View Full Version : Feedback for Misc Pieces for Home Gym (+ Recommendations on Where to Buy in Canada)

10-17-2011, 06:33 AM
Hi all,

I have the following in my home gym right now:
- Powertec power rack
- Body-Solid FID bench
- Rubber coated DB set 5-100 with Cybex racks (not a big fan of setup given hex DBs and the racks have the rounded DB holders but bought them used)
- Olympic BB + 345 lbs of weight (rubber coated)

Just looking for advice from this forum on some of the items you think I am missing from the list below on items to add (and hopefully some of you may know where to purchase some good deals in Canada). I've been scanning kijiji pretty much everyday for all equipment but seems Canadian used equipment is not as common as the US...

Short-term adds:
- Weight tree (right now looking at http://www.fitnessavenue.ca/item.php?id=170 but would prefer a brand name)
- Hyperextension bench
- Rubber flooring
- Mats good for stretching or just tumbling mats
- EZ curl bar (and possibly a shorter straight one)
- Mirrors

Longer-term adds:
- Lat pulldown w/ low pulley (the power rack addon was too expensive IMO)
- Seated calf raise
- Leg press/hack squat