View Full Version : Strange Elbow Injury

02-03-2008, 03:17 PM
Alright I have a strange injury in my elbow thats been going on for about three weeks now. The pain is located in my elbow and above it, towards my tricep. But the weird thing is that when I'm lifting it doesnt hurt at all, or at least to not a very high degree of pain, yet as soon as I stop the exercise it begins to hurt. It reminds me of the tennis elbow pain that I had from back when I usto play tennis in my right arm (injury is in left) yet its surprisingly when I stop. It goes on for hours after my workout.

I'm pretty sure i'm not over working it, i'm on a four day workout plan like tri/chest, back/bi, legs/shoulders, rest.

anyone had this or have any idea whats wrong? thanks.