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10-18-2011, 01:21 PM
Hello fellow lifters, I come to you with one simple request, a Zyzz wallpaper. But it is no ordinary Zyzz wallpaper but the most motivational and yet entirely simple wallpaper I have ever seen. Recently reformatted my phone sd card and lost all my music, games apps, etc. But that is nothing compared to the loss of this Zyzz wallpaper. I have searched /b/, /fit/, /r/, /wg/, reedit and even 2,000+ google images and have not found it, so all I am asking is for someone to please post this picture. It helped me break through my scrawny 90 lbs barrier into my current 180 aesthetic body, its the whole reason I started lifting, because all I was doing was mirin all he ripped guys when I could be one of them. Here is a description of the photo: It is Zyzz doing his famous pose on a teal or turquoise background with a white glare on the top left and Zyzz's right hand is touching the center of it, and there is the quote" GET RIPPED OR DIE MIRIN" in all caps in a normal font, the text color is black, and on the left side (Zyzz's right side) it says "GET RIPPED OR" and on the right Sid (Zyzz's left side) it says "DIE MIRIN", and Zyzz is in black and white.

10-18-2011, 01:24 PM
I will post aha wallpapers I have when I have reached the 50 posts mark and can post them
Go here and post it if you have it: