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04-19-2012, 12:57 PM
Basically to make a long story short..doctors nurse told mother that i am close to diabetes from the results of blood test (they took blood from my forearm,never have they before,nurse was prob new) and can easily go away completely from weight loss.(in this case i am cutting).I am scared to death of diabetes (as my mother has it from pregnancy,was injected,if wasnt wouldve died) and my oldest sis has due to eating toomuch sugar and no exercise.

I personally been lifting for a year and 4months,the simple thought of me being very close to diabets scares me and time to get serious.I am 18 (turned april 15) 237-241 lbs ish.22-25% bodyfat...scale cannot give me a precise amount..5 8 is height.I lift every Other day.always thought lifting can help counteract but doesnt whatsover.so w.e

I will keep up this log as i am typing this on my phone. (Comp currently out)

My motivation is fear...which to me is the best motiviation..in order ill name them
Diabetes (nty cba getting)
Women enjoyment is officially over the enjoment of sugary devil food.

It is about time i put something over my food when i have something to fear so no backing out. Food has been used as something to enjoy tomuch instead of fuel

On this log i will basically be posting my macros daily (if i somehow miss a day or 2,will post the two days the next.Additional to my macros,i will also post the sugar intake daily.

Mother told me the nurse said(besides very close to diabetes) that my iron is low.and lck of vitamin d...as for my iron..doctor prescribed me 30chewable multivitamin.I will simply just take one of them a day.

I will greatfully appreciate the support,as i have no plans on giving up on my self (due to i cannot be asked taking needles everyday). So i hope the support i may get will not either =d...Closest sugari will get is from fruits and gum (for breathe during school)

Goal lb is 200.

04-19-2012, 01:28 PM
Cals daily cannot be more than 2291 extremely.2291 is required daily for lb loss..ill make my range around 1800-2100..will try to post todays macros when day is over and ik i wont have nothing to eat left.Ultimately even if i do not keep up with the post,ill still be doing so with my MyFitnesspal calorie calc whether the less.

04-19-2012, 07:44 PM
Day 1 Macros

Calories-1950,due to today was shoulder/leg day.burned 243 cals,so 1701 cals

04-21-2012, 07:18 PM
Reminder is im supposed to be in range of 1920(2lbs a week) to 2240ish to lose 1lb..One of thesedays ill makesure cals are are in the 1800s or so just to guarantee a lb loss

Day 2

Day 3
Sugar-13 (happy as ****"