View Full Version : COnfused about keto!

05-05-2002, 02:11 PM
Hey guys, well i was on an atkins board like this and they told me not to do the keto diet b/c it consists of 70 percent fat.. but so does atkins..doesnt it? Im confused lol. And I know that atkins is for people that are overweight..im not overweight.. but i do wanna loose some *5'6" and 135. I wanna be 130.. maybe 125.. But I am trying to make my stomach more defined.. and loose thw lower belly. And I am also starting an intense boxing class tomorrow.. ill prob be doing tha bout 3x a week and 1 hour to 1hour and a half a day. And I also use like light hand weights,.. 10-15 pounds. I dont want to look like a bodybuilder, I just want to get more of a tight defined body. Thanks in advance *laura*