, hands, all stemming from an IED back in 2011. So I can’t grip or use weights. So my primary workout is with resistance bands. I use SPRI, which enable me to simulate weight...

NKWulf‎, 10-28-2015 10:58 AM
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A new beginning in 2015

Time to start a new log: 2014 was a bad year and 2015 marks a new beginning. My old log About me I'm 53, 5'6" and about 78kg/171lbs at the moment I've been very consistently weight training since I was 20 but information about...

fittofattofit‎, 02-01-2015 01:09 PM
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Kenshin and Dbone's Nursing Home Adventure

I'm back for Round 2!! I had run a pretty successful journal for a while, but then life happened. Specifically, work got really busy, I injured my back on deadlifts, and then other body parts joined in. Lost a bit of motivation to lift and later to log. I started losing weight as I...

KenshinH‎, 05-22-2014 10:00 PM
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davo26 - kelei workout

hi been doing this for about a month now, so about time i kept a log and also get specific advice to improve the workout from time to time. im 48, been lifting for between 2 and 3 yrs, but just regular routines with no set goals, so as expected, got nowhere so far except a bigger belly as ive...

davo26‎, 10-14-2012 10:50 AM
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6 pack by June crew

Today starts my mission to find the abs I lost about 30 years ago. Powerlifting and strongman made them unnecessary but since that chapter of my life is closing, it's time to get lean. 3 surgeries in 3 years is enough to make me listen to my body. Last year was emergency surgery for Cauda Equina...

Iceman1800‎, 09-21-2015 05:30 AM
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Follow the Line Workout Journal

Mostly running, biking, swimming, and body weight exercises. Used to have a sweet garage gym but had to sell everything. Will get more strength work in the next few weeks after moving and checking out gyms. Recently started biking and swimming in place of mostly barbell work and it is...

followtheL‎, 02-19-2016 06:13 PM
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Staying Lean & Mean While Still Progressing

Hey there! You may or may not know me, my name is Nick and I mainly hang around in the nutrition section. I'll be popping my cherry with my first journal - the purpose of this journal is to track my progress after my first successful cut while I transition to a surplus. I'll be eating at a small...

wlodarczykn‎, 09-07-2015 06:07 PM
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Calisthenics Workout and Nutrition Journal [12 weeks]

This thread is for me to show my progress every single day, the amount of reps increased, the amount of food i eat and the amount of muscle i aquire while staying lean. My eating style is the warrior diet, it is an intermittent fasting routine. Carb loading every sunday. Creatine is taken every...

IridiumPaladin‎, Today 11:12 AM
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