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Strongest people in the world.

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  1. Post your powerlifting workouts and/or training journals here!

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  2. Discuss Olympic lifting and your personal programs.

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Your first meet.

This subject comes up often enough that we should simply accumulate a list of everything that should be done, and how everything should be handled, for the novice competitor. Please add things that I have forgotten, and when everyone is done, I will compile it into a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide if...

Arlecchino‎, 11-03-2007 05:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum FAQs and Links **Read Before Starting a Thread**


Arlecchino‎, 12-19-2002 07:34 PM
05-02-2010, 08:16 PM Go to last post
18 144,547

Sticky Thread Sticky: Official PR Thread

I have decided to start a PR thread where everybody can simply post their PR's for any given exercise including things like strongman events and oly lifts of course. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO START YOUR OWN WORKOUT LOG. This will eliminate the need for people starting new threads to post their prs. ...

BEhave‎, 11-03-2008 03:57 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ** Powerlifting Section Lifter Rankings**

==========OFFICIAL POWERLIFTING SECTION LIFTER RANKINGS========== RANK____LIFTER________BW____SQUAT/BENCH/DEADLIFT/TOTAL______BW MULTIPLE/WILKS 1.............Code_B...............209...................319/203/418/942............................4.5XBW/266

Code_B‎, 12-30-2008 06:47 PM
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1,381 109,644

Sticky Thread Sticky: The DIY Thread: Anything and Everything You Can Make Yourself for PL and Strongman

Disclaimer: I found a TON of DIY’s, but have tried to select the most straightforward, safest, and overall best ones for each category. I have no doubt there are more/better ones out there, so please feel free to add! Also, be safe about this stuff and test it out along the way if you try these...

Doollas‎, 05-02-2010 06:19 PM
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07-20-2014, 11:44 AM Go to last post
176 108,515

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 1,149

Sticky Thread Sticky: What does "j-ho" know?

What's up everyone, I'm Jeremy Hoornstra and I'm starting a thread here for questions, answers, comments, videos, whatever everyone wants to ask, post, anything. I will do my best to check on here at least daily to answer everyone the best I can. Here's a little background about me. I have...

JDHOORNY‎, 09-13-2013 07:12 PM
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07-14-2014, 01:19 AM Go to last post
459 39,461

Deadlift trouble

Just started doin deadlifts again about a month ago and I am seeing really good results. Previous or was 385 @ 175lbs then I stopped goin to the gym for about months and lost alot of strength. Current is 405x4 @ 165 lbs. my question is why can I hit 405x4 but can't get 410x1? The first lift with...

02stangguy‎, 07-03-2014 12:58 PM
12 689

Angry Seeking Powerlifting Gym in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley Area

I am so tired of the usual 24 hour fitness BS, I need a gym that allows me to train for a Powerlifitng meet with proper deadlift platforms, round metal weights, chalk, no wanna be weekend certified trainers yelling at you for dropping weights, etc. I can not for the life of me find a real...

06sti‎, 07-02-2014 08:15 PM
07-03-2014, 11:24 AM Go to last post
7 373

Talking Need help with deadlift technique @128lbs

Hello! My name is Luis, and I registered yesterday in hopes that maybe I can get a couple helpful tips to improve my deadlift. I'm currently 21 years old, 5'5, 128lbs. Tore my ACL about 15 month ago, so I've been trying my best to improve myself everyday. my personal record is 375 x1 I...

5trong5ide‎, 07-20-2014 04:04 PM
07-21-2014, 04:19 PM Go to last post
10 611

Training in different planes of motion?

Figured I'd post this in the strong man section. As that is how I train. I'm preparing myself for wrestling season and have been interested by training in the other planes of motion besides front and back. Anyone incorporate other types into their training and have any suggestions for exercises?

Acousticx‎, 07-14-2014 12:01 PM
07-14-2014, 02:19 PM Go to last post
1 395

Louie Simmons and back injury?

I was just going thru some of the old vids and noticed Louie bringing up the back injury topic over and over. Anybody knows what type of back injury he has experienced? Was it a herniated disc? How bad was it? I have herniated my L5 S1 and had my surgery just 3 month ago, still recovering from it...

Agabekov‎, 06-21-2014 06:45 AM
06-22-2014, 08:57 AM Go to last post
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Hello guys :) On my press and bench days, i do: 5/3/1 +bbb+ assistance exercise 3x10 + close grip bench 2*10. I want add dips/ triceps extenstion instead of close grip in one day, what should i add instead close grip, dips or triceps extenstion, and wich day do dips/tri extenstion and wich day...

AguMoN1‎, 06-11-2014 04:47 AM
06-12-2014, 01:00 PM Go to last post
8 444

Race to 1000 pd total

Anyone wanna do this with me? Just a little extra motivation. Be around 220 lb. Squat-310 Bench-225 Deadlift-390 925 total

Aleks620‎, 01-23-2014 04:44 PM
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06-11-2014, 04:32 PM Go to last post
37 1,991

Please critique my bench press form

Hi, I'm 15 and just hitting my 3rd year of powerlifting. I just hit 315 on bench press but was told it was bad form. Please tell me what I was doing wrong. Someone also said the guy was helping but I don't think he was. Bench pressing 315 lb:

aleman50‎, 07-02-2014 08:26 PM
07-03-2014, 06:55 AM Go to last post
5 374

Powerlifting routine help?

Okay so this is the deal, lately i've been starting get more and more in to the powerlifting perspective of training, i just find it funnier to "chase numbers" and let your training evolve around compound lifts. Other than that i find the whole powerlifting community much more attracting than...

alex09856‎, 07-03-2014 10:15 AM
07-03-2014, 10:31 AM Go to last post
4 235

Deadlift, squat and bench press form check.

Hello there, I've recently watched omar isurf video about how people who have been lifting for years get injured because of bad form and Im afraid of going to snap city, he suggested for me to film myself and send those videos to forums where people could review my form, all I want is some advice...

alexarias798‎, 06-15-2014 12:52 AM
06-19-2014, 01:13 PM Go to last post
20 796

Weight Lifting Belt, pros and cons.

This question is geared towards those who wear a weight belt for lifting, and especially to those who purposely choose NOT to wear a belt for heavy lifting. I would like to understand to rationale for wearing, as well as not wearing a weight belt. I have always thought belts were to prevent...

allinmyhead‎, 11-30-2011 01:26 PM
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07-04-2014, 03:06 AM Go to last post
44 24,706

Powerlifting methods best fit for girls!

looking to see what are all the methods out there and especially ones that really fit well with girls. Im quite new to the whole powerlifting scene so any help would be great :)

Amaranthin3‎, 06-12-2014 11:45 PM
06-15-2014, 03:44 PM Go to last post
12 634

Deload or rest week?

I'm on canditotraininghq training program for strength. My sixth week into the program I am supposed to have a deload week. But that week, I'm going on vacation so it will be really hard for me to find a gym and workout. Should I just take a rest week? Which is better?

amphibianvoice‎, 07-12-2014 02:41 PM
07-12-2014, 03:57 PM Go to last post
3 172

Powerlifting Gyms Near USC

I am going to USC over the summer to do research there. I am looking for a good gym near there. This gym needs to be within walking distance. Anyone have suggestions?

and2celtics‎, 06-07-2014 05:52 PM
06-08-2014, 08:16 PM Go to last post
2 216

New Strongman/Powerlifting gym in Calgary, Alberta Hey guys, don't mean to spam, I just wanted to get the word out in case anyone is looking for a good place to train in Calgary. The video is a walk through of S.M.A.S.H. Strength, a new semi-private strongman/powerlifting/olympic lifting gym in Calgary Alberta...

AndrewLBolinger‎, 06-06-2014 01:44 PM
06-16-2014, 01:14 PM Go to last post
2 397

New to power lifting uk meets?

Hi I've been messing about with power lifting for abit now and been enjoying it but before I think about getting into it full time I'm from the uk and have looked online but can't seem to find any comps/meets. Is there anybody in the uk that could point me In the right direction thanks

Andrewsmart1987‎, 07-13-2014 12:38 PM
07-13-2014, 01:02 PM Go to last post
3 205

Looking for Advice on My Next Meet

I'm being 100% sincere coming here for advice, no e-stats or any of that other jazz. This is what I'm faced with: my next meet will be my 4th full power comp. I'm 22 y/o and I'm aiming for 675/420/625 I'm torn between setting some records in the 220 Jr division, or humbly competing with the...

animalpakfiend‎, 06-14-2014 08:51 PM
06-15-2014, 12:10 AM Go to last post
3 184

Deadlifts on sheiko

Hey there. I have ran sheiko 29, 37, and now i am doing 37 again. I will then run 32 and test my maxes. The thing is my squat and bench feel extremely strong since starting sheiko, but my deadlift doesn't feel strong. Whilst i can do the weight that i need to every workout, it feels hard. Has...

AnthonyKrz‎, 07-03-2014 10:36 AM
07-04-2014, 05:50 AM Go to last post
8 675

Squat form check 405x 5

Just a squat form check

Apollo21‎, 07-11-2014 08:24 AM
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07-11-2014, 09:25 PM Go to last post
34 1,311

Question Belt?

Do you need a belt for DL?

Armz_Of_Thor‎, 03-19-2003 02:49 PM
07-21-2014, 01:04 PM Go to last post
10 617

Bad ankle and hip flexor pain from squatting?

I'm currently on Babylover's SS after a year break from a lower back injury and i'm about my third month in and I've had hip flexor pain from back and front squatting(mainly back squats) for about a month now and it's not going away. It doesn't really bother me anymore even though it hurts like a...

Astronomics‎, 07-21-2014 10:08 PM
07-21-2014, 10:08 PM Go to last post
0 147

Question Strong man gym in Clearnace NY.

Has anyone ever trained at Gils gym in clearance? I live about an hour from their and was thinking of checking it out. I was just hoping to get some reviews and what not.

ats94‎, 07-09-2014 08:24 PM
07-10-2014, 04:12 PM Go to last post
1 212

Question Atlas stones

I'm looking to make my own stones, however I really don't feel like spending a decent amount of cash on pieces of plastic. So I decided to go the 'homemade' route if you will. My question is this, has anyone had success creating them without the pre made molds? I did some research and it seems...

ats94‎, 07-02-2014 01:54 AM
07-03-2014, 07:49 PM Go to last post
14 709

Question Bottom position zercher squats...

A question about zercher squats. For those of you that incorporate them into your training, do you ever do them in a rack starting at the bottom position? I was thinking of incorporating them in on deadlift day as an accessory.

ats94‎, 07-11-2014 03:13 PM
07-11-2014, 03:13 PM Go to last post
0 142

Form check, first meet June 21st

Hey guys, thought I'd get some input from the more experienced here. How do my lifts look? Totaled 1360 today. Failed 405 bench and failed 520 deadlift. This is the start of the deload week. Weighing in Friday morning. Any advice or critique would be great! Vids aren't showing up give me a...

B.Love‎, 06-15-2014 01:19 PM
06-23-2014, 01:30 PM Go to last post
11 638

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