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10-28-2002, 08:04 PM
This is my old workout plan that my cousin-work out partner laid out for me. I used to work out at Gold's back home but now I'm at a women's gym and they lack a lot of the equipment and its a bit outdated and some don't function the way they're supposed to. They don't even have a squat rack. Get this, Good Mornings are my fave exercise and I went to ask if they knew an alternate way to do them since they do not have squat rack. I asked THREE members of the staff and not ONE knew what a Good Morning was. I even did a demo and they thought that I was confusing it with deadlifts. IMO, that is quite pathetic on their part because its a women gym and that is an exercise that many women could benefit from. They also contradict their mission statement. Well, enough about my issues with my gym. I've never had so many issues in my life - now I'm full of them. Only if I could get rid of some of them. Positives: its close and I love the people just doesn't meet my needs. Ok, now to the issue at hand my workout routine. Note: some of the exercises I do are not listed because I can't seem to find the name for the life of me. Eventually, it'll come to me. When, thats another story.... Right now, I'm just trying to bring as much balance that is possible to my life. Life keeps throwing me more curveballs. Well, my life definitely isn't monochromatic. Awhile back I was hanging by a single thread off of my rope. It had to be Kevlar.

Monday (mid-day): Chest & Delts
Tuesday (mid-day): Legs & Triceps
Wednesday (morning): Back & Biceps + Cardio
Thursday (morning): Chest, Delts, & Triceps + Cardio
Friday (morning): Legs & Biceps + Cardio
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Cardio

*Any suggestions where to stick abs?

~ Legs~
45 Degree Leg press
Lying Leg press
Hack Squats
Smith Kline Machine squats
Leg Extensions
Hamstring curls
Butt blasters
Dumbbell lunges
Calf Raises
Good Mornings

~ Biceps ~
Preacher curls (bar/dumbbells)
Reverse incline barbell curls
Seated dumbbell curls
Concentration curls
Incline dumbell curls
Split rope Hammer Curls
Rotating bicept curls

~ Chest ~
Flat bench press
Decline bench press
Incline dumbbell press
Flat bench dumbbell press
Flat bench dumbbell flyes
Decline dumbbell flyes
Cable crossovers
Flye Machine
Incline/Seated bench press

~ Delts ~
Overhead dumbbell presses
Front dumbbell raises
Lateral dumbbell raise
Two-hand front dumbbell raise
Arnold presses
Reverse incline bench flyes
Reverse flye machine

~ Triceps ~
Overhead dumbbell extensions
Dumbbell kickbacks
Split rope pulldowns
Cambered bar pushdowns
Cambered bar reverse grip pushdowns
Cable extensions
Dip Machine

~ Back ~
Cable rows
Lat pulldowns
Bent-over barbell rows

~ Abs ~
Roman Chair
Crunches on the ball

**Side Notes**
Cardio: Elliptical, Stationary Bike, Treadmill, Spinning, Kickboxing and possibly a Step Class (all the fluff is gonna go)
Upper body: moderate to high resistance or vice versa
Lower body for meantime: lower resistance
Stats: its been awhile (working on lowering bf%)
Diet: low carb, higher protein, moderate fat...well its varies day to day and I know I'm not eating enough
- going back on CKD now what really sucks is that I had it down pat and gotta alter some of the foods because of my frigging TMJ (jaw alignment problems) has gotten a lot worse. Its a pain in the friggin arse because I can't eat some of my fave foods (almonds) and now just eating a protein bar hurts like hell. So, right now I pretty much live off of things that are easy to eat like protein shakes and peanut butter and protein bars (bearin through the pain).
Supplements (all twice daily): T-Burn (Klik Pharmaceuticals), Multi-vitamin, Calcium

I like switching it up so please feel free to give me your input. Thanks,

10-28-2002, 10:25 PM
Hey Danielle, you know you can always come down the street and see me. Or you can go down the street the other way where there is a woman trainer(used to train where you do) who would most certainly know what a good morning is. If you want to do squats, you could always do them by holding dumbbells at your sides for resistance. As far as your workout, it seems weird that you're doing back only once a week when you do everything else twice a week. You also might want to give yourself 1 total off-day a week. The only other thing is that some of your workouts might go a little long with the cardio at the end. I'm into doing a bodypart once a week, but then again I'm always trying to build muscle and am a slow recoverer.