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03-14-2005, 11:12 AM
I am entering my first figure competition May 7 and only have about 6 lbs left to lose- I am having issues leaning out on the bottom. I am well porportioned, I am 5'5.25 and weigh in at 127 at my leanest, I am very muscular and herin lies my issue- I work as a trainer and at my gym, other trainers, albeit friends and body builders tell me my thighs are too big for figure, as in thick. Also, I suffer from a bootie issue, I already have a 'bubble butt' and am told that squats are not my friend, and it is a great butt, I dont want to have to tone it down, - I build muscle very easily, My top half is very lean, defined and cut and I have large shoulders- even when cutting water it is difficult to lean out my legs and then I just resemble a well cut body builder.
I am carb cycling, a high/low/nearly-0 days in succession, clean carbs, brown rice, black beans, raw baby spinach by the truckload and whey, chicken, tuna, and canned lump crab, fish- thats about it. I want to not look like a monster but dont want to kill any of my lean body mass- what to do? Are there any more specific guidelines to nutrient ratios? I am keeping carbs from 75-125 grams during the cycle and 140-225 grams protein and less than 30 grams of fat and 1.5 gallons water- I currently take Glutamine, Lysine, HMB, ALA, Flaxseed and Flax oil, and I also take SAN TIGHT once a day. If anyone can decipher what I just wrote, and let me know if they have any advice, please. Thanks for any help!!

03-14-2005, 01:21 PM
How much cardio are you currently doing?

03-14-2005, 01:45 PM
Everything seems to be in pretty good order. From the looks of what you wrote, the solution may be as simple as basic caloric manipulation. You didi not mention how many calories you consume each day, so its tough to tell you anything more. If you are looking to lose a few more pounds, just shoot for a pound a week...which is only 500 calories a day in terms of caloric deficit.

As for being too thick for figure...don't worry about what people say. You are what, like 7 weeks out from the show. What you look like now is NOT what you are going to look like on stage. If you want, post a couple of pics and we can help more. Its tough to tell you how far off you are if we can't see...

either way, good luck and I hope that helps a bit.


03-14-2005, 01:52 PM
as for squats are u doing them wide stance or narrow? As far as diet: cut out all sugars(including natural sugars like fruit), keep the fruit as part of ur once a week cheat meal.Also watch ur dairy consumption, at least for right now for ur competition. as far as training i would do mass building excercises for legs stick with leg extension-high reps- leg curls-hip extension using cable etc.. i would also start running for cardio but at low intensity no incline work!!!!for about one hour. and only train legs once in seven days cause ur running so u wont overtrain them. Hope this helps u out. good luck!

03-14-2005, 11:20 PM
Hello again, cant thank the three of you enough that replied; I am currently doing cardio 4x per week for about 30 minutes- never the bike, its always stairs, elliptical, or treadmill- BUT I love incline work- I have always believed that it really hits the hams and glutes- but I have over eager quad muscles and maybe really low incline for longer periods of time will do.
My caloric intake is 1700 right now- its hard for me to go lower as I seem to be a compensater- the harder I work out the more ravenous I become; I cannot supress my appetite no matter what I try.
Yes, too thick for figure; I am somewhere between ideal figure and ideal female bodybuilder, too muscular and striated for one, but not enough for the latter. Definatly adding pics by this weekend.
Specific question: The last seven days before the show- for FIGURE, should I carb deplete excessivly- I mean far beyond the miniscule 60g I will be taking in the week prior? Should I carb-load three days out as my bodybuilding friends do? If I do carb and H2O deplete, then how do I prevent that awful 'flat' look and keep them looking pumped? One more- the morning of the show- with a 9am pre-judging,do I want to consume a simple sugar, when, how much, and why?
You are all great for anything you can provide.

03-14-2005, 11:31 PM
an odd question- will taking a very mild anti-anxiety med prior to stage time have a deleterious effect on the appearance of my muscles? I have sickening stage fright; I am in fear something will physiologically prevent me from moving or I will trip- but some have mentioned they take a very very low dose of a PRESCRIBED anti-anxiety med just prior and have no problems--I have not done this nor was exactly planning it but if it is NOT a muscle relaxer, would there be any ill effects?

again... thanks so much.

03-15-2005, 08:54 AM
it's honestly kind of difficult to say if your thighs are too muscular, especially right now.

do your friends have any competition experience? are they fans of bodybuilding/figure? I've had a lot of people who don't know dick about bodybuilding try to give me advice...and to be honest, most of the time, their advice is worthless to me. Unless people have been following bodybuilding for quite some time and have an eye for what a competitor should look like, I really don't take what they have to say into consideration. Otherwise, I'd be following a lot of bad advice.

Without seeing you, I find it hard to believe that your thighs and butt are too big for figure. Unless they are too big b/c you're carrying too much bodyfat. But I seriously doubt that they are too muscular (not sure what you meant by "thick"). Muscular thighs and a lean bubble butt are DEFINITELY good things when it comes to figure. I've been to a good number of amateur shows, I've been to a couple of pro figure shows (Figure International and NY Pro Figure), and a national NPC show (Figure Nationals) and the top level NPC and IFBB figure girls are all very muscular - surprisingly so.

Like XTRMEWJ said, what you look like 7 weeks out doesn't really mean anything. It's all about what you look like on stage. Granted what you look like know should guide you in your next 7 weeks...but you will look like a completely different person come show day.

The only issue that keeps popping up in my head is that the NPC & IFBB recently changed their judging criteria for figure and stated that all competitors should reduce muscularity by 25%. However, I don't necessarily think that is going to be done. I haven't been keeping up with how the figure competitions have been going this year...but I would be surprised if this new "rule" is being enforced.

best of luck!