View Full Version : CAT, 1-AD how much do i need for a cycle

10-30-2001, 04:41 PM
hey cat after all i decided on running a 4-6 week cycle of 1-ad ....the question is how much do i need to take daily ...and do i plunge right in ( like if you say i need 500mg a day) from day one...or do i work my way up by weeks...keep in mind i dont think i can afford to go 6 weeks of 600 per day...i dont even know if i need taht much or not..bu regardless taht expensive as hell...so i need it to actually work but i dont have money oozing out of my pockets either...so help me out cat....and oh yeah while on it should i stay on zma or get off it? and if get off than should i pick it up starting the last couple days of the cycle? and one more thing...what does 1-ad raise it's not test. is it? just curious

Big Cat
10-30-2001, 05:03 PM
Ideally I would say start at 3x100 for two days, then 3x200 for two days then do the rest of the stack at 3x300 mg a day. At that rate 1 bottle will last you about a week. Maybe not even that. Ok, your cost pericles, my normal answer is : Don't use 1AD if you can afford it. But ok. I would have to advise 600 mg a day at least though for 5-6 weeks for proper results.

1AD converts to what Pat Arnold calls 1-testosterone, the structure would indicate its more of a 5-alpha reduced form of the steroid boldenone, so the most accurate name I can give it would be dehydroboldenone.

As for ZMA, you can stay on it if you like to keep zinc levels up and improve sleep, you know, health wise. But for performance its not really needed. I usually do it like you suggest, get off and then start again a few days before the end of a stack.