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  1. Post your powerlifting workouts and/or training journals here!

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  2. Discuss Olympic lifting and your personal programs.

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  3. A place to post your accomplishments on video

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Official PR Thread

I have decided to start a PR thread where everybody can simply post their PR's for any given exercise including things like strongman events and oly lifts of course. THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO START YOUR OWN WORKOUT LOG. This will eliminate the need for people starting new threads to post their prs. ...

BEhave‎, 11-03-2008 04:57 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Your first meet.

This subject comes up often enough that we should simply accumulate a list of everything that should be done, and how everything should be handled, for the novice competitor. Please add things that I have forgotten, and when everyone is done, I will compile it into a comprehensive ‘how to’ guide if...

Arlecchino‎, 11-03-2007 06:30 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: ** Powerlifting Section Lifter Rankings**

==========OFFICIAL POWERLIFTING SECTION LIFTER RANKINGS========== RANK____LIFTER________BW____SQUAT/BENCH/DEADLIFT/TOTAL______BW MULTIPLE/WILKS 1.............Code_B...............209...................319/203/418/942............................4.5XBW/266

Code_B‎, 12-30-2008 07:47 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Everything you need to know about SBD knee sleeves

Search these threads before asking another question: ...

SPFjudge‎, 10-22-2014 09:29 AM
12-29-2015, 03:14 PM Go to last post
29 27,199

Sticky Thread Sticky: The DIY Thread: Anything and Everything You Can Make Yourself for PL and Strongman

Disclaimer: I found a TON of DIY’s, but have tried to select the most straightforward, safest, and overall best ones for each category. I have no doubt there are more/better ones out there, so please feel free to add! Also, be safe about this stuff and test it out along the way if you try these...

Doollas‎, 05-02-2010 07:19 PM
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12-13-2015, 10:01 PM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: What does "j-ho" know?

What's up everyone, I'm Jeremy Hoornstra and I'm starting a thread here for questions, answers, comments, videos, whatever everyone wants to ask, post, anything. I will do my best to check on here at least daily to answer everyone the best I can. Here's a little background about me. I have...

JDHOORNY‎, 09-13-2013 08:12 PM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
05-19-2014, 09:12 AM Go to last post
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum FAQs and Links **Read Before Starting a Thread**


Arlecchino‎, 12-19-2002 08:34 PM
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Exclamation Animal Cage 2016

If you are going to be at the Arnold and you want to see some of the best lifters in the world:

naturalguy‎, 02-10-2016 01:25 PM
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The Official Powerlifting and Strongman Family Appreciation Thread: Part XIX

Top Ten From Part 18 308smk - 560 NorthStrong - 462 martin_mathers - 364 breathinglife - 360 Daemonium - 312 Hamzzza - 307 dang111 - 273 kmc06005 - 270 adamsz -263

isaku900‎, 10-12-2015 10:11 PM
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Question Why use belt for benching?

Are there any benefits?

M0n5ter9‎, Today 08:46 AM
8 102

Set for first meet!

I'm locked in for my first PL meet, Feb. 27 in Daytona. I've read, and re-reading the first meet thread stickied on this site. Great resource. Meet checklist alone would've been worth it. Hoping for 198 class, but not working for it. If I'm there, fine. If I'm lifting in the 220 at 203,...

GatorBison‎, 02-11-2016 01:32 PM
10 247

New to powerlifting

I am completely new to powerlifting. I maintain a 153 bodyweight and am not bulking up. I signed up for a competition in April in Atlanta after several people said i should, and i thought why not. I go to Gold's Gym so that is the equipment i use. My training int he gym is for hockey. (i play...

HateFilledHeart‎, Yesterday 08:56 PM
2 80

Lightbulb 145lbs on the abductor /vagina macjhine to build hips?

Is the abductor machine useful if you use heavy weight? I started using it because my hips are tight. Cowgirl cramps me up ya know? Lol😜 anyways...Im doing 145lbs. Will this build up the muscles around my hips? I like the look of a bigger lower body/ pear shape Thanks:)

Iworkowwt‎, Yesterday 10:52 PM
Today, 08:45 AM Go to last post
4 139

How to deadlift on smolov squat?

I wanna start smolov squat routine soon as a prep for an upcoming comp, but I can't understand when to deadlift. I know that most of people don't deadlift on this program, but some of them do. When and how? Btw, what are your results after base and intense ? Thank you!

duspi‎, Today 07:02 AM
Today, 08:11 AM Go to last post
1 76

Question about dynamic effort westside method

I remember reading a while back that bands should not be used for more than a certain period of time because they are rough on the joints? Is this true? If so, how often do you guys recommend I wave them into the conjugate method? I dont have chains so bands would be the only accommodating...

soccer20‎, 02-11-2016 12:29 PM
8 263

deficit deadlifts stronger?

hey guys i pull conventional and my pulls from the floor have kinda felt funky lately and not as strong, but my deficit dl feels so much stronger and faster anyone have a similar issue or know what might be causing this? im guessing its a form issue but idk what my forms doing to cause that.

zacksager11‎, 02-09-2016 09:56 PM
13 513

Question Has anyone ever been to one of Dan Green's seminars??

He has one coming up in April in Hawthorne, NY. I'm thinking about registering. Wanted to see if anyone attended one in the past and what their experience was.

JUGGERNAUT1333‎, 02-12-2016 05:22 AM
Today, 01:28 AM Go to last post
8 365

Considering new program

Ran 5/3/1 from Feb of 2015 through August and saw some great progress. Squat jumped up from 375 to 395 DL from 475 to 485 benched stayed roughly the same 255 and press went from 130 to 140.. Anyways for whatever reason I hit a huge wall in July. Went from squatting 365x5 to 365 feeling like a 1rep...

JRB426‎, 02-12-2016 07:05 PM
Yesterday, 10:33 PM Go to last post
6 231

Hey guys how should I improve my sumo DL form? 315 DL Should I try to improve something or is this okay. This was after about 4 sets of 6 reps at with 225 Should my upper body be more erect?

ivan650‎, 02-12-2016 01:50 PM
Yesterday, 09:51 PM Go to last post
3 133

Advice on squat progression with weaker core

Hi all, I'm working through a strength program now and am wondering what to do at the end of it. I got into wearing a belt for squats over 200 lbs (as I was injured in the past, and safety first and all that), and am wonder if that's normal. I can definitely get off a few sets without wearing the...

Hayus‎, Yesterday 01:06 PM
Yesterday, 09:49 PM Go to last post
3 125

Can thum get injured deadlifting hook grip?

Yesterday I decided to switch from underhand overhand DL to hook grip with thumb wrapped under pointer and middle fingers. Surprisingly I was able to do singles up to my usual max with ease and no pain. Then I decided to do reps and that's when the pain kicked in on my right thumb. After that I did...

udit919191‎, 02-11-2016 08:42 PM
Yesterday, 08:14 PM Go to last post
15 353

Squatting with PFPS

Hi Strength Guys!!! I'm an avid lifter, I'm 6'4 and obsessed with strength. I stopped lifting over a year ago from knee pain. It was to the point i just couldn't bare it anymore. I left lifting alone, stuck to cadio until I eventually just stopped working out all the way around. I self...

AshInnovator‎, 02-11-2016 07:57 PM
Yesterday, 04:56 PM Go to last post
2 177

Strategies to increase OHP

Hey wassup, So after suggestions from members of this sub forum, I decided to run Candito's linear progression. The only changes I made to the program was to put OHP in bench's place, because at the moment I am happy with my bench and want a stronger OHP. OHP doesn't go up from bench, while the...

RussianCali‎, 02-09-2016 04:40 AM
Yesterday, 03:08 PM Go to last post
23 845

Deadlift Programming

Hey guys, just want to hear some thoughts from you My squat program is Ed Coan's 12 week and for my bench is Smolov Jr. Is it fine to use Ed coan's 12 week for deadlift or it may be very taxing ? what I noticed on powerlifting programs, heavy deadlifts are only done occasionally.

FutureAestethic‎, 02-08-2016 11:04 PM
Yesterday, 12:51 PM Go to last post
5 494

training within percentages

when it comes to training I see a lot of times people will say that they training within 55-80% or 70-90% of there max. When people are training at this intensity will they usually raise the volume to the point where the last rep of a set or the last rep of the last set is quite difficult or...

starburynyc‎, 02-12-2016 03:50 AM
Yesterday, 12:44 PM Go to last post
5 245

Lightbulb do powerlifters do any oly liftin excersises?

i.e. power cleans or clean pulls? just wondering

iSnatchUrSquat‎, 02-10-2016 05:55 AM
Yesterday, 08:53 AM Go to last post
19 647

Powerlifter from Lithuania

hello my friends powerlifters, I'm 21 yeas old IPF powerlifter from Lithuania. As you know junior lifter. I'm prepearing to IPF Worlds in 2016 in Killeen, Texas. My government doesn't help my journey.. So it would be pleasure get any support from my Shoulder powerlifting friends.. My...

lamburdis‎, Yesterday 01:32 AM
Yesterday, 01:37 AM Go to last post
2 131

New lifter

m currently 5'8 137 15 years old and started powerlifting since december. I will be entering my first meet soon and want to know what your opinion is on my lifts and what I should do to improve. My current lifts are a 225 atg squat and by atg I mean atg, my bench easily my weak point is 145 paused...

Gatey50‎, 02-12-2016 05:34 PM
2 179

How much show I lift

Im currently 5'8 137 15 years old and started powerlifting since december. I will be entering my first meet soon and want to know what your opinion is on my lifts and what I should do to improve. My current lifts are a 225 atg squat and by atg I mean atg, my bench easily my weak point is 145...

Gatey50‎, 02-12-2016 05:22 PM
02-12-2016, 05:22 PM Go to last post
0 135

I stink at conventional deadlift.

I have been exclusively doing conventional since November. Today working up to 475x3. I decided to try sumo after, and ended up getting 585x3. I always get stuck about 2 inches above my knees on conventional. With Sumo, if it clears the floor it's a good lift. I know many would say to just...

lifterut‎, 02-05-2016 01:15 PM
13 932

Human Evolution Supplements Pushups challenge GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey brother and sisters. I'm running a giveaway challenge in the supplement section. I want to give some proteins tub to the best 2 competitiors. I'm planning to do a squat, bench, and deadlift giveaway in the next couple weeks. Just trying to support my brothers in Iron. Come and check it out and...

1morerep1mr‎, 02-04-2016 05:16 AM
02-12-2016, 07:51 AM Go to last post
5 718

how should i expect to do at a local power lifting meet?

right now im 176 pounds, 27 years old with 5 plate deadlift, 3 plate bench and 3 plate squat (i know my squat should be higher but i had some injuries that held me back for a while. anyway if anyone can let me know how id do that would be great.

Mattomattt‎, 02-12-2016 12:31 AM
02-12-2016, 06:14 AM Go to last post
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