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05-03-2003, 11:27 AM
somebody tell me how to do HIIT cardio please, i weighed my self last night on another scale and found out i have gained about 2lbs is that normal its been 5 days since my last carb up, but i drank alot of water is the weight gain because of the water? or is it normal.

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HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training.

As for you gaining weight; How long have you been on keto. Assuming that you have just started recently, you need to balance out your intake. It could be you're gaining muscle or retaining water from higher sodium intake. It could be alot of things. Give it another week and then see.

Remember on Keto fat is alot more calorie dense then carbo and protein. My first month I ate too much, I was suppose to eat about 2300 or so calorie but instead I was mis-informed and ended up eating too much. I ate about 3000 calories but yet I seem to stay around the same weight gaining 5 pounds or so after a month. But I also gained alot of muscles and strength in that month. All my lifts has gone up tremendiously and it seems they are starting to platea. So i'm not worried, now I know I should only be eating 1/2 the amount of red meat I have been eating. I was eating about .75 lbs of red meat per meal before.

If you are like me who recently started working out again or a begginner then give yourself some time. You could be gaining alot of muscles(a good thing) and it'll help you in the long run. And come on, 2 lbs? I could piss out 2 lbs :)