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Forum: Misc.

The legendary Misc. section! Participate at your own risk, some content NSFW. U Aware?

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Sticky Thread Sticky: ASK THE (formerly) FATTEST MAN ON THE MISC ANYTHING (srs) (pics) pt. 3

Part 1: Part 2: Cliffs of peace: In the beginning - OP was fat as hell, 653lbs. (original picture) - OP had large tumor the size of a swollen...

Wetbreasts‎, 03-06-2014 01:44 PM
155 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 155
Yesterday, 11:16 PM Go to last post
4,638 606,038

Sticky Thread Sticky: Football Picks....... Mod Rep To The Winner Each Week

This is the game. NFL Football..... Each week Miscers get to choose who wins each game. You have to pick the winners for ALL the games for that week and you will get a mod rep from me :D Ok starting week two we will use Yahoo Pickem' Group Name BBMiscers

Trinity1216‎, 08-26-2014 04:37 PM
35 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 35
Yesterday, 09:50 PM Go to last post
1,029 121,598

Poll Sticky Thread Sticky: Poll: *** the only EBOLA thread ***

This ebola thing is going to get out of control.

ProteinEnough‎, 07-31-2014 05:03 PM
61 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 61
Yesterday, 09:22 PM Go to last post
1,809 117,223

Sticky Thread Sticky: Misc King and Queen of the Squat Competition(Mod Reps+Supps)

That's right boys and girls, it is time for another heavy as hell competition and this time it is the king of all exercises. This is a RAW ONE REP MAX competition and it officially starts the second I open this thread for business and will end December 7th, 2014, at Midnight, Eastern Time Zone. I...

400Lb Gorilla‎, 09-29-2014 05:22 PM
26 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 26
Yesterday, 09:01 PM Go to last post
769 55,838

Sticky Thread Sticky: **save the ta-ta's brahs** [donations/reps] support the fight against breast cancer !

As we all know, it's that time of year that we continue the fight against breast cancer. For those unaware, breast cancer strikes 1 out of 8 women. Mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, even children and men can be diagnosed. It's the most diagnosed cancer among women and is the second leading cause...

Thai_Clinch‎, 10-01-2014 06:31 AM
12 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 12
Yesterday, 08:08 PM Go to last post
348 37,697

Sticky Thread Sticky: Help a miscer make it into ASOT year mix *REPS* 300k+ Trance brahs GTFIH

monoverse released some pretty neat tracks this year which always had positive feedback on Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance - now the voting for the year mix has begun and getting a misc brah up there would be huge, so we shall unite our misc strength once again vote link:...

Hamzzza‎, 10-27-2014 03:36 PM
3 Pages
1 2 3
Yesterday, 08:07 PM Go to last post
84 9,695

Sticky Thread Sticky: ***Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations***

Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations Thread Once again the time has come to fund raise for the 2015 Tour de Cure Lake Nona event. This year I will be riding a mountain bike in the event for 25 miles. Like past years I will have a list of rep volunteers that will rep those that...

punksurfer024‎, 07-12-2014 02:06 PM
14 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 14
Yesterday, 02:54 PM Go to last post
414 72,697

Sticky Thread Sticky: Browser Redirect stuff again, YAY! **Update Post 56**

If anyone who uses Chrome *no other browsers need apply right now* is still running into browser redirects for sites like the following: AND has already done ALL the steps advised in these articles: ...

ForumSentinel‎, 10-14-2014 03:32 PM
3 Pages
1 2 3
Yesterday, 11:32 AM Go to last post
67 21,636

Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum Buddy – Browser Extension: Notifications for when you are quoted in a post!

Forum Buddy Version: 1.2.1 Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread has been approved by Moderator ForumSentinel. Forum Buddy was not created by

nilekyle‎, 08-01-2014 07:22 PM
48 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 48
10-26-2014, 01:25 PM Go to last post
1,410 500,169

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 21,120

Man Gets His Neck Snapped Trying Run From A Bull


juiceyjay‎, Yesterday 10:12 PM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 01:24 AM Go to last post
37 1,306

Thumbs up 1-6 is your one night stand...

Pick a number and scroll down to see who is going to be your one night stand. Goodluck...

Growdollar‎, Today 12:52 AM
Today, 01:24 AM Go to last post
27 510

Red face Chick way out of my League matched with me on Tinder. What to do?

How the hell did this happen... Idk how to embed pics into this thing. But generally over the course of the week, I've been matched with complete and utter fuglies or whales (or both) with few exceptions. So I was browsing through Tinder as always, and for the first time I got a match where I liked...

aricharda‎, Today 12:57 AM
27 400

old man WK's wife at in n out (lol)

WK's when will they learn... I think he should go NC, what does misc think?

cds2011‎, Yesterday 01:16 PM
5 Pages
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Today, 01:24 AM Go to last post
125 5,712

In class the other day we all had to present for a couple minutes and this old guy

in a foreign language class full of freshman there's a 45 year old or so dude, its his turn to talk and he legit says he's having a panic attack but he goes on presenting, everybody was like wtf his hand was pressed against the wall and was trembling and shaking like hell, i seriously felt sorry...

TroyLeroy‎, Yesterday 09:50 PM
Today, 01:24 AM Go to last post
25 1,364
20 509

^^^ Misc Hairstyle Crew ^^^ Part 2 - Disregard everything, acquire hairsthetics

This thread is the continuation of 'best male haircuts currently' - The purposes of this thread/crew are to: -include in your post what hair products you used to achieve your look -post pics of your own hair to ask for...

WinningBrah‎, 07-23-2013 09:58 PM
125 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 125
3,743 588,455

Post moment before dog's death [pics]

wtf feelsbadman

keifhaalek‎, Yesterday 10:56 PM
3 Pages
1 2 3
Today, 01:23 AM Go to last post
63 2,198

Overall how much time do you spend on your phone daily?

Went out to dinner earlier tonight and I noticed a young couple that looked to be on a normal dinner date. How ever they spent pretty much the entire time on their phones.. Almost made me rage because why would you go out in the first place if you arent even going to communicate with eachother. ...

MurkinSeason‎, Today 01:07 AM
Today, 01:23 AM Go to last post
11 85

Chinese spacecraft takes photo of Earth from far side of moon [space][neat]

Damn bros, I love me some space photos....

JJMacD‎, Today 01:14 AM
9 85
95 11,358

Former fatties, how is life now?

Want to hear personal stories, girls? Other guys treat you different? A lot of the times irl I feel like an out of place phaggot but I've been on that overweight time for so long (2nd grade) I got used to it.

Mwizzle‎, Today 01:19 AM
1 2

Arrow Come See This! Just Opened My New Men's Shop - Giveaways For Misc

Some of you may know my story.. The first time I posted about my small men's magazine, Misc gave me a lot of really great encouragement. Even over the years, it has been a pleasure to share my stuff with you gentlemen. (You've kept me going) I felt extra motivated this week... So, I decided to tell...

kmplex‎, Yesterday 06:04 PM
3 Pages
1 2 3
66 1,714

This guy is the best prankster in the game at the moment.

7S7ISzeXhvI o1zmlUllEXk pSkabknHyC0 jACSI83J23o

PectoralBrah‎, Yesterday 11:50 PM
Today, 01:22 AM Go to last post
12 633

Any of you guys not really remember the vast majority of your childhood?

I can remember bits and pieces here and there but when talking to others they seem to have such a vivid memory of past events and sometimes friends I had growing up will bring up times in the past and I have no idea wtf they are talking about. I do remember some things but I couldnt tell you how...

SKIN__N__BONES‎, Today 12:43 AM
25 312

Misc 30+ Geezer Crew: Teen Misc is That Way------->>

Okay old farts, welcome to your new home If you're like this guy, Teen Misc-------->> If you're like these guys,

Mcfreako‎, 10-01-2014 05:08 PM
209 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 209
Today, 01:21 AM Go to last post
6,243 134,397

Anybody drinking right now???

Got a full bottle of patron and im about to finish it

JzALiberator‎, Today 12:42 AM
7 117

I'm an Engineering major and I regret my major (srs).

Senior year Bioengineer. Just a heads up to anybody in it or thinking of majoring in biomedical, its a terrible, terrible major.

BXTT‎, 10-04-2010 11:40 PM
27 3,314

ViperGQ: Explain yourself! (g4p) (NSFW)

Strong fetish is strong, GTFIH and explain yourself phaggot!

Gsxr25‎, 10-23-2013 07:44 AM
24 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 24
Today, 01:20 AM Go to last post
701 60,005

How come this guy has 16 inch arms but no traps? (pic) link 2 thread

guy in grey tank top link to thread I got pic from

Changedmalife‎, Yesterday 07:52 PM
Today, 01:20 AM Go to last post
12 682

ITT: Post the Halloween costume you're wearing tomorrow night

My body is ready brahs. And before anyone asks, that's an ankle wallet in my left leg and my phone in my right. Will be wearing those green socks comfortably over top of my converses.

jugulaur‎, Yesterday 08:27 PM
4 Pages
1 2 3 4
104 3,652

Los Angeles Brahs (Halloween)

Is the WeHo Halloween carnival/parade worth attending? Or am I better off going to a house party? Feel free to mention what you brahs will be up to ITT as well.

drvillain‎, Yesterday 06:18 PM
2 Pages
1 2
34 499

10 hours in skyrim walking as a woman


Analdentist‎, Today 12:42 AM
7 339

Misc Firearms Crew XL: Still Just a Dysfunctional Bunch of Slack Jawed Phaggots

xOs-ad7zRPg THREAD RULES: Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed...

PizzaForCutting‎, 10-24-2014 09:22 PM
57 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 57
Today, 01:18 AM Go to last post
1,701 29,966

Kangen Water

sup brahs u mirin? My water ionizer. Basically I'm drinking water with a higher pH as opposed to tap water which is acidic (yes I tested the pH of both several times). The water is also microclustered into smaller groups. My secret to being anabolic, by being alkaline muhah What are...

Cumulonimbus‎, 07-27-2010 10:07 PM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 01:18 AM Go to last post
38 2,520

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