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irstly, inb4 haters, inb4 trolls, inb4 cynics, inb4 nice story chap, inb4 cool story bro and before all round negs etc etc etc...(also im not guna worry about spelling and grammar police)

It's 4am on a Saturday morning here in my country town. As per the odd occasion, I can't sleep so I've been doing research on weights and diet etc. Found some cool vids and wrote some stuff down. Feel like a big gay writing session so here it is.

My journey started when I was about 15 years old. I suffered through heavy depression and a very very very mixed up view of the world. Of course nobody understood ESPECIALLY not my mates or the **** heads in high school what i was going through. Noone I knew had the extreme case of depression that I had. I also had image issues and the likes i guess due to my extremely negative view of the world. They didnt understand it but man did some people love to use it against me. I was not athletic at all. I was a super nintendo and computer kid. I lived for lollies and junk. i loved the chips with drgaon ballz tazos and kinder surprises and donuts and coke. I was not a footy player not a basketball player i was a nerd sensitive gamer kid with all sorts of issues-the complete opposite to the idea youd get if u met me today. in fact rarely do people believe "what i was".

I had a biker neighbour (lol) who used to come round a fair bit for a beer with dad or wahtever and he was a pretty solid guy prety built, thick solid tight etc etc. We got talking and he started ging on about muay thai kickboxing. One day he invited me round to have a look at his setup which i did and he showed me some "moves" lol and got me into the sport of kickboxing. He also had a weights room to the side but i didnt really pay much attention to it. I started to get more confident with my boxing and ended up instead of cowering at bullies and that just snapping and ended up in a few rough situations however as far as i remember usually on top lol.

One of my best mates older brothers had begun weight training and had really got into it. I went round there and started lifting with this friend of mine. At first it was a bit of a joke we had no idea what we were doing. We used to make each other laugh on purpose and not really end up going right through with a workout but still it was something. We began to eat healthy like pasta and tuna post workout and got a shake. I started to hit the weights at the bocing guys house more than the muay thai after a while until i was pretty much just training with weights anmd thats it.

Around this time I was also very very self concious about my build. Im tall and long limbed but i was inactive-my mates had abs from footy and sports and then other mates had stricter parents than mine so they were a bit in shape coz they ate very well. I became OBSESSED with training-unhealthily obsessesd. I remember stopping weights fr a bit and just running. I ran proabably just over 10 ks per day plus cycling and swimming and was eating next to nothing BESIDES when i had massive binge pig outs. I remeber i did start making my lunches in tenth grade coz i hated what mum put in and i was trying to get in some sort of protein from tuna etc. I did heaps and heaps of situps way to many. this obviously didnt work out because it was not healthy and after a while i think i had a break and then hit the gym fresh again.

Around this time i had one of my first jobs working in coles (fresh food supermarket). I took up bad habits again but was training on the odd occassion-mostly my biggest battle was diet and in retro spect form and intensity and understanding of how progressive resistance training owkred. I was filled with so much bull**** its not funny. I seriously thought steroids or gtfo. But i was still training none the least. I began buying muscle mags and got made fun of by co workers from it. I remember this guy laughing at me and saying youre so skinny mate dont bother with those youll never get like that just play sport. (by this time i had lost a bit of the gut and was more looking pretty ecto).

This PISSED me off so much! haha. I also read a bit of arnies bodybuklding bible but i never owned my own books they were the previously mentioned mates older brothers books. The thing was though I was to immature and not an analutical mind at that time. I had no idea about anything really I just loved my games and had fun wioth friedns and battled the boughts of depression i was having. I knew what i wanted i wanted to be big. i wanted abs and arms the usual.

I dont really remember much between then and the point where i left school in year 12-but i know i was training just not the way i should have been and i was doing no real research or experiementation. i was stkcing to the same old thing day in and day out without monitring anything and with trying anything diff AND without proper knowledge on diet.

I remember i started ding a bit of trade work which i actually think helped because with my DOMS wheni wa slifting stuff i used to get really nice tight pumos in my muscles from the workout a day or two before when i was doing this and that on sites. I also had more money so i
invested in buying bulk prtein powder and sucked it down like a baws. I got bigger in these period i remmber feeling it i think due to the higher lebvels of protein and the pumps id give myself at work and the harder training i was undertaking. (just naturaally rising with intenisty)

After this i decided to go get a desk job lol (yes at 18) and this was better coz i was rested and earning a bit more. I grew even more here and even got pretty shredded. i hate that i cant find photos of these areas but i think they were on our old computer thats dead and gone now. i got in to MAX-OT training from this guy i met online. it worked well howevber i was still not lifting enough compounds and when i was doing them i wasnt sdoing them correctly. in fact id say i have never done proper compound sets up unitl this year!! these programs and my diet of pasta and chicken and sweet chilli sauce and weetbix and tuna and veg and rice got me shredded and grew me to a new level. this is also when the ladies started noticing haha. I got a bit of attention from people ion sachool etc on my myspace (lol) and began posting pics of my abs and stuff with lots of people making comments and asking questions and yes saying derp derp roids man wheni wasnt even big at all. (by now i had been training for a few years with breaks).

I returned to school to redo my year 11 and 12 to get to uni. this was alright except that the cash flow really died. i still wasnt savvy with nutrition or training knowledge i was a massive graduate from broschool but it was kind of working so i didnt bother researching more (BIG REGRET). I got a gf and this ended ujp destroying heaps for me even though just as i met her i had forced myself to walk straight up to this HUGE guy a competitive bodybuilder called chaucer shenton from perth australia and asked what i need to do to get big lol. he gave me a wicked building prgram and a solid diet-yet i still never nbotherd to actually investigate why i was eating what i was and whay i wasdoing what i was doing i just did coz he was big and i wasnt guna question him coz i thought meh he knows. theres nothing wrong with blind faith if u stick to it 100% but you will not go to higher levels without understanding coz ur guide wont be there to baby u through. (havent spoken to chaucer since-regretfully).

With this prgram i did once again get bigger and ripped as. i do have pics.

the bad thing was this bitch cheated on me with her ex bf-she was tapped and this was myt first so i was head over heals haha. this ****ed me up again and it really hurt my training. i was also studying so i had less time to dedicate to the gym PLUS i was now drinking and tried my first pot WHICH I LOVED haha.

so bad news bears from there really was a while before i got back into it properly. i used the same program and diet for ages and and handed it out to many people coz the locals were not up to scratch and i was getting question after qwuestion and also accusatin after accusation but i was never nor wil i ever be on steroids. i began leanring intensity intuitvely and i fogrot to mention chaucer taught me so much about form which changed my world of training.

I felt as though at a point i was plataeuing so i began to look to supps for help. i cam across animal m stack. i do think it helped probably mostly just the caffeine and maybe the aminos because i had never had pre workout supps before it like i dont know if jacked was even around but i was never looking online or researching STILL because i dunno i just didnt lol.

But yeah my strength increased and was making record time finisahing my wokrouts. i remember starting them and iot took me over an hour and by this time i could them them in like 50 minutes sometimes 45 depending on how i felt. this becoma a massive thing for me. pushing myself t g faster and fast rather than heavier and heavier. i also was not liftin cpompunds correctly here still. u can tell from my build currentlythat ive missed alot of solid compound work., my shoulders lowrer chest and lower outer chest are bigger and also my arms and ans because this is what i emphasized. (**** genetics i think its hsit its all about what u emphasisze thats my opinion).

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I got to uni and had another gf and through a whirl wind of bull**** i fgot cheated on AGAIN! second time lucky! this made me sink way low to where i was nearly in primary school and destroyed my training. i hit pot and alcohol and becaue i was now in uni studying (yay me i got through the repreat!) i had to dedicatew time to studies. in fact i have never ever done a full year of training only monthly stints because of depression or slackness or motivation or commitment or wahtever i always had EXCUSES! but when i eventually rewturned my muscle memory paid me out well and my prior experience kciked into gear and within a few months of no junk and no drugs etc etc i was looing good again.

fast forward theough further pot and alcohol and agming and nerdiness and commitments and relationships and confusion and all sorts thinking i cant get bigger and its to hard and etc etc etc i meet a mates younger brother from uni. this kid has abs unlike i have ever seen before. and it pushes me back to the gym but by now i was like alot of people-FAT. i pushed for abs again and got it but not from healthy nutriotn and proper training through putting myself through stupid diets and too many ab workouts.

fast forwards a bit further to last year and bam. i see the whole zyzz thing. this guy is ripped and i learn about simply shredded. by this time im big again as in FAT lol or bulky call it waht u want. i literally copied everything he did except not 100% on diet i more so wanted to try keto. i shredded up. but i was ****ing unhealthy. the program was awesome but my diet was still lacking. i reached new heights of intensity and tried new supps and got to a new level, but it was unhjealthy. then i see joe rakci hon facebook-dont even know how lol. hes singin about macros and IIFYM and im like wtf is this ****!? haha. i was lie timing timing and bro science bro science-if u got to his facebook wall and search through it u will find my posts about timing its funny when i read it now and very embarrassing!

this year was a big change. after investigating macros and IIFYM and cals and technique and intensity and exercises and reading i dont even know how much **** including 95% of the arnie bible, strength training anatomy books, and so much trolling its not funny, i think im actually at a piint where i can achieve whatever i desire now. its taken me about 6 or 7 whole ****en years ot get to this point and i dont evcen have a physique im happy with yet but i know how to do it now. i need work on certain areas and its happening. i have never been this healthy. i think this year i have actually learnt more than in my whole time training. i have literally without any exxageration spent entire weeks sitting at the computer (instwad of studying for my civil engineering degree) and reading so soso so so so so so....so....so ....SO much on diet and training and exercises and i couldsnt even list it all.

i think overall if im to look back so far i can summarize these things-

do ANYTHING. lift weights, go for a jog, do boxing do ANYTHING and changes will occur. and dont stop.

BE SMART but do it YOURSELF. its your body you know it better than anyone esle OR AT LEAST YOU SHOULD. invetigate things for yourself ask wuestions to people that may know what theyre talking about but decipher its logic. before u ask though look online and in books YOURSELF and test things ON YOURSELF. its like maths-ur teacher isnt going to give u the answers and neither wil anyone else the best way t learn is with a good head on your shoulders (knowing how to analyse things etc) and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

drink water-one of my biggest mistakes i neever drank enough unitl literally two weeks ago.

dont ewver think u know it. youll always learn no matter WHO u are no matter how many dewgrees no matter how big u will leanr something everyday if u try to. and leave ur ****en ego at the ****en door for working out and also online and asking thins and discussing things. be polite and be child like in your curiosity. ask and ask and ask until u understand but also investigate for yourself.

look at the greats what did they do? what are the big guys and the ripped guys doing on simply shredded and bodybuilding.com? STALK THEIR PROFILES. gather as much info as u can and then COMPARE IT ALL. i have read so many articles and individualas isdeas on training and i have emulated people l;ike zyzz(his philosophy is literal gold im telling you) and it has worked for me and it will work for you.

BE ****ING PATIENT and consistent.

im sure i could think of more but its now 5.16 am and i should get some rest coz im ruining my current lat doms haha. id love to talk to anyone about their journey and what they think about what ive said etc etc. i am a big people person i love hearing peoples stories and helping them with their goals . i dont charge anytjhing im not sponsered and i dont support any particular supp or company or anything i just want to help you achieve your goals.

i have come t the conclusion that i do not want to be a competitive body builder. it was a dream long ago but i feel like it is too late for me to achieve what i would have liked because i am half the size of blokes my age that started it right from the start BUILDING from like age 15 or 16. imn happy being reasonable big and cut and thats where i almost am (around 8%bf atm and aiming for 4% which i will get) and then i intend on building up my areas that are lacking remaining around i dunno def under 10%bf maybe 8%. i have by the way dont most of my trainig at home! i have only dumbbells, bench press and ez bar and that is really all u need-they are rusted to **** and not enclosed so when it rains i train wet lol and when its too hot i train in scorching aussie heat. u dont NEED a gym u dont NEED anything its just good to understand fundmanetals be logical and train intensely, being consistent and discip[lined. will be joing gym soon though, right after i get a ****ing new job haha. all ican say from seeing my mates and their lifewstyles is that gym is the way. the plates the dietthe pumps the sounds the smells EVERYTING and ESPECIALLY the looks. i dont drink and i havent smoked for...a while haha.... and i am happy. u dont need roids u dont need dsrtugs u dont even need many supps u just need to commit and be around others that are comitted. when results come youll never look back. that maccas and those lollies and cakes wont taste so sweet anymore. its like when u fiorst drink u think its great but then u grow the **** up and get out of it and enjoy more things in life. i much prefer to be able to put on my size L shirt and strutt around the shops and get comments from people and people asking me questions because they see ive worked hard rather than eat a ****en burger or have a soft drink or wahtever.

i think the best things to do for you right now if youre a complete noob is to read some articles sites that give u ideas od what people are doing. thats why i love bodybuilding.com. i can stalk people and read their supps list and their philosophies and ideas and emulate them and make them my own. compare what people are doing u will find your own way

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I read your post and checked out the progress pics. It looks like you have been consistently getting better every year and have a great attitude about it. I think attitude is a major key, so many people post what they think they cant do instead of what they can do. Life will always be full of obstacles and low points, too many people give up and dont believe in themselves. I didnt start seriously lifting until I was 28 and I feel like I'm not even close to my potential yet even though I have pretty much reached my desired physique. I'm repping ya for sharing and good luck pushing further with all of the knowledge and experience you've gained!

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good on ya perth boy same here im in perth.


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I read your post and checked out the progress pics. It looks like you have been consistently getting better every year and have a great attitude about it. I think attitude is a major key, so many people post what they think they cant do instead of what they can do. Life will always be full of obstacles and low points, too many people give up and dont believe in themselves. I didnt start seriously lifting until I was 28 and I feel like I'm not even close to my potential yet even though I have pretty much reached my desired physique. I'm repping ya for sharing and good luck pushing further with all of the knowledge and experience you've gained!

Thanks man it means a lot. Attitude is MAJOR!! i have found myself countelss times defeated by thoughts of genetics and supps and timing and so much bull****-most advertisements and **** dont help they just make u feel defeated or that ur ding it wrong or wahtever i hate it. there is so much ****ing ambiguity in this field its not funny and nit is such an emotional thing that it is so hard for people to grasp these simpkle simple simple concepts. it has taken me WAY longer than it should to have gotten where i am now. id just like to get the **** out of peoples minds and help them understand how easy it really is and continue to sculpt myself. u got one life to live and this is it. im not religious at all im not supersititious i do think im just guna rot in my grave haha and i cant think of a better way to spend my life helping peple achieve their desired look. it might seem superficial to some but thats a tiny tiny part. u feel better about yourself, ur sex life improves, ur scoila life improves ALL AREAS of ur life imporve its not some slogan it acuitally happens not only physical;ly but chemically!

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thanks man have only met one other guy from WA i htink. im addin you brah!

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lol is that the book of life or someting?

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A motivational read....Continue the dream brah....

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A motivational read....Continue the dream brah....

thanks man you too

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Keep it up

11-05-2011, 04:22 AM
Keep it up

thanks man you too

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Goodjob man. Keep it up

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Goodjob man. Keep it up

thanks brah

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Glad to hear you are doing well brah, keep up the good work, you're an inspiration!