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Sticky Thread Sticky: ATTENTION NCAA ATHLETES: Banned Substance Thread

Recently, there have been a number of threads and posts about NCAA banned substances. I know first hand that there is a lot of misconception out there regarding this subject. With this thread I will attempt to clear up as many misconceptions as I can. This thread is meant to be informative,...

44bulldog‎, 01-01-2012 11:07 AM
14 Pages
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405 284,899

Post Sticky Thread Sticky: Shadar's Informative Links - Share yours as well! *Updated 03-13-11*

I've been collecting a huge amount of links to the best information I can find on all sorts of topics, so as to avoid having to constantly retype everything in every thread. I always try to link back to the original person who shared their knowledge, so they get the credit. I have two sets of...

shadar‎, 03-02-2011 02:34 PM
10 Pages
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06-02-2015, 03:22 AM Go to last post
296 173,271

Sticky Thread Sticky: Beginner's Creatine, Protein & Misc. Supplement FAQ *Must Read*

Disclaimer (Must Read): Supplements can be a great training and fitness aid but before starting with them, make sure you set up a proper diet and training regimen, read Nutrition Section sticky threads if you haven't, the Workout and Exercise Section also contain good information to help you pick a...

DASBUNKER‎, 05-07-2014 06:45 PM
6 Pages
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07-30-2015, 12:25 PM Go to last post
158 101,156

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: If you're Under the age of 18 read this post FIRST before posting

Hello, I want to first of all say congrats, if you stick to diet/exercise/routine you will someday be more successful in the fitness world then 99% of the people who post here. With that being said. You're under 18, We cannot(legally) and will not recommend you use ANY supplement. This is...

BlueRev‎, 09-11-2013 07:41 PM
6 Pages
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05-03-2015, 10:46 AM Go to last post
155 79,300

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules + Company Rep Rules

Supplement Company Rep Rules The following rules are specific to Company Representatives. As with any member of the forum, Company Representatives are also to adhere to the General Rules of the forums. § 101. Company Representatives a) Definition.- A Company Representative is defined as a...

ForumSentinel‎, 12-05-2013 09:53 AM
03-24-2015, 09:14 AM Go to last post
3 13,580

Sticky Thread Sticky: Ask the Science Editor!

We're putting together a recurring Q&A series on the main site addressing nutrition and supplementation questions. The questions will be answered by our science editor, Krissy Kendall, Ph.D. Please post your question here and some of them will be chosen for this series! ...

ForumSentinel‎, 07-07-2015 05:12 PM
07-14-2015, 06:10 PM Go to last post
19 1,417

Post pictures of your supplement stash...V3


Synapsin‎, 03-31-2013 09:18 AM
80 Pages
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07-10-2015, 07:17 AM Go to last post
2,393 229,961

When is best time to take GNC Pro Performance® AMP Ripped Vitapak® Program

I just started program and very impressed. I was told by GNC rep to take 30 minutes before working out but noticed last night had trouble going to sleep due to feeling over energized. If anyone that has been taking this, when do you take the whole pak or do you split it up? Thanks and any...

Jose1orres‎, 10-18-2011 09:39 AM
2 Pages
1 2
07-16-2015, 02:55 PM Go to last post
42 217,726

phosphatidic acid

taken everyday or just pre workout? the studies ive seen state that they took it everyday for 8 weeks. lifting 3 times a week would you see the same gains just using it pre workout? thoughts?

cumminslifter‎, 09-26-2014 08:51 PM
129 Pages
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07-06-2015, 11:50 PM Go to last post
3,848 166,152

Six Star testosterone Booster

Has anyone used Six star testosterone Booster and had any side effects. I have read the ingredient label and am worried about the 100Mg of Boron Citrate. Everything I have read on Boron indicates its toxic at upper limits of 100MG?

JoeMax‎, 03-31-2012 07:41 PM
4 Pages
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07-27-2015, 06:33 AM Go to last post
96 153,953

Cellucor Super HD weird side effects?

So I started taking Cellucor Super HD Saturday, after reccomendations from my trainer and other friends. I followed the dosing info and the first night felt fine... (took the first pill mid day after I bought them). Sunday I took the 1st pill as I woke up and ate about 30 minutes after. I took a...

jennifay3‎, 05-07-2012 06:42 AM
3 Pages
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Today, 07:58 AM Go to last post
68 113,691

What does pump mean???

Im reading the word pump all over now adays and im completely clueless as to what it means. For example when I went to GNC today to purchase NO2 black (after reading it in a magazine and understanding the concept of how it works and how it benefits) the sales clerk asked "your getting this...

Joematic‎, 08-14-2007 10:59 AM
07-14-2015, 04:39 PM Go to last post
23 101,765

Talking Today's Order - 2015 and my addiction

I will finally be able to try the new BANG star blast :D Also just getting to me just to keep this thread in line with my last one on my P28 addiction <3

Rob1882‎, 01-01-2015 06:33 AM
45 Pages
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Yesterday, 10:53 AM Go to last post
1,337 97,578

Thumbs down Creatine & Alcohol

Can anyone tell me what exactly happens when I am taking creatine and have an excessive amount of alcohol one night? just how bad is it??

LordGryn‎, 04-15-2007 01:59 AM
2 Pages
1 2
07-13-2015, 09:28 AM Go to last post
56 94,332

Glycerol Monostearate the truth!

This is my first post and as such some of you guys might be skeptical. But new to this board does not necessarily mean being a newbie. Let me explain. I am doing graduate work at MIT as a food technologist. I am an avid lifter and am very well versed in sports nutrition and training. I...

rockingym‎, 01-05-2006 10:50 AM
32 Pages
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07-31-2015, 10:46 AM Go to last post
935 92,426

Creatine Hydrochloride - Need pro advice, cannot find other posts

I have searched google, and the two supplement boards here for something on Creatine Hydrochloride. I really hate asking questions as you pro's have covered almost everything conceivable already here... but here goes, as I cannot find it! Creatine Hydrochloride: In the form of GNC's Amped 189...

warrior504th‎, 01-15-2009 11:44 AM
2 Pages
1 2
07-31-2015, 09:08 PM Go to last post
59 80,366

Exclamation ***Official Nootropics Thread***

There has been multiple nootropics threads made in the last few days, xLGx and I thought that I'd be a good idea to put an official thread together to help answer questions and give out some advice to those who havent used nootropics before. If you have anything related to nootropics to ask or...

tmd17‎, 01-31-2013 03:26 PM
55 Pages
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Yesterday, 04:17 PM Go to last post
1,627 80,079

"Cellucor C4 Extreme" Warning

I have been taking pre-workout supplements such as superpump max, Jack3d, and musclepharm assault, for a long time with very little negative effects. For the past week I have been taking cellucor C4 extreme and have developed a very negative side effect of shortness of breath and being hyper aware...

dranek‎, 07-15-2013 11:05 PM
2 Pages
1 2
07-07-2015, 04:02 AM Go to last post
48 78,492

Performix SST

So this new Fat Burner just came out not too long ago called Performix SST and it comes in a powder form and in capsule form. It's a thermogenic. I wanted to know if anyone else knew about it and how it worked for them?

carlos41‎, 04-17-2014 01:27 PM
07-27-2015, 07:53 AM Go to last post
28 77,924

Razor 8 - Blast Powder Preworkout

Profile I just tried one serving of this stuff (Free Sample) Taste = 9/10 Pretty good compared to SuperPump. Taste like candy. Now for the Energy, this product is crazy. Rest periods are Shorter. Barely Feeling the Lactic Acid like I normally do. It's just Strong. Focus, power,...

Kaox‎, 11-03-2010 07:07 PM
3 Pages
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07-06-2015, 06:49 PM Go to last post
69 72,203

When to take L-Glutamine?

Some people told me to take it in the morning and post-workout. Other people tell me to take it Pre-workout and Before bed. Now its just confusing me. Which should i take?

nGuyeN321‎, 08-03-2004 10:13 AM
2 Pages
1 2
07-24-2015, 06:55 AM Go to last post
38 54,947

Talking Save the SMELLY Protein Shaker Bottles!!

Some of you may have seen this before, but I just wanted to give my own testimonial since this is something I have wanted to cure for years. Smelly Protein Shaker Bottles. I would have 100 shaker bottles by now, but every time i leave one in my car, or leave one unwashed, it has to be...

chaseutley‎, 03-03-2010 03:18 PM
2 Pages
1 2
07-27-2015, 08:35 AM Go to last post
32 48,660

Controlled labs white Rapids

Details please!!!!

wonderboyWR‎, 04-13-2015 12:36 PM
38 Pages
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Yesterday, 09:06 AM Go to last post
1,135 44,768

1mr side effects help

I tryed the search an couldnt anything but people saying that when they take 1mr there on meth lol . What is happening to me is that im noticing that im ticked off at the littlest things an my anger is rising alot . Also im noticing my appetite is going down im not hungry as much anymore . Is this...

Bobt650‎, 11-12-2010 09:41 AM
2 Pages
1 2
34 44,236

Exclamation Possible Scam - PowerPro and Nutra Tosterone

Hi All, just new to this, ive been training for about 2 years, gained a little lost a little so decided to try supplements, i paid for a test batch of the above two supplement. basically i found this link on facebook and decided it couldnt hurt After ordering the product i got a letter...

cdunlop‎, 01-17-2015 11:57 AM
07-25-2015, 09:09 PM Go to last post
9 41,561

Cellucor C4 with Creatine Mono?

I am planning on starting Cellucor's C4 tomorrow and I know there is creatine nitrate in it. However I may be wrong but it seems like there is only one gram of it in there. So I was wondering if anyone knows if I could supplement with say 10 or 12 g of Creatine monohydrate? And if I can anyone know...

telliott731‎, 04-24-2011 12:09 PM
07-22-2015, 06:05 PM Go to last post
14 38,256

Question Great High Caloric, LACTOSE FREE Weight Gainer?

Does anyone have any recommendations for lactose free weight gainers? I have major stomach issues revolving mainly around gas and sometimes diarrhea. I'm going to be getting a food allergy test to determine what food(s) might actually be causing my stomach disruptions. So does anyone have any...

delicio‎, 03-20-2010 11:56 PM
07-27-2015, 04:54 PM Go to last post
13 37,322

Question Anyone try Body Fortress-Super Test Complex?

I have done searches on all the search engines and come up with nothing. Not sure if its a new product or just not mainstream. Picked it up at a local Meijer and just took the first pill. $11.99/30 day supply.

PervedOut‎, 05-31-2012 08:12 AM
07-04-2015, 03:20 PM Go to last post
26 35,457

Animal Whey

mleeban‎, 12-17-2014 03:17 PM
28 Pages
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Today, 07:57 AM Go to last post
810 35,226

New Stimulant: Methylsynephrine

The CAS they reference is for alpha-methylsynephrine, otherwise known as Oxilofrine. Oxilofrine is also pictured on the bottle. Oxilofrine has a good oral bioavailability , decent half-life, good tolerability up to 120 mg +, and decently strong beta-adrenergic agonism . ...

neuron‎, 05-10-2012 09:19 AM
4 Pages
1 2 3 4
07-10-2015, 12:34 PM Go to last post
111 31,701

Whey Protein and Penis Erection

I am 28 Years man and I started Gyming in Dec 2012 (I have done gyming earlier for three month in the last year), I started taking 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein and its been 5 Months Now. What difference I felt is that my Penis size has decreased and when where it get erect it when small...

VikramSingh12‎, 06-02-2013 11:00 AM
2 Pages
1 2
07-24-2015, 12:30 PM Go to last post
38 30,860

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