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Forum: Post Your Pictures

Show the world the gains you have made!

Sticky Thread Sticky: **Transformations from skinny to mass pics*** (post them everybody)

It dosen't necessary have to be skinny pics. Any pics will do from packing on alot of mass, I see DLStar made a thread for former fatties, I thought why not make one on ppl who were relevantly small to decently big or very huge. It will also be a motivation to the others and me. I will start...

Abyss‎, 03-11-2006 08:59 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: **Transformations from FAT to FIT** Part 2

The old thread was too large, over 10,000 posts. Closed and this is the new thread. Last page of the old thread is here

ctgblue‎, 12-27-2011 04:29 AM
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Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: Exactly 5 Years Ago Today...

I left the Hospital after being diagnosed with Anorexia...This is my what I have done in 5 years time...with lots of struggles along the way. If you haven't read my story,, then this is a good place to start. On January 20th, 2003 I left the hospital thinking...

Dedicatedforlife‎, 01-20-2008 11:31 AM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Enter The Transformation Contest

Have you made significant changes to your body, either by gaining muscle or losing fat? If so, you could be our next Transformation Of The Month winner! It doesn't have to be a dramatic change like you see in some supplement ads... just a decent change that you are proud of. Your hard work paid...

the_fake_webmaster‎, 10-21-2002 02:40 PM
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Sticky Thread Sticky: Picture.Link.THREAD!!!!

Ok, here's a list of ALL the threads within the last year (or more) where people have asked others to post pictures of their insert bodypart (the clear winner being abdominals). Enjoy! Skinny to Mass Transformations 1. Abs: 1. ...

Abdominator‎, 01-21-2004 11:27 AM
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Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
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Thumbs up Rate the above poster's avatar PART 5

Thread History: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

RedSoxBrah‎, 07-11-2014 11:18 AM
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Arrow Those with Pectus Excavatum

Anyone that has pectus excavatum or "sunken chest", post pictures of your chest area, before or after you started bodybuilding. I will post mine soon, I only have a mild case of this but it still effects my chest development. I'm wondering how much better you can make your chest look when...

NinjaGreg‎, 09-27-2004 01:08 PM
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1,661 643,007

My Journey to Sub 4% Bodyfat

Hello Everybody. My name is Joe Rich...Starting my Journey to Sub 4% Bodyfat....Trying to stay injury free through this as well... I got somethings going on right now but pushing through... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated or questions... Thanks tPdwKjudLT0

Jrich54338‎, 06-24-2013 05:11 PM
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My 2.5 year transformation (pics/vids)

I joined up to the gym in Feburary 2008, started actually training properly about 5-6 months later though when i set a proper routine and started eating properally. I was 61kgs (134lbs) with an estimated 11-12% bodyfat when joined up to the gym, i was basically just skin and bones i diddnt even...

JOSEF RAKICH‎, 06-25-2010 03:03 AM
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correll bufford through the years

c28‎, 07-29-2012 01:20 AM
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8 Year Drug Free Bodybuilding Transformation.

Sorry in advance for this long post everyone but I felt I should throw something like this on the site. I am a lifetime advocate of natural training and hard work. I am NO WHERE close to the goals I have set for myself and will continue to strive to improve. I just want to give an example of...

openyour__eyes‎, 03-21-2014 07:36 PM
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4 Year Transformation (Skinny-Fat to Jacked)

Hey, In the past 4 years I've managed to transform my skinny-fat body, into a physique I'm proud of. I want to share my progress with you guys.

OskarF‎, 09-08-2014 04:39 PM
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186 33,153

bobbydigitaloa's 2012 Transformation

Hey everyone! I have been on the forums only a short period of time but I have trained in bodybuilding of sorts on and off for the last 13 years. Admittedly, following a tough breakup in 2010 I turned to alcohol and lived a lifestyle that I was not happy with but couldn't get myself out of. By...

bobbydigitaloa‎, 12-26-2012 08:01 AM
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Rate my physique! Do you think I have potential to compete in the future?

Hi! I turned 19 few days ago and I want to show you my progress this far. It`s been about 10 months since I really started lifting. I have made pretty good gains (65kg to 80kg) and I would like to know if I have potential to compete in the future. I have asymmetric abs and chest gape so I`m a bit...

ZaboKoszewski‎, 09-11-2013 03:22 AM
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19yr NCAA sprinter

I frequent this site enough that I figured I'd post some pictures. I'm a sprinter, not a bodybuilder, so form follows function. I don't do any aesthetic training, just very specific lifts that are designed to make me faster, stronger, and more powerful. Supplements: -Champion Nutrition Pure...

The Running Man‎, 05-01-2006 06:50 PM
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The Journey Over the Years....

The Start: 200+lbs and 20+% BF Went Anorexic Over an 18 month span: 125lbs BF% ??

The Solution‎, 07-29-2010 01:13 PM
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What's wrong with my ENLARGED/distended stomach?? *pics inside

I've been suffering from a large distended stomach/rib/sternums for most of my life. Now I finally want to do something about it because it's an obvious issue now. It seems that the ribs below my chest extend a little outwards as do my abdominals/stomach (a lot outwards) area. I'm scared and...

brianbogan11‎, 12-26-2006 03:07 PM
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From fat and depressed to aesthetic as fuaaaaaaaa 2.5 year transformation!

Hey all, As I get ready to step on stage next year, I just wanted to show my journey to where I am now. Updated pics will be posted shortly as I've already started my prep for next year with Team Wilson. From nearly 200 lbs at 5'5" to 147 lbs at my lowest in the same picture, I fought to get...

anthonykim421‎, 11-04-2014 12:49 AM
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Exclamation 5 years(+10kg of lean mass) in 3 minutes NATURAL BB Transformation 21 yo

Hello guys my name is Pietro and im from Italy. I love BB and i devoted 5 years with passion and method. Here my video: enjoy

Angelvoice‎, 01-27-2014 11:16 AM
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73 12,175

Kevin Ostajewski - Couch Crusher

Hi, I want to share my transformation with you guys, I don't know if you had a chance to read my transformation: Anyway, last week had my first photoshoot, went pretty well and I want to share the pics I have :) If...

kevinostaj‎, 10-09-2013 06:24 PM
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Thumbs up my PROGRESS so far!2 years! check brahs

before pics 7-6-11 after pics 7-6-13,after pics weight:176lbs bf 10% current weight 185lbs bf 12% tell me ur opinions brahs and which bodyparts i need to improve sorry for the potato webcam pics lol:p edit: embedded pics

aesthetics4444‎, 02-10-2014 12:21 PM
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Thumbs up Getting tighter and tighter --> ~167 pounds, 5'7/8 @ ~ 11%

What's up bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts ! Here's a shot after a cardio session. Obviously, the lighting is near perfect ( gym's locker room) and I do look better on that pic than the 23 other hours of the day haha. I can't wait to reach my goal of ~8% and clean bulk for a whole year...

Hardworker33‎, 02-25-2015 10:15 AM
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59 3,218

Getting Gyno Surgery In 4 Days (Pre Op Pics)

I used to be pretty over weight and lost alot of fat. Was down to single digits at one point and still stuck with the puffy nipples. I'm getting excision only. I know most P.S use lipo + excision but he said it was minor and will only need excision. he showed me lots of before/after pics so I guess...

fitnessfreak329‎, 03-18-2015 05:57 PM
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53 3,258

8 years and 110lbs difference between photos... *pics* ask me anything!

before 140... After 245... From **** genetics, a pack a day and a case of beer... To hard work and sobriety

Adquirk‎, 04-15-2015 08:47 AM
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47 2,612

Smile Then and Now

Consistency used to be one of my main issues until I just decided to incorporate bodybuilding and well balanced, high variety nutrition into my lifestyle. I feel better, think better, look better and can only get... better. :D Gained a lot of good knowledge and awesome support from this site, so...

Greater Deity‎, 01-04-2014 12:19 AM
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46 5,011

My 15 month transformation from fat to trim and solid!!

These are all after pics..but my before at the start of my journey..I was 298 of mostly fat..I had a huge stomach..and hardly any muscle.I am now about 200lbs and 20% addicted to lifting and building muscle.

ShellyB76‎, 11-24-2013 08:11 AM
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43 6,133

Pictures of before and after of calves?

Does anyone with CHICKEN LEGS have before/after pictures of their calves? I want to see if its possible to get big calves if you are born with chicken legs.

vbmaxx2‎, 06-24-2008 08:09 PM
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Why is my chest asymmetric?

Hello all, This is my first attempt posting pics, bear with me. I'm 30 years old, 6'1", 187 pounds. Been going to the gym for a few years but only this summer have instituted strict dietary controls. Started at 172 pounds, at the most have gotten up to 195 after doing some dirty bulking, last...

jb0ne‎, 07-08-2007 02:10 PM
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Help and advice! Thanks a lot!

Dear friends, I am posting before and after pics. I am still working on my health and has a long way to go. I am 30 years old. I want advice from veterans in this forum regarding how to further improve my physique. I will provide pictures of before and after. I was depressed. was able to pull...

markalem‎, 02-05-2015 06:33 PM
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04-19-2015, 04:28 PM Go to last post
35 1,161

Cancer transformation- Ill be back

Hey guys Title says it all, it went through 8months of the most aggresive cancer "testicular" doctors refused to believe me, when i came to them and told them i had cancer. This eventually lead to alot of complications Went to a scan and the radiolog, said he might think it was cancer! a week...

Profion9k‎, 08-07-2014 01:34 PM
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