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Forum: Misc.

The legendary Misc. section! Participate at your own risk, some content NSFW. U Aware?

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  1. Section for discussing video games and tech!

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  2. Discuss pro and amateur sports and teams.

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  3. Discuss the WWE with other fans from around the world!

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  4. Discuss your favorite fighters or your own MMA experience.

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  7. What type of music do you love... or hate? What are your favorite bands up to?

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  8. For discussing relationships, dealing with the sex of your preference, and similar topics. NO PORN!

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Sticky Thread Sticky: ***Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations***

Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations Thread Once again the time has come to fund raise for the 2015 Tour de Cure Lake Nona event. This year I will be riding a mountain bike in the event for 25 miles. Like past years I will have a list of rep volunteers that will rep those that...

punksurfer024‎, 07-12-2014 02:06 PM
15 Pages
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425 73,771

Sticky Thread Sticky: Browser Redirect stuff again, YAY! **Update Post 56**

If anyone who uses Chrome *no other browsers need apply right now* is still running into browser redirects for sites like the following: AND has already done ALL the steps advised in these articles: ...

ForumSentinel‎, 10-14-2014 03:32 PM
3 Pages
1 2 3
70 21,865

Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum Buddy – Browser Extension: Notifications for when you are quoted in a post!

Forum Buddy Version: 1.2.1 Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread has been approved by Moderator ForumSentinel. Forum Buddy was not created by

nilekyle‎, 08-01-2014 07:22 PM
48 Pages
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1,414 500,766

Sticky Thread Sticky: **save the ta-ta's brahs** [donations/reps] support the fight against breast cancer !

As we all know, it's that time of year that we continue the fight against breast cancer. For those unaware, breast cancer strikes 1 out of 8 women. Mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmas, even children and men can be diagnosed. It's the most diagnosed cancer among women and is the second leading cause...

Thai_Clinch‎, 10-01-2014 06:31 AM
12 Pages
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356 39,047

Sticky Thread Sticky: ASK THE (formerly) FATTEST MAN ON THE MISC ANYTHING (srs) (pics) pt. 3

Part 1: Part 2: Cliffs of peace: In the beginning - OP was fat as hell, 653lbs. (original picture) - OP had large tumor the size of a swollen...

Wetbreasts‎, 03-06-2014 01:44 PM
155 Pages
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Yesterday, 03:41 PM Go to last post
4,643 608,617

Sticky Thread Sticky: Misc King and Queen of the Squat Competition(Mod Reps+Supps)

That's right boys and girls, it is time for another heavy as hell competition and this time it is the king of all exercises. This is a RAW ONE REP MAX competition and it officially starts the second I open this thread for business and will end December 7th, 2014, at Midnight, Eastern Time Zone. I...

400Lb Gorilla‎, 09-29-2014 05:22 PM
27 Pages
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Yesterday, 02:13 PM Go to last post
781 56,506

Sticky Thread Sticky: Football Picks....... Mod Rep To The Winner Each Week

This is the game. NFL Football..... Each week Miscers get to choose who wins each game. You have to pick the winners for ALL the games for that week and you will get a mod rep from me :D Ok starting week two we will use Yahoo Pickem' Group Name BBMiscers

Trinity1216‎, 08-26-2014 04:37 PM
35 Pages
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1,032 121,957

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 21,185

Does the public thinks that guys who lift /are jacked, are dumb?

Gym rats, and other nicknames have been associated with jacked guys and bodybuilders,do people think that you are dumb if you are jacked? Are most of the jacked guys you've met smart or dumb?

Nickdude13‎, Today 05:43 AM
3 4

1st thing people say when they haven't seen you in a while

" so you been working out"

Ravishing_Rick‎, Today 03:47 AM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 05:44 AM Go to last post
40 889

So Sick Of This Hypersexualized Society

Coming back from the gym and all I see is a bunch of sloots half naked and pervert white knight man whores with them cheering them on.

BeastModeFTW‎, Yesterday 11:21 PM
6 Pages
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Today, 05:44 AM Go to last post
150 5,320

Mornin miscers... What are you doin today? Reps

On my way to the island house to do some fishin... What are your plans for the rest of the weeekend? Bout 100 more miles to go

freuddcoco‎, Today 05:34 AM
15 41

Thumbs up Would you ever date a midget??

:) even if a bit hot? or would you feel like your dating a child?

NatMuscleBrit‎, Today 04:14 AM
Today, 05:44 AM Go to last post
17 206

Can u imagine

We never used to be able to see ourselves because no reflections or cameras..what do u think it was like

MichelleLnne‎, Today 05:03 AM
Today, 05:44 AM Go to last post
17 206

finally left planet fitness, feels good as fuk

After 2 months, I hated the place, but stayed for another 4 months because of the sloots.. I could finally make the gains i wanted, hopefully I could make it brahs.

Ballzdeep94‎, Today 05:44 AM
0 1

Why do most people have children? (Srs)

Why does everyone have children? I mean if you can't give them a good life and provide for them then whats the point in having them? Like lower class and lower middle class families have children and they end up having chit lives and its cruel. Or the parents who are middle class that act like...

IronAddict1775‎, Today 05:41 AM
Today, 05:43 AM Go to last post
1 2

Room Mate Stealing My Food...How Do i Catch Him? (Srs Thread)

I dont wanna discuss it too mad atm. Yes i defo k ow who it is as ive seen my food in his cupboard and called him out for it n he said it just turned up in his cupvoadd n that his ex gf had put the food in there Im so fukin close to smashing his lying gace in. N to make it worat he doesnt buy...

RobertBryson‎, Today 03:15 AM
Today, 05:43 AM Go to last post
27 891

What colour is a mirror? (srs)

Mind = Obliterated

GarryGotGlutes‎, Today 05:41 AM
1 2

Poll Poll: Official 52 books in 52 weeks Challenge, Year Three (Jan. 1st, 2014- Jan. 1st, 2015)

Rules*- -You must post the name of the book you're reading/ have recently finished. -You may post quotes from your books here, discuss them with others. You may also review the books if you wish, rate them, etc. -Participation is NOT mandatory. You may pop in whenever you wish. -Please...

lnvictus‎, 12-13-2013 06:27 PM
156 Pages
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Today, 05:42 AM Go to last post
4,664 270,078

No.1: ITT I play piano for miscers LIVE! (music lovers GTFIH)

ITT I play piano for miscers LIVE! I will be taking requests and playing random pieces for my brahs for the next half hour. Follow the steps below... Step-1: Go to Step-2: Type in the "What do you want to talk about" box the following tag: pianomiscer Step-3: Try to find me...

pianomiscer‎, Today 05:42 AM
0 1

Best HBB/WAG you've ever seen

Federica Nargi. Italian GF of Genoa footballer Aleesandro Matri You're welcome

vijax‎, Today 04:44 AM
Today, 05:42 AM Go to last post
17 762

Stuff that women think is sexy but it isn't.

Lets discuss. I'll start.. 1. Lingerie - gotta be some the stupidest pieces of clothing ever. Just because your underwear is lacy and "fancy" doesn't make you look sexier. You just look like you're wearing over-crafted underwear and (in my personal opinion) it just looks try hard. There's...

MusicProducer‎, Yesterday 03:25 PM
6 Pages
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Today, 05:42 AM Go to last post
170 10,159

3 hours of walking in Nyc as a jacked guy


C4R3ON‎, Yesterday 11:03 AM
14 Pages
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404 31,487

If lifting didn't change how you look, would you still lift?

I know it sounds lulzy but would like to hear some answers. Would you still lift just for fun? I dont think I would.

jnbrk‎, Today 05:35 AM
12 49

Misc, See what I got for my girlfriend

Her birthday is coming up soon. Been with her since 2011. It's not mega serious, we are like minded and she makes me happy. She's crazy about dogs. This here, is a Dalmatian. He's got them aesthetic blue eyes

WINDSOFCHANGE93‎, Today 05:31 AM
7 120
10 252

So is this what it's like being aesthetic? (vid) (no homo)

inb4 repost 75aX9mlipiY

FuarkBrahhhhh‎, Yesterday 11:04 PM
6 173

Cool Vocaroo Chat Thread V7.0: Bubbles and Noodles

Welcome to the 7th installment of the Vocaroo Chat Thread! Rules of the thread: Your first post must contain a vocaroo and don't ask for cliffs or you will be God negged by yours truly and the rest of my children and disciples, other than that there are no rules! ITT be kind to all, keep the drama...

ElCaballo33‎, 09-11-2014 05:37 AM
212 Pages
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Today, 05:41 AM Go to last post
6,358 136,430

Law Enforcement Talk 11

For the members of the law enforcement community Guests such as Fire, EMS, First Responders, supporters of LE and military veterans are welcome. Haters, posers, frauds and trolls will be banned without question. Thank you for your service to your community! A note to aspiring LEOs:

memcop‎, 07-11-2014 08:36 AM
81 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 81
2,409 98,135

Misc my lifting playlist is a bit tired, hit me up with some fresh RAP (reps)

here's some of the chit I lift to. It's not exactly new so i need some good fresh chit aim for big beatz plz 2kJMH916DS4 L2-mDyNb_Ho e8zRiaLOkfc

ThatzItBoiiiIiZ‎, Today 03:52 AM
Today, 05:40 AM Go to last post
16 244

ITT your username will help create a story then peice it together for lulz (SRS)

Title looking for cool misc usernames like "ondatphaggytyme" and "invalid miscer<-- you should be last poster ITT. 10-40 posts then we will arrange them in a order to make it lulz, invalid miscer should post last also for lols I am going bed be back in like 11 hours

Changedmalife‎, Today 01:21 AM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 05:39 AM Go to last post
50 1,234

Tinder Thread Part VIII: The Revival.

TINDER THREAD Mk VIII 8th version. They say tinder is dead, but we can't stop. Welcome to The Revival. Here lies the land of lulz, nudes and smashes. Enjoy your stay and follow a few simple rules. What we want to see in this thread: Screenshots of conversations, both successful and not...

bambam601‎, 09-12-2014 09:00 AM
156 Pages
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4,674 565,403

Dirty South Crew XVIII - Takin Names and Making Gainz

Welcome to the 18th installment of the Dirty South Crew! If you enjoy ice cold sweet tea, football, beer, barbeque, and sexy southern drawls you may just get along with this fine group of folks. Pull up a chair, grab ya a beer and make yourself at home! Everyone is welcome, but talks rep...

bama5584‎, 09-07-2014 01:53 PM
92 Pages
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Today, 05:38 AM Go to last post
2,738 53,897

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