View Full Version : PCOS + macros + lifting = success!!

01-29-2012, 06:39 PM
I've seen a few PCOS ladies here and there on the board so I thought some of you would be interested in what's happened to me over the past two months!

Last year my cycles were 50-60 days long with almost zero ovulation. I have all of the other awful PCOS symptoms but really really really wanted to avoid going on medication (metformin, spiro, clomid, etc). Working with my doctor and doing research on my own I started the following basic program:

1. low-carb/diabetic diet. It just so worked out that the low-carb 40/30/30 diet matched my macros as calculated using the stickies on this forum. The aim was to keep my insulin from spiking which triggers all the problems that come from insulin resistance.

2. heavy lifting. I'm following NROLFW but my doctor conjectured that any heavy lifting program would be enough to give the excess testosterone in my system something to do.

The result?? After just two months my cycles have dropped to only 29 days!!!!!

Last year I was a cardio queen (running) and eating low-carb. I was losing "weight" but my cycles and other symptoms weren't improving at all. The lifting seems to have been the magic button for me.

Clearly this is no scientific sample or clinical proof of anything, but it is worth going over with your doctor for any PCOS sufferers with insulin resistance who want to avoid medication.

01-29-2012, 09:39 PM
Good for you!! My midwife believes I am PCOS and I am prediabetic, so I have a lot of those lovely symptoms as well...she prescribed me metformin as well, but I had horrible GI side effects and haven't been taking it. But I have also been taking a more diabetic approach to my diet and eating fewer processed/carby foods and feel much better too. Could it be that PCOS might actually have an upside for us gals that enjoy lifting weights? I think maybe! :) Thanks for sharing!!