View Full Version : BIOPERINE / Critique my supp list

02-15-2004, 04:00 AM
I've recently been using Bioperine, 10 mgs at the start of each day (to help absorption) when I take the rest of my vitamins, and my first protein shake.

Here is what I currently take first thing in the morning:

2 Source Natural Multis
2 Omega 3,6,9
1 B-Complex
1 gram Vitamin C

Mixed together:
4,500 mgs Taurine
2 grams N-Aectyl Tyrosine
2 scoops GO
2 grams Aectyl L-Carnitine
2 scoops Ice
2 tsp Optimum BCAA's
10 grams Glu-FM
20 mgs Vinpocetine
1900 mgs of Potassium/Magnesium Aspartate

Followed by: Shake mix: 40 grams protein
1 TBSP Flax Oil
1 Tbsp Lecithin.

-2 1/2 ml Clenbutrx some days for an extra kick.

DOES ANYONE think that I may be pissing some of this stuff out?

I want to make sure that im absorbing most of it.

Thanks for your help.