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    2. Having trouble finding good recipes for your Keto diet? Help is here!

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  4. An area dedicated to sharing the science and knowledge behind advanced diets and nutritional ideas.

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Meals Eating Now XVII !!!!

This thread is dedicated to the art of food porn and making people drool. Thanks to the ironwill2008 for asking me to make a new thread Past MEN Legacies: MEN#1 MEN#2

The Solution‎, 06-25-2015 01:10 PM
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2,649 463,202

Sticky Thread Sticky: Eating Disorder Support Thread: Recovery in Numbers (2nd Edition)

I am honored to be able to make the first post of the second Eating Disorder Support Thread. The original thread can be found and read here: I highly recommend you going through this thread if you have the ime and patience. There are...

determined4000‎, 11-27-2012 05:15 PM
240 Pages
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7,179 501,470

Sticky Thread Sticky: You will be missed Determined

Thank you brother.

sonnydfrizzy‎, 07-23-2015 12:12 AM
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07-24-2016, 06:22 AM Go to last post
72 50,931

Sticky Thread Sticky: Post Your favourite Recipes here -

Due to public demand here is the Recipes thread. Try to include as much info as possbile i.e cooking time, nutrition values. Pls. note this thread is strictly for details of recipes, not general nutrition discussion as we have a whole forum for that. ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SPECIFICALLY ABOUT...

D&G‎, 04-18-2002 06:49 AM
168 Pages
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07-21-2016, 06:21 AM Go to last post
5,026 1,629,195

Sticky Thread Sticky: New Alan Aragon Interview (sugar, Paleo, protein timing, testosterone foods and more)

Good watch. Topics covered: Is sugar unhealthy? How important is protein timing? Can foods boost testosterone significantly? and more. _7WNr_rENos 28sIsdVAp_w sGzsTS-O-EY

Mrpb‎, 05-29-2015 07:30 AM
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95 53,802

Sticky Thread Sticky: Nutrition For Newbies & Must Read Threads

Due to recent discussion in THIS THREAD it was decided that there is a real need for a 'Basic principles of Nutrition' sticky. In essence, something that includes: - Basic concept of calories & macros - Basic concept of micronutrients & health - Basic concept of IIFYM & importance of food...

Emma-Leigh‎, 07-24-2011 11:52 PM
9 Pages
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07-01-2016, 06:22 AM Go to last post
258 656,291

Sticky Thread Sticky: New Video Recipes

Just wanted to share a couple recipes with you guys and gals, I am putting together a pile of these videos because I think a nice collection of go to foods is always nice to have available. I will also be having episodes filmed by other athletes in the MuscleLabs kitchen, sharing their favorite...

HATETANK‎, 09-11-2012 08:28 AM
8 Pages
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213 129,882

Sticky Thread Sticky: Ask the Science Editor!

We're putting together a recurring Q&A series on the main site addressing nutrition and supplementation questions. The questions will be answered by our science editor, Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. Please post your question here and some of them will be chosen for this series! ...

ForumSentinel‎, 07-07-2015 05:12 PM
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65 31,755

Sticky Thread Sticky: Information Sources and Sites

On the request of a few people - Copied and Stuck here. Feel free to add if you have anything else you want to share. Please note - links to sites that are competitors of or links to sites that are 'pimping' something (eg: a product) will likely be deleted. ;) Research: Examine ...

Emma-Leigh‎, 09-16-2008 03:21 AM
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05-14-2016, 08:27 PM Go to last post
99 129,886

Sticky Thread Sticky: Discretionary Calorie Allowance - What does it mean?

The purpose of this thread is to explain the dietary approach of Discretionary Calorie Allowance (which will now be referred to as DCA). This thread was formally the IIFYM – What does it mean? sticky and has since been edited by the OP with the help of some kind moderators to something more...

YeomenKek‎, 04-15-2011 01:05 AM
32 Pages
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05-10-2016, 02:44 PM Go to last post
947 316,923

Sticky Thread Sticky: For Anyone with a "Critique My Diet" Question...

Please stop wasting both our time and your own by posting something that looks like this: Hey guys. How does my diet look? Meal 1 - Oats and egg whites Meal 2 - Protein shake Meal 3 - Chicken breast, rice and broccoli Meal 4 - Protein shake Meal 5 - Steak, rice, and broccoli Meal 6 -...

ErickStevens‎, 11-29-2010 07:37 AM
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11-23-2015, 07:42 AM Go to last post
2,063 378,607

Sticky Thread Sticky: Calculating Calories and Macronutrients

Calories and Macro's 1. The following should be taken as general advice. Consult your physician before starting any diet or nutrition plan. 2. If you create a spreadsheet & post it I will DELETE THEM. The point is to THINK about what you need WITHOUT resorting to a pre-generated number! 3....

Emma-Leigh‎, 08-21-2013 12:26 PM
82 Pages
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2,447 834,601

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 24,175

Sticky Thread Sticky: Pre, During, & Postworkout Nutrition

Hierarchy of Importance When speaking of nutrition for improving body composition or training performance, it's crucial to realize there's an underlying hierarchy of importance. At the top of the hierarchy is total amount of the macronutrients by the end of the day. Distantly below that is the...

alan aragon‎, 04-19-2010 01:31 PM
04-19-2010, 01:31 PM Go to last post
0 382,907

Smile Need confirmation on nutrition

Hello, this is my first time here so please bear with me. I followed emmas guide and i wanted to make sure that i did the math correctly, if i post in the wrong section, apologies. 5'9 155 Lbs (70.3 kg) Body Fat: 16% (According to Fitbit Aria) Male LBM = 59.052 BMR = 1,646 Moderate...

NotChro‎, 07-17-2016 12:38 AM
Today, 12:47 PM Go to last post
11 477

My Caloric Intake!

Hello. I'm a female, I weigh 51.3 Kg (113 lbs) My goal is to get a lean body and build muscles but I don't my exact caloric intake because it varies from website to another. I do my workout 6 times/week, I do weight lifting and cardio. So, any suggested meal plans? What I should eat and...

Elleafc‎, Today 05:42 AM
6 174

Do YOU weigh your chicken breast frozen, raw or cooked? - Am I doing it right?

Hi, I have been thinking to myself... are you supposed to weigh chicken raw, frozen or cooked? Obviously you can weigh it whenever you want and then just look at the nutrients for however you weighed it but... For dinner tonight I had one large chicken breast (it was much bigger than an average...

Lewif002‎, Today 12:45 PM
Today, 12:45 PM Go to last post
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Food Faceoff National Ice Cream Month: Best Ben & Jerry's Flavor Semis

July is National Ice Cream Month. In celebration we will decide what is the best flavor from several ice cream companies in the coming weeks. Below are 16 ice cream flavors from Ben & Jerry's , select up to 5 to go to the finals. Pistachio Pistachio Phish Food Peanut Butter Cup Smores ...

SuperHippo‎, Today 11:43 AM
8 137

Caffeine Addicts Anonymous

Sup brahs Was just thinking today about all of the caffeine that I have per day, and how I cannot be the only one who takes in a **** ton, whether it's to be productive, because you're tired, or simply because you like it. Who else loves caffeine? Anyone feel like they are actually addicted? ...

jbento92‎, Today 12:38 PM
Today, 12:38 PM Go to last post
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Aaahhhh help

I used to weigh about 190 lbs at 6'. I started watching what I ate, but not really strictly, just making sure I got my fruit and vegetable intake in and cutting out most fast food. When I went to Poland last summer, I came back 15-20 lbs lighter and 2 inches taller (puberty maybe?) since then I...

konrad1198‎, Today 12:35 PM
0 5

Bulking/protein intake question

Hey guys I have been taking in a gram of protein per pound of body weight. But should I increase my protein intake as I'm gaining weight? Im taking 160 as that's what my weight was when I started out, but I'm at 170 now, but still taking in 160.

mpannu1‎, Today 12:32 PM
1 6

Question Cooking Chicken in Water

For lunch I grill 2 chicken breasts with some carbs plain and simple. So I just found out that Ramen exists. Being a lazy med student I now eat chicken Ramen for lunch. But the grilled chicken is too hot to slice up easily also I have to clean the grill, which is one grill too many to clean. I...

Smmack‎, Today 08:20 AM
Today, 12:28 PM Go to last post
2 105

** ~ Ice Cream Eating Now Thread -- Round 3 ~ **

Welcome fellow ICEMEN After branching out from the Ben & Jerry's 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 threads and expanding to the ** Ice Cream Eating Now Official Thread** we're ready for ROUND 3. So feel free to posts reviews, opinions, ask questions, let us know where you found a particular flavor, etc. Ice...

The Solution‎, 10-02-2014 04:28 AM
258 Pages
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7,731 975,707

Question about protein shake without powder

Hi everyone, I recently started to make protein shake. My ingredients are: 2 boiled eggs, 90g skim curd, 100g Greek yogurt, 2 table spoons of peanut butter, 1 banana for flavor, handful of almonds and around 300ml of skim milk. Is this shake good, should I switch any ingredients and also should I...

laurysv‎, Today 08:04 AM
Today, 12:10 PM Go to last post
3 96

Arrow thoughts on peanut butter?

wondering what other people think about it, in terms of nutrition.

ILocalGym‎, 07-27-2016 09:54 PM
2 Pages
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40 818
14 715

I need some help, please!

So heres the deal, I need someone to give me an idea of how much i need to be eating. Every bmr calculator i have tried has given me a diffrent number ranging from 2071 calories to 3400 calories and frankly im confussed. Here is my basic info: 5'9" 235lbs 35 years old I sit for 9 hours a day...

CFI865‎, Today 10:30 AM
Today, 10:59 AM Go to last post
1 84

Arrow Carb Cycling vs Cutting & Bulking

Do you feel you get better results cycling your carbs or cutting & bulking? Also, how mentally draining are your cutting & bulking phases? Let's Discuss...

TheFugitive‎, 07-21-2016 10:55 PM
4 Pages
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92 1,612

Carb-Cycling Question

Some insight here fellas.... Is Carb-Cycling the same as doing a Body Recomp? and Does Carb-Cycling really work?

MrFantasySports‎, Today 10:46 AM
Today, 10:55 AM Go to last post
1 37

Eat in a surplus or will newbie gains get me there?

Hey guys , I've been lifting for around 8 months now , my progress has stalled on all lifts. I was wondering if I need to eat in a surplus so that I can gain muscle and strength or will I continue to gain muscle eating in a deficit for a little bit longer.

FD1997‎, Yesterday 06:22 PM
Today, 10:54 AM Go to last post
12 632

Hitting my Macros???

Hi Guys, I'm on week 2 of my cut and for the first time in 6 years of training giving carb cycling a shot. I am a high fat/low - very low carb guy for all these years and am starting to think I might be limiting my fat loss and muscle gain. Current - 215lbs; Goal - 200lbs (with minimal muscle...

hthapar‎, Today 02:56 AM
Today, 10:50 AM Go to last post
3 211

Poll Poll: Gaining (Good and Bad) Size Help

Ever since I jumped up to 3250 cal from 3100 cal I went up in weight and waist size (specifically love handles). However, my strength gains and muscle size has not been as fast as I'd like it. My BF% is around 18% I would say. BOTTOM LINE: I dont want to keep increasing my waist size. I wanna...

MrFantasySports‎, Today 09:56 AM
5 66

How to properly read Nutrition Label? Help

Whats up lifters? So I dont really know how to properly read a nutrition label. Usually what I go buy is if it has a lot of protein and a little of fat/carbs. I'm trying to get a clean bulk,(as clean as I can) so what should i really look for? This is my current meal plan. 5 meals Breakfast...

mlucar‎, Yesterday 06:40 PM
9 489

should we eat some protein or carbs after abs workout or nothing at all?

I am confused about this question. When i do heavy workout for my chest or arms or shoulders, after i workout i eat high protein diets because protein will convert in muscle and that specific part, for which i have just done heavy workout, will grow big. I am always confused after abs workout if i...

nabeelisnabeel‎, Today 01:32 AM
4 116

Why You Should Avoid Tap and Bottled Water

Hey all! As we all know drinking plenty of water is critically important for good health and well being. Avoid tap water as it is full of heavy metals, medications and contaminants. Bottled water really isn't any better. Most of it is just tap water! I would recommend you start drinking...

DurandalBlue‎, Yesterday 02:00 PM
Today, 08:42 AM Go to last post
20 948

Question No time too fueling with a solid protein and carbs for weight lifting in the morning

Guys I really need help I'm trying to build some muscles and my available time for workout is 4 o'clock in the morning cuz i have too go at work at 7 o'clock in the morning I can't workout at afternood cuz I have 2 jobs so I don't have time too fuel my body with a solid food like protein and carbs...

Marviric12292‎, Today 07:51 AM
5 554

Healthy Cheese?

I have heard people swear by cutting out all cheese and that it is evil. i have tried it for a month now with no real observable benefit. I also know cheese is a source of protein which I need more of, and I love it. Is there healthy cheese besides just goat cheese, what should a person watch...

SAR1L‎, 05-22-2016 05:31 PM
Today, 08:30 AM Go to last post
15 636

Help me guys pls

Guys I really need help I'm trying to build some muscles and my available time for workout is 4 o'clock in the morning cuz i have too go at work at 7 o'clock in the morning I can't workout at afternood cuz I have 2 jobs so I don't have time too fuel my body with a solid food like protein and carbs...

Marviric12292‎, Today 07:58 AM
0 66

Carbs at night for morning workout energy?

Hi everyone, Currently on a cut and doing pretty well, strength training 3 times a week or so to maintain strength. Eating roughly 2000 calories a day and burning off ~500-750. Eating roughly 200g carbs, 185g of protein, and 56g fat daily. I usually have very cardio-heavy morning workouts, and I...

Leiantos‎, Yesterday 08:15 AM
Today, 07:44 AM Go to last post
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