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01-15-2008, 09:50 AM
Hello Community,

I am starting this log so I can get some constructive feedback from my peers here on Bodybuilding.com about my diet and exercise. I have been on and off a Keto diet and exercising for the past twelve months. I am determined and brutally motivated to lose weight because of my second chance at becoming a Police Officer. This rare opportunity has stirred up something inside of me and now I cannot wait until my next gym session.

To give a little synopsis of myself, I have been obese for the better half of my life. I weighed over 300Lbs. since I was umm 16! Now that I am 26 years old, I am determined to make a difference. The chains of my obesity held me down for too long from enjoying life to its fullest. I have tried to lose the weight for too many half-hearted reasons in the past, including my parents, doctors, even girlfriends. Nevertheless, I have always said to myself that I have to lose weight for MYSELF and all the pieces will come together.

In September of 2006, I had to decline a job in law enforcement due to my weight, which devastated me to no end. I understood that I had to lose weight for the police academy, but when they told me the physical fitness test was in 14 days I almost sh*t. I could not believe that the time from processing to being hired summed to only five months instead of the estimated twelve months they stated it would. Anyway, I declined the position for ?personal reasons? and nothing was documented about my weight. The police department put me back on their list for future openings and never called me back. My position on the candidates list was never revisited; it has been replaced by the current list est. 12/27/07, this list I placed 105th out of 29,500 candidates!

Fast-forward 15 months and here we are today, I have lost 52 pounds since the declination, but could have lost so much more if I just stayed with it. I kept losing 50 then gaining 25, like a yo-yo, I can go up and down month by month. Since adopting a SKD on January 2nd 2008, I have lost another ten pounds. I will attach a daily log every couple of days or so about my activities and intakes. I pre-thank you for the support and comments to help me to the next level of my overall fitness.

-Danny aka High Caliber