View Full Version : Part 2 of a Champion Cut

04-04-2012, 05:16 PM
Been eating alot, which i think is fine but its wavered me off of my weight loss goal.
If i continue with lifting with no injuries or life bumps, i will try to cut at least once a year to the point where i'm aesthetically pleasing in my own eyes.

But I will be counting instead of guessing my cals and macro's, this time around in hopes to be more efficient.

Goal is 200lbs BUT I will be judging my body once I hit near the ~220lbs range.

Ideally I would like to hit this before the end of June or start of July.

My Diet will revolve around eating:
Sour Cream
Feta/Marble/Cottage/Sliced Cheese
Oils: Peanut and Olive
Whey Protein

Most of my protein sources will come from beans and whey.
Carbs will be from beans and Yogurt,
And a few hits of Milk every now and then.

Fats from Oils will mostly be Peanut and Olive Oil mixed with Beans and sour cream.

Any occasional Sweets will be from
Iced tea that contains 8grams of sugar, ill be using for my cm. Normally I take my creatine with water but i wanna see if there actually is a difference if i'm already loaded.
and Fried Plantains

Besides not having Orange Juice, i'll basically be having my favorite meal every day but Plantains are sold far from where I live and spoil fast, So I will prob not have them too often.

Today was pretty much a Cheat Day with basically same foods to get digestion ready but with Junk in there. I had 1L of Chocolate Milk and Sour Candy, which i assumed I would get satisfaction from eating but it was more of a "meh" feeling. Rest of my granola oats mixed with protein, so I don't cheat throughout the day.

Not Sure what i'll be posting here, maybe my trials and tribulations :P but i Find posting anything on BB = more results than not posting.

I Will be IF some days and messing around as I go.