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10-25-2011, 09:48 AM
Hey guys, last week I reported a 10lb weight loss, I tried using lifting weights and getting in shape as a source of motivation, but right now I am just down. When I was in the Air Force in Iraq I got a scratch on my head and it started out small and year after year Ive gotten more of these scars and bumps, its in connection with Staph. But no antibiotics can kill the bacteria, Ive had it now for 7 years and its getting worse. I think I am getting depressed and am going to call my doctor and set up an appointment for a counselor to get some treatment. Ive been real irratiable and even though I am nearly complete with my batchelors degree, I don't feel like finishing up my classes, I'd rather work for a school district as a custodian or Home Depot, what I used to do.

Bad thing is I just got my Purple Wraath in, I wear my cap to workout but I look like an idiot wearing it. When I don't I always make sure I put a towel down on the bench and clean it good after use even though its not contagous but I don't want people freaking out. it looks really bad that I think its better if I work out at home. My brother is giving me a workout bench, but I went to Target to check out dumbells since Im short on cash and Reebok sells this dumbell that goes from 5-25lbs, I guess you can take off these small plates to lower the weight. If I do my sets can I use the 25s until I get a burn like for Bench Press?