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04-24-2012, 11:42 AM
Current stats (4/23/12): 5'11 - 172LB - 15(ish?)% BF
Goal: 165lb 10% BF.

I am starting the Insanity workout 90 day program along with lifting and fixing up my diet to cut and hopefully get in great shape and get shredded.
I haven't been doing too much cardio before this, some running a few days a week but that's about it. I do a 2 day split of Chest/Shoulders and Back/Lower body. The resources I have available to me are a bench, barbells. 25 and 35lb dumbbells and a planetfitness membership (which kinda sucks). So I can do deadlifts, but not squats which sucks. Last year I lifted but was a mail carrier and walked about 8+ miles daily and was really out of energy after work (worked 6 days a week 8-10 hrs a day with a 1hr commute). Late summer I weighed 150-155lb. In September I returned to school and have gained 15-20lbs.

Lifts: Day 1 and 2 are done back to back then a rest day.
Day 1: Chest/Shoulders/triceps
Incline bench press - 3 sets
Bench press - 2 sets
Military Press - 2 sets
Arnold Press - 2 sets
Butterflys - 3 sets
Skullcrusher - 3 sets
Tricep Dip - 2 sets

Day 2: Back/Lower Body/Biceps
Deadlift - 3 sets
Barbell Bent Over Row - 3 sets
Barbell Shrug - 3 sets
Barbell Upright Row - 3 Sets
Barbell Lat Pullover - 3 sets
Hammerl Curl - 2 sets
Preacher Curl 2 sets

I'll be doing Cardio every day. But if its nice out I might run instead of doing insanity. (try to get a little tan)
-Insanity 90 day program
-Good ole' fashioned running

Want to keep my diet clean. Tuna, protein shakes, salmon, white meat chicken, etc.
Looking to get:
-1700 to 2000cals and 200g protein daily.

-CL White Flood
-CL Orange Triad
-Nature's Best Isopure (50g protein 220c)
-CL Blue Gene
-CL Reduction

I bounce on the weekends and some weeknights at a bar until 3am and have classes during the day so my schedule is kind of messed up with sleep and everything. Alchohol has also always screwed me over calorie wise but considering I work weekends I'm hoping I'll be less inclined to drink as much. Please feel free to comment or critique my plan. I ordered the blue gene/reduction but it has yet to come in the mail and I don't have too much of my triad/white flood/protein left so I'm hoping it all arrives soon.

04-24-2012, 12:05 PM
-chobani yogurt 140c 14g
-med. chicken burrito 600c 40g
-Tuna w/mustard 140c 28g
-animal pak 20c
-Turkey meatballs(3) 150c 18g
-Salmon Patty 110c 15g
-Banana 110c 1g
Post Workout:
-1/2 protein shake (Because I'm really low on it) 110c 25g
Late night can't sleep cheat..:
-Unsalted tortilla chips w/salsa 170c 2g
TOTALS: 1650 calories 143g protein

I did the insanity workout day 2 after doing the fit test on Sunday (4/22) and a full body workout so no lifting was done. It was REALLY challenging I was sweating my ass off to be honest. My calves are hurting today and my quads were burning like hell during the workout. Guess that's what I get for not being able to do squats. Late night I really wish I had my reduction PM because I was getting food cravings and couldn't sleep at all. After like 3 hrs of not sleeping I ate some chips and salsa =\.

04-25-2012, 12:12 PM
11am: Med. Chicken Burrito 600c 40g
2:15pm: Chobani 140c 14g
3pm: Tuna w/veggie mix 170c 28g
-Animal Pak 20c
7pm: Post W/O shake 220c 50g
7pm: Banana 110c 1g
10pm: White meat chicken strips 460c 46g
TOTALS: 1720c 179g protein

Morning chest:
-Incline Bench: 10 reps at 130lb then 10 reps at 160lb then lastly 12 reps at 130lbs. I did a flat bench press in between each incline set.
-Flat Bench: 2 sets of 10 reps at 180lbs super set with the incline benches.
Late Afternoon:
-Seated Military Press: 9 reps at 90lbs then 10 reps at 80lbs
-Arnold Press: 25lb dbells 10 reps then 12 reps
-Butterflys: 35lb dbells 10 reps then 11 reps
-Skullcrushers superset with upright dips: 40lbs @ 11 reps/12 dips/40lbs @ 11 reps/14 dips/40lbs @ 10 reps
Cardio after the shoulder/tricep workout:
-Insanity day 3
I woke up a bit early and the first thing I did was my chest portion of my workout day 1. Later I did my shoulder/triceps around 515. At 6 I did my 3rd day of the insanity workout and it was killer. It seemed to have a lot of chest/shoulder work involved which was tough but I guess it helped break down my chest/shoulders/tri's even more. Had my last protein shake afterwards along with a banana. My calves and glutes were still killing me and are bothersome today as well. At night to avoid a repeat of the previous night I at some chicken strips high in protein then drank some nyquil to put me out to avoid staying awake with my belling grumbling. Got a good 12-14 hrs of sleep.

04-26-2012, 12:04 PM
1pm: 2 chobani 280c 28g
2pm: 1/4 walnuts 190c 4g
330pm: Tuna Sandwhich 480c 46g
330pm: Animal Pak 20c
630pm: EAS Myoplex 300c 42g
930pm: EAS Myoplex 300c 42g
-bar food :( (estimates)
3 beers: 450c
4 straight shots 400c
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich w/chips 1200c 30g
Totals: 3620c 192g protein

-Insanity Day 4
-Lift day 2 Back/Deadlifts
Deadlifts 3 setsx10 @130lb,140lb,130lb
Barbell Row 3 sets of 10 @100lb
Barbell Shrug 3 sets of 10/12/12 @ 110, 130, 130
Upright Row 3 Sets of 10/10/8 @ 70, 80, 80
Hammer Curl 35lb Dbell x 7 reps/25lb dbells x 12 reps

Lifting AFTER insanity was really tough, low energy but I took a serving of white flood pre-lift to help me out. Really disappointed I ordered food at the bar. It was a buffalo chicken sandwich w/ chips but since its bar food I can only assume the worst so I put it down as 1200cals hopefully it was actually less. I'm bouncing tonight then barbacking tomorrow and Saturday so I be out drinking taking in useless calories. My supplements and protein should come in today. My legs were killing me from the insanity workouts so my deadlifts were very low.

04-27-2012, 11:46 AM
1120am: MD Chicken burrito 600c 40g
245pm: EAS Myoplex 300c 42g
630pm: 2.5 scoops protein: 140c 30g
7pm: Chicken strips: 400c 35g
845pm: Protein Shake: 220c 50g
Totals:1660c 197g protein

-Insanity Day 5: Pure Cardio

Had a day off from lifting this day and my supps came in the afternoon. The mixture of insanity workouts and lifting is tough probably a good idea to lift earlier then do insanity at night, or at least keep a good time between the two workouts. Tried to amend from yesterday the best I could so I was able to eat under 1700c and a whopping 197g of protein. I need to keep up on this track hoping to see great results.

04-27-2012, 11:49 AM
Did you make your own food or was it pre -prepared like store bought, the burritos etc?

04-27-2012, 11:59 AM
Did you make your own food or was it pre -prepared like store bought, the burritos etc? Everything EXCEPT the bar food pubwich buffalo chicken sandwich (which I am not proud of :() is made by me. The burrito's however are another exception. I get them from a place called burrito loco (their moto is "the healthy alternative") and I know the owners. To be honest I think they are less calories than what I estimated because the ingredients are cut up boiled chicken breast, pinto beans, a tortilla, wild rice, and under 1/4 cup of cheese. But I'm sure I can get the exact nutrition info from them, I've actually been wanting to. I make a lot of like Tuna Casedilas, Tuna sandwich melt, and that kinda stuff, the chicken strips are me I just add some spices and add calories for whatever dipping sauce I use.

04-27-2012, 12:27 PM
2-3am last night: 2 beers 300c
2-3am last night: 1/2 a steak 400c 15g
1pm: Chobani 140c 14g
245pm: Protein shake 220c 50g
3pm: Banana 110c 1g
545pm: Protein Shake 220c 50g
1130m: Chicken Fingers 600c 30g
12: EAS Myoplex 300c 42g
Late night after work: 2 beers 300c
after work: ice cream sandwich (:() 160 3g
after work: chips and salsa 300 4g
Totals: 2750c 205g

Incline bench: 140lbx10/160lbx10/130lbx12
Flat bench: 180lbx10/200lbx10
Seated Military Press: 90lbx9/80lbx9
Arnold Press: 25lb dbells 2 sets of 10 then 12
DBell fly: 35lb dbells 2 sets of 11 then 10
Skullcrushers: 40lbs 3 sets of 12/10/10
Upright Tricep Dips: 11 /12

Had class today and have to barback from 6pm-3am so I don't think I'm gonna take a rest day from insanity today instead of tomorrow. This will hopefully give my calves and quads a chance to recover cause they definitely need it. Last night after close at work I had 2 after shift beers which I'll estimate to be 300c total and half of a steak we had left over from the kitchen that day. It looked way too good to pass up but was kind of fatty I'll estimate that at 400c and 15g of protein. I'm trying to make these estimates a bit high so I'm probably putting more calories down than I actually ate and less protein but they are just that, estimates. The Blue gene I took yesterday may have given me a bit of energy but the reduction PM really shined, I have always had sleeping troubles and they have been worse than ever on this cut. I took 2 capsules fell asleep easily and felt great waking up not groggy or anything. Had dreams and I never dream meaning I was probably in a deep sleep. Since the food of last night put me up there in cals already for today I'm gonna try and not eat too much other than protein shakes and maybe tuna w/mustard or a salmon patty. No more after shift drinks or food from my work.

Edit: I think its important to note that these late night cravings after work are KILLING me. But this day I included the late night food from thursday after work and friday after work so its a bit inflated. Only thing I'm actually happy with from yesterday is my workout.

04-29-2012, 07:47 PM
4pm: Tuna Melt 480c 48g
430: cheese its 180 4g
430: Ice cream sandwich 160 3g
11pm: Protein Shake 220c 50g
3am: 3 miller lites 300c
Totals:1340c 105g protein

I woke up around 3-4 then had work from 6pm-3am so didn't really have time to work out or get any good food in. Just junk but way less calories than the previous day so that's good.

04-30-2012, 06:07 AM
4pm: 1 scoop whey 110c 25g
6pm: Chicken strips 350c 35g
8pm: 1/4 cup walnuts 190c 4g
8pm: Salmon Patty 110c 15g
1045pm: Protein Shake 220c 50g
1am: Tuna Melt 480c 46g
Totals:1460c 175g protein

Workout:Back/Abs at the gym
Seated cable row 3 sets
Pull ups 3 sets
Upright row 3 sets
Dbell shrugs 3 sets
Lat pulldown 3 sets
dbell bent over row 2 sets
hammer curl 2 sets
preacher curl 2 sets
ab work

Workout was kind of weak yesterday. I think my biceps kinda got spent early on doing the pull ups then seated cable rows and all these exercises for my back use biceps as a minor muscle so maybe that's why it didn't go so hot. I just couldn't move the weight I usually do. Woke up at around 230-3 for the flyers game but didn't eat until 4. Other than that it's all self explanatory.

05-01-2012, 11:33 AM
9am: 1 scoop whey 110c 25g
9am: chobani 140c 14g
12: nasty bannana 70c 1g
1230: med chicken burrito 600c 40g
330: Protein shake: 220c 50g
330: Animal Pak 20c 3g
Late day: Grilled Cheese + some chips: 900c 30g
Totals: 2060c 163g protein

Incline Bench: 140lbx10/160lbx10/140lbx12
Flat Bench: 180lbx10/200lbx9
Seated Military Press: 80x9/70x9
Arnold Press: 25lb dbells x 12 reps

Worked out before class but kind of ran out of time. Had snacks later in the day while doing a lot of school work and junk. I've been cramming as this semester is coming to a close trying my best to balance out my workout/diet with school.

05-01-2012, 11:37 AM
It's been a week and I've had some bumps but overall with the added cardio to my lifting and keeping a count of my cals I definitely am seeing a difference. I feel like I see more definition in my abs already. Will post pics at 2 week mark.

05-02-2012, 12:28 PM

Deadlift 3 sets
bent over barbell row 3 sets
barbell shrugs 3 sets
upright row 2 sets
hammer curl 3 sets

Went out after the flyers lost and drank too much, ate food at wawa late night. Screwed my daily calories up a ton. Had a decent back workout though. Still need to do a good bit of cardio to make amends for this.

05-03-2012, 11:27 AM

Workout:Rest Day

Knew I was gonna go to the bar but didn't intend to drink this much. =[ Was a rest day and I'm still sore from the deadlifts.

05-08-2012, 02:36 PM
Haven't logged since last Wednesday. I've been sooo busy with work and finals this weekend its nuts. Anyways Thursday I got a good chest workout in and Friday I got an awesome back workout done. Sat to Monday I haven't worked out. Started working out again today. Logged my diet for Sun and Mon, Ill post that here. The other days I didn't log I didn't do too bad probably between 2200-1700 cals each day.
Anyways here are my totals for 5/6 and 5/7.

5/6 Diet Totals: 1450 cals / 83g carbs / 65g fat / 135g protein

5/7 Diet Totals: 1310 cals / 156g carbs / 46g fat / 76g protein

I pulled an all nighter on 5/6 into the morning of 5/7 for my finals. Ate a big wawa breakfast on 5/7 before finals then when I was done around 6 I went to sleep woke up starving around midnight and ate a grilled cheese. =\
Today I'm gonna get a bit more cals and way more protein cause I'm actually working out.

05-10-2012, 10:56 AM
I weighed 166lb today. I haven't lost weight since like last week the final schedule, work, and school work just killed me... Really hoping to get back on the horse today. I slipped a bit in the last 2 days and I need to make up for that.

I'm wondering if I should go into a velocity style diet for a bit to really supercharge some fat loss. Also need to do more cardio.

05-11-2012, 04:08 PM

Workout:Back/Lower Body
Before my first meal:
3 sets of deadlifts and a 2 mile run
Later in the day:
3 sets of bent over barbell rows
3 sets of upright rows
2 sets of hammer curls
1 set of preacher curls

Thought I made some good changes today. Getting back on track is always a good thing. Had wawa after working from 9pm-3am but I figured the protein wouldn't hurt (I was kinda just justifying a bad move). Gonna do my best to post this weekend as its gonna be busy at my bar and I'm working a lot of long hours saturday then sunday.

05-18-2012, 12:34 PM
Was really sick the last few days but felt better yesterday and got a good workout/log in. Kinda low with calories but no cardio so its all good I guess.

05-18-2012, 12:37 PM

Incline bench press - 3 sets
Flat Bench - 2 sets
Military Press - 2 sets
Arnold Press - 2 sets
DBell Butterflys - 2 sets

Got back from being sick. Had a good workout shoulda got more calories and protein but my throat was still sore so bleh...

05-18-2012, 01:13 PM
Progress Pics:
Start 4/25: Front/Front/Side

5/10/12: Front Flexed

Now 5/18/12: Front Flexed/Front Flexed/Front Unflexed/Side

05-23-2012, 03:08 PM

Diet totals: 880 cals 60carbs 22g fat 112g protein

Workout: Chest
Superset Incline Bench and Flat bench
160lb incline x 10/180lb flat x 10/160lb incline x 10/200lb flat x 8/140lb incline x 14
3 sets of butterflys 35lb dbells

Insanity Day 2 Workout

Thoughts: I'm restarting insanity and I'm thinking about doing a different split with less lifting each day. Maybe chest/back/shoulders/legs/arms and abs then a 2 day rest. It's tough to lift a lot with insanity in the mix.

07-01-2013, 02:48 PM

Hate to bump an old thread but I figured using this log would be easier than starting a new one. I'm starting my cut again. Made great progress on my cut a year ago and continued for a few more months. Unfortunately I'm done with school now and got an office job so I wake up early eat on the go and am usually tired as hell when I get home. The result is I've turned into a fat P.O.S. so its time to fix that.

Starting Stats:
180lb - 5'11" - BF%: don't even want to know...

07-01-2013, 08:56 PM

Hate to bump an old thread but I figured using this log would be easier than starting a new one. I'm starting my cut again. Made great progress on my cut a year ago and continued for a few more months. Unfortunately I'm done with school now and got an office job so I wake up early eat on the go and am usually tired as hell when I get home. The result is I've turned into a fat P.O.S. so its time to fix that.

Starting Stats:
180lb - 5'11" - BF%: don't even want to know...

Would you recommend to do 3 days lifting and do insanity for 6 days?